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Its been three years and a week since I began this blog.  During that time, I’ve generated 90 posts, not counting this one.  You people have come back to check on me, and read my entries a total of 25,446 times.  For those wondering, my own views are NOT counted.  I’m blown away by that number.  That means each post has averaged 283 views.

Sadly however, I have decided that this is the final blog entry.

I was recently informed by a VERY special person in my life that they will no longer be able to finance the ownership and running of our home sim, Yasminia.  I think it only fitting that this blog die with our home.

Given recent issues within my own RL, namely the slowly failing health of my mother, and the issues still in place between Valerie and I in SL, perhaps the sim’s closure is a blessing in disguise.

SL has been rather stale for me of late, as it seems to be for a lot of people.  Maybe this will force me to get back to basics.  To be a roaming wanderer, as I once was.  Maybe its my failing memory, but it seems to me everyone was a lot happier then.

Don’t get me wrong.  I will miss having a home.  A familiar shore to call our’s.  But I am stimulated by the prospects of finding new areas.  I’ve already begun searching for keywords I’ve not used in several years and am amazed at some of the exquisite sims that have cropped up.  There are some very creative people within SL.  Its a shame that most of these places are always empty.  Well, given my desire for solitude of late, perhaps it is not a shame.

To the girl that has carried our home for the last several years, I say do not be sad, do not cry over this.  Instead, rejoice, smile, and laugh at the wonderful memories we have of our home.

In closing, some pictures of the home we have made, for those that have visited.  If you never visited Yasminia, your loss.  Thanks for the memories.  Love, Yas.


Some People Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

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It seems the issue addressed in my previous posting simply will not die.  I always try to keep my ear close to the ground and lately I’m hearing whispers that the fight that led to the issues with my partner were somehow manipulated into happening by me.

It also seems that anyone joining or accepting the collar of someone in my former neighbor’s family is being instructed to unfriend myself as well as other members of my family.

No matter how many times I state that I avoid drama, people seem to push it back to me.  One might conclude that they do so in an attempt to shield the world from their own manipulative ways.

Nonetheless, I learned long ago that they best cure for cancer is to cut out the offending cell as well as any roots.  I am hereby cutting ties with those involved in this cuntfest; Friendships, muting, you name it.

Some people can’t seem to let things go.  I know I can.


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For those of you in my Family group, Yasmin’s Brat Pack, you recently saw a group notice advising that Yasminia would be relocating and leaving Mozingo Straits.  Several people have asked why the move and rather than try and summarize in a notecard in-world, or thru several group notices or even by way of word of mouth, I felt it best just to answer the inquiries here, and direct any future inquiries this way.

First, let me confirm that Yasminia is indeed relocating.  Even as I type this I look out at a completely emptied Mozingo Straits.  By this time tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a new sim.  It won’t be hard for our friends to find as the actual sim name shall be…Yasminia.  To the gracious individual that footed the expense to make the name change happen, I say thank you many many times over and cover your beautiful face in soft kisses.  *muah*

Now, as to why this change has taken place as several have asked that as well and yes, you do deserve an answer.

Recently, a confrontation occurred between a very dear friend of mine and my partner, Valerie.  This confrontation led to an exchange of some rather nasty words and the ultimate ending of the friendship between my friend and my partner.

I’ve long made every effort I can to steer clear of drama in-world and remain as neutral as I can when two people I love and adore come to a disagreement.  Nonetheless, other parties got involved and the situation escalated.  You will notice that with the exception of my partner I am trying to avoid naming names.

When one of the other parties contacted me to discuss the underlying incident I stated that I was trying to remain neutral in this matter and any issues were between the parties involved and my partner as I was friends with everyone involved.  It seems now that this was either not the correct stance for me to take, or my wish to remain neutral was misunderstood.

Of course anyone in Second Life is free to govern themselves as they see fit and carry out the response or holding of any grudge as they see fit.  Of course its fine with me if they do so.  Of course I will not get involved if I can avoid it.  Of course I *bend to their will* in this matter.  I.  Simply.  Am.  Avoiding.  Drama.  Under no circumstances does my lack of resistance mean there shall be a lack of response.

I am quite adept at responding.  My response in this case is to avoid drama, and protect my partner as well as the other parties involved, whom I still love dearly.  How do I do this?  Well, as Yasminia was, there was a very high chance that all of the parties involved would or could be within viewer distance or draw distance or even, chat range of one another.  I could not live with that knowledge.

So I chose to protect the other parties involved by taking steps to ensure that they will not be exposed to my partner who, if the rumor mill is correct, is a *freak with a death wish*.  In short, the relocation of Yasminia is for the safety of those I love and of course, the overall goodwill of my partner.  Whom I also love.

