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Update from Slave

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When I was first asked to write a new piece for the blog, I was a little worried, because it’s really hard to describe where I am now and what I do.  Especially compared to other things.  Some of you may or may not know that I have more experience in SL and SL BDSM than my age suggests.  Things happened in the past that have made me a little more… at ease with the more extreme things.

However a comparison is worthless without a baseline, and spilling my sad little sob story here will not make my present state easier to understand.

Perhaps it’s easier to just describe what I do and where I am most of the time.

What I do is perhaps the easiest to tell, but the hardest to do.  My job is making Goddess happy.  Which is far easier said then done.  As most of you will know too.

Where I am is how I make her happy for the most part.  My position is actually in two places, one is SubSpace, where my mind is most of the time.  Seriously, I drool as soon as I log on.

The other is my place in SL, and it is, as some will know, kinda secure.  In the way that Alcatraz was a minimum security prison.

Making it two parts:  Body and Prison we have the following.

Prison is a padded cage, standing in a isolated part of Goddess’ skybox, away from everyone and everything.  Inside this is either an iron maiden or a packing tube.  Both have no view, inside or out.

Body is a little harder still.  Starting with RR cuffs in type 6 and both block and mouselook.  I’m stuck inside a maiden with no view at the moment.  I’m wearing an MD harness with no hearing, speaking or sight.  I’m blindfolded.  As well as a second RR blindfold over that.  Two blindfolds.  Additionally is an Amethyst collar that blocks emote’s and floating text.

Effectively, I’m mute, can’t even send … or see my own emotes or emotes of others.  Everything that can be blocked is blocked.  Sight, hearing, speech, IM, inventory, etc… this is nice, but what makes it hard is that everything has been gone since November.

I’ve been allowed to see every few weeks for about 5 minutes, the rest of the time it’s utter blackness.  I get to IM with Goddess every other day for about 5 minutes too.  When she wants it, that’s it.  No other communication of any sort.

As to why I do this?  Well honestly, why not?  Goddess loves being in complete control and I like her control very very much.  It’s hard, but also very rewarding, you start to appreciate the little things a lot more.  Such as a bit of sunlight or being able to say “I love you.”

You might wonder why I keep doing this for so long, the answer really is simple.  Because I don’t have to explain things to Goddess, besides she doesn’t listen anyway.  She does whatever she wants anyway.  It’s the greatest feeling that whatever you want, doesn’t really matter anymore.  It’s really hard at times, but Goddess and I both understand that.  And at times we talk about it for hours.  It helps.  But we both know that this won’t end.  We both have to accept it.  It took me a long time to accept that I don’t have a opinion anymore.

Yet, there is one thing that keeps me going more then anything.  Last week, I had a little bit of a low spot, it kinda came crashing down that I wasn’t going anywhere.  And as we were talking, we both realized that there wasn’t something we were missing, or doing wrong, it was rather, that we both realized that this is an ongoing process.  Over time, Goddess will just add more layers.  Additional cages, more locks and restraints.  Over time, it will take longer and longer for her to get to me.  And it will make me so locked up, so far away, that even if I wanted out, it would take so long to open all the locks, that by the time she has able to touch my cheek, I would be so happy that she was close again, every worry would have been washed away.

It really is a great honor to be her Muse, and I will endure for that reason alone.  Through whatever she does to me, wherever she locks me up, however helpless I’ll become, I will endure.  Because I love her, with all my heart.



Knocked Up

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Well, here we are, three weeks into January and so far my resolution is going strong.  Making sure that I restrain myself in my wanderings has led to me re-discovering some of my girls and reminding me why I fell in love with them in the first place.

Tonight’s blog is about Yar Telling.  Tomorrow marks twenty-one months since I collared this sweet girl.  Twenty-one months.  That equals about ten years RL-wise.  Yar has become my rock.  My support.  My assistant in SL.  She runs everything for me.  Does any chore I ask, without question.  To be sure, any one of my girls would, but all of them will admit, nobody does it quite like Yar.  I don’t think anyone sacrifices quite as much as Yar does.

So, naturally, I have taken Yar for granted.  Not intentionally mind you, but it is easy to do given her demureness and willingness to always please me.  *softly strokes Yar’s cheek*  God, she is a sweet girl.

So, while I resolved to stay more visible on my own island and eliminate some of my wanderlust, I also promised myself that I would be more hands on with each girl this year.  With Yar, perhaps that resolution has a little extra *oomph*.

