Love is a Battlefield

I had intended to bring this blog up to date in one straight continuous tale, but there are events occuring in my SL experience right now that seem to demand chronicling.  So, this blog will now take on the attitude of The X-Files.  Storyline, storyline, storyline, stand alone, storyline, storyline, you get the picture.  I’ll try to keep the Cancer Man at bay.

While I am sure there will be many posts on her later, I want to briefly discuss one of my Brats, Yar.  I collared Yar on 4/23/08.  Since that time, we have taken many twists and turns in our relationship.  To be honest, we took many twists and turns in Yar’s trial alone, much less since then. 

To date, Yar has constantly proven herself to me again and again.  I often tell people that if they want to know the path of submission, they merely need to follow Yar.  Truth is, I doubt but a handful could keep up on that path.  And yes, I already own that handful.

During the trial process, and of course following her collaring, Yar developed a close relationship with one of my GrandBrats, Rayn.  Rayn, to say the least, is the consummate brat.  I have never seen anyone work so hard at getting herself into trouble.

Last July, a week before my own SL wedding to Teyonas, Yar and Rayn were married.  Rarely do I see two people in SL so deserving of one another.

Yesterday, I log on to discover that Rayn has made the decision to leave SL.  Naturally, Yar is crushed.  I won’t delve into the method or reasons behind Rayn’s decision, but suffice to say I was pretty irate.  Mostly out of defense mode for Yar and wanting to exorcise my frustration at her being hurt.

In the 24 hours since, I have cooled off considerably.  The main reason for Rayn’s decision seems to stem from pressure within her own RL.  I cannot be angry at her for this, as I have been there myself, and, as the last post clearly states, have been in love with someone feeling similar pressure.

All I can do now is pray Rayn’s future allows her the time and energy to reconnect with Yar on some level, and at least preserve the friendship that lies beneath their love.  I also pray that Yar is able to move forward from this.  Of course, given her support structure, I am confident she will do so.

Remember the mantra I taught you Yar, “Nobody Knows.”

We are young, heartache to heartache we stand, no promises, no demands….

Love is a battlefield.  Nobody knows this better than the wounded.


5 Responses to “Love is a Battlefield”

  1. laylady Lay Says:

    Knowing both yar and Rayn I hope they both know that I am there if ever either of them needs an ear or a shoulder. RL must come first and SL can place great demands on us as well. But in SL you can also make the kind of freinds that will support you in the same way as RL.
    I do hope Rayn finds her way back to her second home again soon.
    take care both of you
    jen xxx

  2. raynhalfpint Says:

    The anger and frustration you felt over Yar being hurt when I left SL is how I felt every time a brat left the pack. Wrong or right, that is how I felt.

  3. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    I’m not judging right or wrong either way Rayn. You’re entitled to your feelings, as we all are. And despite people’s thoughts of me, any member of my Family leaving, whether by their own hand, or mine, rips at my soul. However, I still maintain the times when I made the decision, it was for the good of the Family. A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for others. Like you, this is how I feel. Right or wrong.

  4. raynhalfpint Says:

    I know that. As I have said many times over, I was wrong about many things in my SL especially pertaining to you, but I do not regret my mistakes. I have learned from all of them. I hope you saw that toward the end of my SL I grew to care about you very much. Mostly because of how wonderful you have always been not only to Yar but to me as well in spite of all my mistakes. You have demonstrated unconditional love toward me and Yar many times over. I am certain that each time someone left the family whether on their own, or with your foot up their ass, you did it out of love for someone.

  5. yartelling Says:

    Group hug time… Yarhug group ……. ok silly but worth a try

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