I’m just full of love.  : )

For those of you that are reading this and going, “Yeah yeah yeah….when does the sim re-open so I can use that device that pushes the long dildo in…..you get the picture…..”  Give me two, maybe three weeks and I should have the new place terraformed and built up to snuff.  Now is the time to drop me an IM if you have a wish or suggestion for a device or general sim theme.

If anyone was really in love with the old Yasminia, Mozingo Straits should be for sale in the near future, if its not already.  Be forewarned…I noticed Linden Labs already re-classified the sim with a PG rating.  I doubt this will appeal to many of you as you all know, a PG sim has several rules that apply to the landowner and occupants….as well as any neighbors.

*Blows soft kissy kisses and num nums!*

A Decade

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Its hard to imagine that ten years have passed already.

Ten years ago I had just returned from a lovely honeymoon in Scotland.  I was sitting at my desk, trying to recall the password to log me back into my computer, when a co-worker ran past and mentioned that an airplane had struck one of the two towers.

Having numerous business relationships with many agencies and law firms located at WTC, I followed to the break room to watch the news coverage.

I arrived just in time to see the second airplane strike.  My heart sank at the thought of many people I knew professionally, and some personally, having their lives so suddenly snuffed out.

Numb, I vaguely recall hearing about the Pentagon attack, and the fourth plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

I’ve not posted in some time as there have been numerous changes within my Family, as well as my relationship with Valerie and it seems that every time I go to comment on one, something else happens.

Today, for some reason, my thoughts dwell on Valerie as we too have been in each other’s lives for a decade.  If you’re reading this Val, I love you, and wouldn’t trade so much as a day.

Yet, I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty the nature or cause of our latest argument.  I can however tell you with startling clarity the clothes I was wearing ten years ago today.  What I had for each meal.  My route home from the office.  I can even give you commentary about Helen’s hair, the lady who shared my workstation, as well as the color of Matt’s shirt, the co-worker who ran past and told me about the first attack.

I suppose my love for Val erases anything negative and helps me stay focused on our positives.  As for the insidious attack by religious radicals against this beloved country of mine that forever changed the way we live…..  I.  Will.  Never.  Forget.

To this day, I still use the same password for my computer.

God Bless America.


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I’m coming up on my four year mark in Second Life, so I’m feeling a bit reflective of late.  Thinking about people I used to be very close to and have drifted away from.  Thinking about lost opportunities and relationships.  I’m still amazed at the rate in which some regions come and go almost before you get the chance to fully explore them.  Wondering about some people that moved in very close and now seem to have vanished altogether.

Its not all negative though, there are new relationships and loves.  New areas of interest to explore and play in.  New changes in the relationships I currently share with others.  And of course, if you believe Linden Labs statistics, over a thousand potential new opportunities are joining every day.

I did recently release Diomita from her submission to me, upon her request.  I guess I have seen it coming for a while and my acceptance of Valerie’s collar was no doubt the final catalyst.  I suppose I feel very bittersweet over it.  I hate losing Dio as my Brat.  She was an exceptional Brat to own.  Very loyal.  Very devoted.  Very obedient.  Yet at the same time, very ready to stand unhindered as the Domme she is and run her Family fully.  I feel some pride with the hope that her Family structure mirrors mine for a good cause.

Perhaps as a sign of my four year anniversary coming soon, and hopefully a sign of more positive changes and less negative ones, I received a message from Munsta.  Those that know me remember Mun.  He contacted me to apologize over our falling out long ago and to tell me that he had grown up and matured.  I have to say I was impressed with his apology.  Certainly an apology like that is never easy.  It was also one of the last things I ever expected.

Here’s hoping my next year is full of positive and unexpected changes.

You will be missed Dio.  : (

Gra, Dilseacht, Cairdeas

What is that on my neck?

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If you’re in my Family group then you saw my post earlier this morning.  After several months of a trial run, so to speak, I have decided to accept Valerie’s collar.

We’ve been playing around and experimenting with these roles for ourselves and it scares me how well it fits.

Valerie has been and is everything to me.  She’s been my girl, she is my partner and wife, she is my soulmate, and now she is my Goddess.

By all of the congratulatory IMs and notecards I’ve received since the first announcement, I see I’m also blessed to have so many supportive friends and acquaintances.  Additionally, my own girls seem also very excited and thrilled.  Why wouldn’t they be, history has shown that I am more Domme when I myself am collared.  I’m sure my Goddess will find a way to keep the perfect balance.


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I was having a conversation with a good friend recently and she made a comment that she suspected a mutual acquaintance of having an alt.  I commented in kind that I suspected he had several alts, and then we moved on with the discussion and branched into other more relevant topics.

It was only later, earlier today as a matter of fact, that the discussion about our mutual friend and his alts came back to press itself in my mind.  I admit it, I get bored sitting in the doctor’s office and I play back off the cuff conversations from Second Life.  I challenge someone to top that for weirdness.