Now, flash forward to earlier tonight.  In the past, when I dommed and played with girls Yar, if present, was more in a support role, looking out for minor players in the scene, giving me feedback, ideas, etc.  Now, she’s bent over an SZE desk on our deck in Yasminia, locked to said desk, totally restricted, she doesn’t even have names, with a Tantra Total Woman HUD locked into place.  For those not in the know, the Tantra allows an avatar to experience the joys (joys?) of motherhood with SL.  I’ll pause while that sinks in.

Naturally there are several factors that have to line up in order for an avatar to become “with child”, but for Yar, it was the experience and the “risk” of wearing that HUD and being unprotected in the position she was in that led to her wearing this device.  Thus began her climb into orbit toward that destination we call subspace.

Yar.  Nude.  Bent over.  Locked.  Helpless.  Exposed.  All of her limits pushed to the edge, her mind hovering in subspace.  She smiled at me, and stated she couldn’t imagine being any more on edge.

Really Yar?

Then the men began teleporting in.  After all, we can’t have *risk* of pregnancy without adequate *donors*, can we?  And I was quite flexible in who was invited.  Hell, I pretty much opened it to all comers.  (Yes, that pun was intentional.)

That was four hours ago.  Twenty one months have passed since the day I collared Yar.  I admit, I’ve taken her for granted.  But tonight showed me, while a few others expressed doubts, that I can still read Yar like an open book.  Joyfully, it showed Yar that as well.

As I unlocked her to take a break and yes, we’re FAR from done with this particular subspace ride, Yar commented to me that this may have been one of her best nights ever in SL.  *Insert heart melt*  Guess what Yar my sweet?  You just assuredly made it one of mine.  I love you girl.

All is quiet on New Year’s Day

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I can’t believe its 2010.  I can’t believe this blog is twenty days shy of a year old.  Most importantly, I cannot believe I am in my third year in SL.

Today’s post is a short one pertaining to a New Year’s custom.  Resolutions.  Feel that?  A shiver ran thru the blog at the mere mention of the word.  An anonymous quote states that a New Year’s resolution is something that “goes in one year and out the other.”

I’m sure many of us made one of the time honored resolutions to lose weight, find a better job, find a better relationship, etc.  This year, I chose to direct my resolution toward SL.

The last couple of months in 2009 I had developed a habit of exploring on my own, both SL and my own submissive side.  As a result, there were times when I, rather inadvertently or not, neglected some of my Family.  I was offline most of the week of Christmas and leading up to the New Year, so on Christmas Day, I decided that upon my full return to SL, I would put my resolution into play.

So, my 2010 resolution is this; When online, I shall endeavor to spend a strong majority, if not all, of my time in my home sim of Yasminia, or the sim Estate Obscure.  The exception of course is shopping.  Hey, a girl has to shop, right?

You’ll notice that Outskirts has been removed from this very very short list.  Sadly, the owner, Plato, recently informed me that due to some RL changes he would be forced to sell Outskirts in the near future.  Quite frankly, I cannot envision Outskirts without Plato.  Hopefully this will change.  I still intend to make occasional visits as there are a lot of sweet people associated with that sim.  Whatever occurs, I wish my friend Plato the best.

I still have not blogged much about Estate Obscure, but from my wanderings there it is a beautiful sim that one simply must see for one’s self.  I do intend to play the golf course in the near future, so stay tuned on my review of it.  Yes, I am not making that part up.  A BDSM sim, WITH GOLF!  BDSM can be frustrating enough, but adding golf?  What level of sadist is in charge over there?

I’m anxious to see how far this resolution takes me.  So far, this past week has been rather refreshing.  I’d forgotten the level of joy that could be had from merely sitting in a circle with a large portion of my girls, just simply chatting and flirting.  I might add that it has also strengthened my Domme side.  I feel an aggressiveness returning that I’ve not felt in some time.

Another issue adding to this may be the malaise I have felt of late with exploring SL.  Perhaps I am just getting older, hopefully a tad wiser, but it just seems of late that my desire to see new sims has fizzled.

That’s all I have for now.  I hope everyone had a pleasant New Year and your resolve turns out to be as strong as my own.

On a side note, do stay tuned as I have at least two people currently authoring guest blogs.  Hopefully those will be posted in the near future for your entertainment and thoughts.

As always, stay safe!  Love, Yas

Tuppence Continental

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Tuppy.  My sweet little bondage bitch.  I once purchased a cage slave from Mikey Seoung for $300L.  A cute girl named Sub Short.  For whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to be, and Sub disappeared.

Mikey felt so bad about it, she let me have one of her slaves at the time.  Tuppy.  I think it was a match made in heaven.  Tuppy likes to spend long periods of time locked up.  I like to lock up girls that like to spend long periods of time locked up.

