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A Decade

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 11, 2011 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Its hard to imagine that ten years have passed already.

Ten years ago I had just returned from a lovely honeymoon in Scotland.  I was sitting at my desk, trying to recall the password to log me back into my computer, when a co-worker ran past and mentioned that an airplane had struck one of the two towers.

Having numerous business relationships with many agencies and law firms located at WTC, I followed to the break room to watch the news coverage.

I arrived just in time to see the second airplane strike.  My heart sank at the thought of many people I knew professionally, and some personally, having their lives so suddenly snuffed out.

Numb, I vaguely recall hearing about the Pentagon attack, and the fourth plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

I’ve not posted in some time as there have been numerous changes within my Family, as well as my relationship with Valerie and it seems that every time I go to comment on one, something else happens.

Today, for some reason, my thoughts dwell on Valerie as we too have been in each other’s lives for a decade.  If you’re reading this Val, I love you, and wouldn’t trade so much as a day.

Yet, I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty the nature or cause of our latest argument.  I can however tell you with startling clarity the clothes I was wearing ten years ago today.  What I had for each meal.  My route home from the office.  I can even give you commentary about Helen’s hair, the lady who shared my workstation, as well as the color of Matt’s shirt, the co-worker who ran past and told me about the first attack.

I suppose my love for Val erases anything negative and helps me stay focused on our positives.  As for the insidious attack by religious radicals against this beloved country of mine that forever changed the way we live…..  I.  Will.  Never.  Forget.

To this day, I still use the same password for my computer.

God Bless America.


What is that on my neck?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on August 5, 2011 by Yasmin Heartsdale

If you’re in my Family group then you saw my post earlier this morning.  After several months of a trial run, so to speak, I have decided to accept Valerie’s collar.

We’ve been playing around and experimenting with these roles for ourselves and it scares me how well it fits.

Valerie has been and is everything to me.  She’s been my girl, she is my partner and wife, she is my soulmate, and now she is my Goddess.

By all of the congratulatory IMs and notecards I’ve received since the first announcement, I see I’m also blessed to have so many supportive friends and acquaintances.  Additionally, my own girls seem also very excited and thrilled.  Why wouldn’t they be, history has shown that I am more Domme when I myself am collared.  I’m sure my Goddess will find a way to keep the perfect balance.

Furniture and more

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on December 10, 2010 by Yasmin Heartsdale

I suppose when its been too long since I’ve posted, a surefire way to entice me to write and bring some things up to date is to provide me with anything that may generate a laugh.  This may not cause most of you to even grin, but it sure as hell got me to giggle.  Many thanks to Jenny Maurer.

Its fucking fine y'all!

Can you just see the commercial?  Dio in a cheap suit with a nude girl leashed and kneeling beside her.  “Y’all get on down here to Dio’s.  Our furniture is fucking fine!”

Anyway, on to some other topics that are long overdue.  The island is once again open to the public.  I think this may be the final renovation for a long time as it seems to be generating the most compliments.  I am slowly introducing various devices and traps and promise to try and rotate in several favorites.  As usual, if anyone has a request for a particular piece, feel free to provide that to me in-world.

I want to say thank you again to Jill Ormstein for donating the entire line of DoD devices to be used at the island.  Several are currently out for display and more will be added as I rotate items in and out.  Its a simple formula, if I see an item being used on a regular basis, it stays.  If not, it goes.

Of course, in real life its the holiday season and of course, its beginning to cost a lot like Christmas.  I mean this monetarily, as well as time commitments.  Whatever holiday you celebrate or faith you worship this time of year, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and peace on earth.

We continue to get updates on Rabea, who’s kept away from Second Life for health reasons.  Our thoughts are with her and we wish her the best.

Its also been a while since we’ve seen Anna, but understand from her bratty comments its not health related.  Love you Anna!

Valerie has also been on a short sabbatical recently as the result of technical issues on her end with regards to her equipment and power supplies.  Miss you Love!!!!  I hope to see you soon.

One more item I want to address and that is to say thank you to each and every person that has taken the time to click on this blog and read about my SL experience, my life in SL, my Family and those I love.  According to my stats checker, we are approaching 20,000 views of this page.  We’re currently at 19, 502.  I am simply blown away that so many of you have kept up with the Brat Pack in this way.  In hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t be, as so many of you continue to visit Yasminia and support us there.

“Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.”


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You know how it goes if you’ve ever tried to maintain a blog.

One change comes along, and you mean to make a note of it.  Then another change or update, so you figure, I’ll combine them.  Then a third event occurs, and next thing you know…its best just to make one entry and title it “Changes”.

First things first.  Teyonas.  Teyonas and I have split up, for good.  In truth, it feels as if we did months ago, but I’m not going to use this forum to discuss our relationship, or its end.  Just know that we are no longer a couple.

Valerie.  My new partner and soon to be wife.  In truth, it feels as if she has been for several months.  More to come on this topic in the near future, but since this is merely to update recent “changes”, know that I am in heaven.

Jaycie.  My former slave overseer, now a full Brat.  Congratulations Jay, and welcome to the Family.  I love you!  This sweet girl and I met approximately a year and a half ago and have always felt a special friendship.  I cannot say how happy I am to have her as a Brat.