So while replaying this conversation, I recalled our mutual friend also utilized TeamViewer as part of his Second Life activities, for lack of a more definitive term.  Of course, I too use TeamViewer, particularly with one member of my Family, Yar.

So what I’m looking for now is feedback from my regular followers of this blog.  Do you consider watching or controlling another person through TeamViewer to be alting?  Whether you do or not, I’m curious why you feel the way you do.

I’ll admit, I used to have a strong feeling against alts.  Over the last few years, I’ve relaxed a bit in this regard.  I even made several of my own and placed them on ice when Second Life decided that everyone’s last name should be Resident.

Now nobody worry, I assure you I barely have time for the rigors of Yasmin’s life, much less anyone else’s.  And please, if you know of someone who does have or is using an alt, I’m not asking nor inviting you to out that person.  I’m just curious as to people’s thoughts and opinions.

On the way home from the doctor, a Blue Star Mother pulled out in front of me and the service flag on the back of her car had three blue stars.  I bet she wished the government had her children’s alts and she had her children.  Yes, I know.  My mind works in weirdness.


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heard any good jokes lately?

Three Years

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Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I’m WAY overdue on posting.  I won’t even attempt to make the many excuses.

Now, onto the good news.

Today, three years ago, I opened up a capsule and ended the trial of one Yar Telling.  She’s worn my collar proudly ever since.

There simply are not enough words in the English language to describe what Yar means to me.

She’s my Joy.  My girl.  My submissive.  My lover.  My confidant.  Most importantly, my friend.

If I were granted but one wish Yar, I’d wish for three more years with you.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary.

Damn! Look at those legs...

Pandora Part Deux and a little bitching…

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First, to follow on my last post regarding the RedZone issue, here is an excellent blog entry put together by Inara Pey.  http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/redzone-security-scam-or-scraping/

I encourage everyone to read her blog entry, and formulate their own opinion on this issue.  Privacy is no laughing matter, for any of us.  Either we all stand to protect the privacy of everyone, or don’t expect anyone to stand when its your privacy at stake.

Now onto another issue.  I lost a friend today in Second Life and I’m saddened, not so much as to the loss, as to the why.  In fact, its become a disturbing trend with a lot of my newer friends/relationships.

This person recently became my friend, and we played together several times.  It quickly evolved to the point that every time I logged in, she would greet me.  Not unusual, especially when you take into account that she, by her own admission and efforts, keeps a contact list of no more than 25 people.  That’s all well and good, and I commend her for her efforts to keep her commitments at a minimum.

I myself recently spent several weeks trimming back my friends list and am proud to say I am down to 307.

Nonetheless, tonight, this person informed me she would be away from Second Life for about a week and wanted to spend some time with me before she left.  I advised her that I was already engaged with someone and had a few other requests for my time but would try to ensure that we spent some time together.

A few hours later, she sent me an IM, in the form of an emote, advising that she was checking my reservation book to see where her name was currently residing.  A cute effort, if not somewhat tinged with rudeness and presumption.  I emoted back that she may want to consider leaving a more substantial tip to coerce the headwaiter into moving her name up, likewise being cute.

I was then treated to a lengthy guilt ridden diatribe, mind you that I am engaged in an active roleplay scene with someone else at this time, accusing me of not treating her like a priority and instead making her an option.

What I find even more disturbing was that at the same time I received this guilt laced IM, yet another girl asked me what I was currently doing.  I replied, “I’m engaged in a scene at the moment, is there something you need or can this wait?”  Her reply?  “I guess I’ll wander off and be lonely the rest of the night, as usual.  Glad someone gets to have fun.”

At that time, I received notice that the first person I was messaging *dissolved our relationship*.

Seriously?  Two guilt ridden messages back to back?  I don’t want to get off on a tangent, but when did I become Julie from the Love Boat?

Before anyone says anything about the way of unowned submissives, the first person in this blog is a Domme, a self stated *pure* Domme at that.  The second girl is a switch that leans toward submissiveness.  Their lifestyle choices really are not relevant, I merely point it out because when it comes to play in Second Life, I myself am a Domme switch.  But you best be assured of this; When it comes to me choosing who I play with, and when, I’m a pure Domme, through and through.  I have to fight to get my friends list down around 300, so I’m going to guess this way of life for me is more or less acceptable to the vast majority of those I do interact with.

Of course, its no surprise that both messages served to totally destroy the mood I was in for the scene I was engaged in.  Not that big a deal to me, but totally unfair to my play mate at the time.  Shame on both of you.

I think that in going forward, when I am engaged in play, I’ll ignore incoming IMs altogether.  Don’t be offended if you message me and get no reply for some time, or maybe not at all.  I’m going to start taking back my Second Life.