If I were to allow it and RL permitted Tuppy to be online for long stretches at a time, I have no doubt Tuppy could even give Jesse Folland a run for her money.  Those of you that know me and how I feel about Jesse can appreciate this compliment.

Currently, Tuppy has taken up residence in the cage in our slave lounge in Yasminia.  When online, she is the hostess/greeter of the lounge and by proximity, our deck.  If you happen to be lucky enough to see her here, please say hello.  Also, catch her up on events going on within SL.  See, she doesn’t really get out that much……  : )

I love you Tuppy!  Someday I must think of a way to repay Mikey for leading the most exciting cage slut in all of SL into my life.

Sluts v. Subs

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Has it really been over a month since my last post?  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  That’s not always true.  Truth is, my RL has gotten more real of late than even I care to admit, and the time I do have to partake in Second Life, I am trying to make the most of it and enjoy it, not necessarily blog about it.

Nonetheless, my increased time spent having fun has had at least one tremendous benefit.  My Family has grown, both in terms of members as well as what I call “Friends of the Family”.  The people that walk thru the doorway of our lighthouse and into the hearts of the Brat Pack constantly amaze me.  Such love, compassion and warmth, is it no wonder some wish they could permanently relocate to SL?

Sadly this is, of course, impossible and RL must be faced, dealt with, overcome.  I don’t offer this as an apology for my delay in entries, rather it is an explanation.

On to the reason for this entry’s title.  Sluts v. Subs.  Sounds like an interesting match up, does it not?

I recently engaged in a scene in SL, one in which I contemplated taking a submissive position.  I’ll pause while everyone exhales from their initial shock. ………….  Done?  Good.

During the course of this scene, something was said that, while it didn’t ruin the scene per se, it was a distraction in that it caused me to dwell too much on the nature of the statement, rather than rolling along with the spirit of the scene.

“You must be submissive because you seem to be a slut.”

Hmmmm….  Okay, first of all, Yasmin Heartsdale NEVER seems to be a slut.  She is one.  Lets get that straight right here and now.  I didn’t join Second Life to practice molding a prim into a fucking flower.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you.  There are some really interesting flower makers in SL, I’m just not one of them.  For the record, most of these flower makers are also sluts.

It is completely acceptable to be a slut and be quite Dominant, if not *almost* completely Dominant.  And before you send me an instant message disagreeing with me Miss *********, stop.  You know damn good and well this applies to you as well.  Slut.

I suppose the nature of this post is something I’ve known all along, just the statement made, even if in the spirit of roleplay, made me dwell on the topic.  And as such, I felt the need to blog about it.  There simply is no correlation between sluttiness and submissiveness.  Some of SL’s biggest sluts aren’t even into bdsm.

You can be Dominant, and be a slut.  You can be submissive, and be a slut.  You can build flowers, and be a slut.  You can be a Linden, and be a ….  Well, perhaps not EVERYone can be a slut.  We do have our standards.

On a non-related note, the island of Yasminia, my home in Mozingo Straits, has a new neighbor.  One of my dearest friends in SL, Tania Owatatsumi, is relocating her island to be next to mine.  Look for it the next time you visit, but understand that since Tania and I are friends, I will be unable to send any rescue parties into her sim after you.  Professional courtesy and what not.

Enjoy, live life, even if its your Second Life, and stop by and say hello.  I promise to try and have another entry before the end of the year.  : )


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First and foremost, my apologies for not blogging in such a while and many kisses to those of you that continue to check this medium daily and keep my blog numbers high.

I can happily report to my daily readers that I am at the pinnacle of my happiness with the Second Life experience.  I say that, because I truly cannot imagine being any happier. 

I am surrounded by good close friends.  At any given time, there are perhaps 50-75 people on my friends list online.  Granted, the IMs get a bit hectic at times, but who ever died wishing they’d had the opportunity to talk to or have *less* friends?

I now have a home where my Family and loved ones can gather, visit, laugh, play, love, and most importantly, live.  My Family continues to grow, not so much by my hand these days, but by the prosperity and development of my Brats and those that have submitted to them.  If you have not yet visited our new home and wish to do so, merely search places for Yasminia.


From your entry at the base of our light house, you’ll first come to the Slave Lounge.  This lounge is hosted by Valerie, one of my slaves.  Feel free to use her or any other of my slaves working or present in the lounge, or, if you are a Domme and exploring with your own slave, feel free to leave her here to relax while you visit.  Do remember to stop back by as you leave, Valerie is quite adept at cleaning the beach sand from a visitor’s boots.

As you exit the lounge, you’ll find yourself on East Beach.  If you’re an RLV/relay user, do be aware that there are a few traps on this beach, some subtle, some obvious, some hidden.  Additionally, some of these traps have timers as low as thirty seconds, some require that you struggle out on your own, and some require that you obtain the assistance of a bystander.  Good luck on that last one.  The strip button does so closely resemble the release button these days.

