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A reply to the prior post

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 6, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

This morning, I was graced with the courtesy of an instant message in-world from one of the individuals mentioned in my prior post.  The former owner of the mystery sub we are calling “Nic”.  By grace I mean he took the effort to un-mute me long enough to send me a message, then I am sure he promptly re-muted me.

This post is in reply to his message, and contains a few choice added retorts of my own.

First hon, allow me to thank you for following my blog so religiously.  I do value and appreciate my loyal readers.

As for my memory, it is fine.  I do recall your gift to Yar to help her acquire Yasminia.  I also recall her numerous attempts to repay you for that gift as well as your steadfast refusal to accept payment.  To throw that in my face now says more about your character than it does mine.

As with “the story with Yar” and me “not having the common decency to speak to you”, I did speak to you.  Perhaps your memory is the one that needs fine tuned.  Your last words to me on the topic were “Whatever she wants to do with “Nic” (innocent name inserted by me to protect the innocent) is fine with me.  I wash my hands of it.”  Of course, once Yar did do what she wanted with Nic, you responded by unfriending and banning everyone connected to her, including me.  If anyone had a lack of “common decency” with regard to talking through an issue it would seem to be….*insert drumroll here*….You.

I’m not sure I follow on your threat to blog about me.  From the looks of your current blog page, it seems you’ve forgotten the password to your account, or you’re just a poor communicator.  But hey, feel free to post all you want about me.  If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a noise?  We may never know.

Now, to address what you didn’t mention in your post, since I know you’re watching this site and I’m certainly not muted here.  You are a moron if you think you can talk about me behind my back to my subs and me not hear about it.  So, who was the forgiving friend?  You criticize my technique at putting my Family together and holding them together because you don’t agree with the underlying principles and philosophy that I foster?  Fuck you.  What gives you the right to judge me?  I sincerely do hope Dirk caves on your persistence to buy Stonehaven, so people can truly see what kind of character you possess sweetie.

My final word on this topic altogether, and your criticism of my ability to Domme.  Take a hard look at our Families dear.  Yeah, you know exactly where I’m going with that.  You own thirteen subs, that you KNOW about.  Think about it.

Now, YOU go and have a wonderful life.