As you leave East Beach, I encourage you to walk up the south side of the island.  As you crest the hill toward the drop off of our stream, you should look down and follow the waterfall.  You’ll observe a small beach surounded by two waterfalls.  This romantic hideaway is called Tey’s Beach, after my loving bride, Teyonas.  But do not let that discourage you from finding a teleporter and entering the beach for yourself.  Do remember to take a loved one, for optimum effect.  I mention a teleporter as a reminder that our sim is a no-fly zone, without the proper permit of course.

If you complete your walk up the hill, you’ll come to the front of our home, or as some refer to it, our mansion.  This humble abode was at one time only two stories, but as we were moving onto the island, Yar and our groundskeeper, Tania Owatatsumi, asked me to rez several copies of this home.  They then picked apart enough material to add a third floor.  As such, we now have the lovely home we do and every Brat in my Family has their own room.  This alone brings tears to my eyes when I think of it.  How many Dommes, with a Family as large as mine, can boast that they all live under one roof?

From the front of our home, one can then explore around the front of the house as well as the hillside and beach on the north side to discover a few more toys.  If you are into pure relaxation or some yoga, I would suggest you wander out onto the northeast ridge and look for a small yoga mat.  There is also a meditation ball on the mountainside in the southwest corner of the island.

Yoga at Moonset

Now, I want to back up a bit and discuss Tania Owatatsumi.  While a very generous member of my Family presented me with Yasminia as a gift, as noted in a prior blog, Tania took time out of her SL experience for a little over a week to edit, terraform, renovate, and build Yasminia as it stands today.  In return, she asked me to grant her 100 dates.  I cannot express how touching and humbling it is to me for someone to give me so much and all they ask for in return is my time and attention.  If you’re reading this Tania, I love you.  You are more precious to me than words can describe.

It is said that home is where the heart is.  If there is anyone in Second Life that feels the need to locate my heart, it is here, in Yasminia.  But be forewarned, it is surrounded by some very serious women.  You’ll recognize them, for they’ll be Brats, GrandBrats, Slaves, and friends.

Do come visit.  The welcome mat is officially out.


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Webster’s defines generosity as “readiness or liberality in giving.”  I like to think that I have been *somewhat* generous during my tenure in SL.  I like to further think that its a character trait brought over from RL.  I’ve ran into new avatars and given my time to help them get acclimated to SL.  In some instances, I even made monetary contributions to help them better outfit their avatar.  Why heck, I’m not even above giving a Linden or two when I blow through a sim that impresses me.  I like to think I give my L, and my time, as Webster says *readily* and with *liberality*.

However.  You could just “feel” that however couldn’t you?  However, I am constantly humbled by members of my Family.  Every day, my girls, be it Brats, slaves, piggies, grandbrats, you name it, give their money, their efforts, sometimes even collective efforts, and their time, the most precious commodity, to enrich the SL experience for those moving in and out of their lives.  They give these items to others within SL, whether it be new avatars in-world, or a friend that has been here for some time.  Additionally, every day, they give these gifts to me, whether directly or indirectly.  A dear friend of mine has recently said that its not the Domme that makes the sub, but rather its the sub that makes the Domme.  This is so true.  My girls make me.  They mold me.  They breathe life into me.  They complete me.  Plain and simple.

A few people know how much I adore my privacy, even in-world.  I love the ability to just go to a place where you know you are supreme and nobody can bother you.  The easiest way to do this of course is to have your own sim.  A place to call “home”.

Recently, while away from SL for a spring break vacation with my RL family, one of my girls chose to surprise me.  I should say all of my girls as this surprise was miraculously kept a secret from me prior to my departure.  Whoever says a secret cannot be shared in SL has not met my Family.

Now, I won’t mention this Family member by name, as that is not important and she knows who she is, but upon my return to SL following my vacation, lo and behold, I now own a sim.  Paid for, signed, sealed and delivered.  Now mind you, this is deeper than a monetary gift to me.  This girl has now allowed me the ability to have the peace I want in SL, *when* I want it.  On my terms.  Additionally, we now have a place that the Family can gather as a whole, and get even closer than we already were.  Believe me, no easy task when your Family juggles a dozen time zones and everyone lives in a different sim.

So, to the girl that gave me this cherished gift, I cover you in kisses and adore you as I always have.  I love you.  To the rest of my girls, who give me precious gifts and generosity day in and day out, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with our new home and the prospect of all of us being together, without the prior drama; playing, loving, laughing and most importantly, living, as a Family should.

God bless you all.