Joni.  On trial to be a Brat.  Another of my slaves that has been with me for a long time.  Joni’s devotion to me has never wavered.  I am quite confident her trial to be a Brat is a mere formality.

Seems like I am forgetting something….

Oh yes!  I have also given myself to a Mistress.  I intend to dedicate a post solely to her in the near future as well.  Suffice to say she has spent the last year slowly getting under my skin and inside my head and I love and adore her with all my heart.

That’s it.  Everyone feel up to date now?  Good.  Ciao!

Valerie Webwyre

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on June 5, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

I have been trying to write this post for several days now.  Its simply hard for me to know where to begin with Valerie. 

Those of you that frequest the slave lounge in Yasminia know Valerie as hostess of the lounge and my overseer of slaves.  Charming, sensitive, open, always ready to listen and give advice, Valerie is a godsend to me as well as my Family.

What most of you readers may not know is that Valerie and I have an online relationship/friendship that covers the last five years, give or take, and obviously pre-dates Second Life.

During those five years, Valerie and I have seen the worse, and perhaps the best, of one another.  Like any other friendship that spans a few years, we’ve had our valleys, as well as our peaks.

Upon finally taking the Second Life plunge, Valerie sought me out.  I gave her some advice on Second Life, and arranged for a few people to chaperone her to some areas in the bdsm community that I felt were important for Valerie to fully grasp what we do in Second Life.  Rarely have I seen such a quick learner.

Contrary to public opinion, I do not sink my talons into every new person and rustle them into the pack.  Life, whether here or there, i.e., SL or RL, is based on choices.  I encouraged Valerie to look around, find her spot, hell, I practically pushed her out the door.

Fortunately for me, Valerie is like a bad penny, you just can’t get rid of her.  She is once again, as prior to Second Life, entrenched in my life, my Family, and my heart.  I love you Valerie.  Thank YOU, for always finding me.


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First and foremost, my apologies for not blogging in such a while and many kisses to those of you that continue to check this medium daily and keep my blog numbers high.

I can happily report to my daily readers that I am at the pinnacle of my happiness with the Second Life experience.  I say that, because I truly cannot imagine being any happier. 

I am surrounded by good close friends.  At any given time, there are perhaps 50-75 people on my friends list online.  Granted, the IMs get a bit hectic at times, but who ever died wishing they’d had the opportunity to talk to or have *less* friends?

I now have a home where my Family and loved ones can gather, visit, laugh, play, love, and most importantly, live.  My Family continues to grow, not so much by my hand these days, but by the prosperity and development of my Brats and those that have submitted to them.  If you have not yet visited our new home and wish to do so, merely search places for Yasminia.


From your entry at the base of our light house, you’ll first come to the Slave Lounge.  This lounge is hosted by Valerie, one of my slaves.  Feel free to use her or any other of my slaves working or present in the lounge, or, if you are a Domme and exploring with your own slave, feel free to leave her here to relax while you visit.  Do remember to stop back by as you leave, Valerie is quite adept at cleaning the beach sand from a visitor’s boots.

As you exit the lounge, you’ll find yourself on East Beach.  If you’re an RLV/relay user, do be aware that there are a few traps on this beach, some subtle, some obvious, some hidden.  Additionally, some of these traps have timers as low as thirty seconds, some require that you struggle out on your own, and some require that you obtain the assistance of a bystander.  Good luck on that last one.  The strip button does so closely resemble the release button these days.

As you leave East Beach, I encourage you to walk up the south side of the island.  As you crest the hill toward the drop off of our stream, you should look down and follow the waterfall.  You’ll observe a small beach surounded by two waterfalls.  This romantic hideaway is called Tey’s Beach, after my loving bride, Teyonas.  But do not let that discourage you from finding a teleporter and entering the beach for yourself.  Do remember to take a loved one, for optimum effect.  I mention a teleporter as a reminder that our sim is a no-fly zone, without the proper permit of course.

If you complete your walk up the hill, you’ll come to the front of our home, or as some refer to it, our mansion.  This humble abode was at one time only two stories, but as we were moving onto the island, Yar and our groundskeeper, Tania Owatatsumi, asked me to rez several copies of this home.  They then picked apart enough material to add a third floor.  As such, we now have the lovely home we do and every Brat in my Family has their own room.  This alone brings tears to my eyes when I think of it.  How many Dommes, with a Family as large as mine, can boast that they all live under one roof?

From the front of our home, one can then explore around the front of the house as well as the hillside and beach on the north side to discover a few more toys.  If you are into pure relaxation or some yoga, I would suggest you wander out onto the northeast ridge and look for a small yoga mat.  There is also a meditation ball on the mountainside in the southwest corner of the island.

Yoga at Moonset

Now, I want to back up a bit and discuss Tania Owatatsumi.  While a very generous member of my Family presented me with Yasminia as a gift, as noted in a prior blog, Tania took time out of her SL experience for a little over a week to edit, terraform, renovate, and build Yasminia as it stands today.  In return, she asked me to grant her 100 dates.  I cannot express how touching and humbling it is to me for someone to give me so much and all they ask for in return is my time and attention.  If you’re reading this Tania, I love you.  You are more precious to me than words can describe.

It is said that home is where the heart is.  If there is anyone in Second Life that feels the need to locate my heart, it is here, in Yasminia.  But be forewarned, it is surrounded by some very serious women.  You’ll recognize them, for they’ll be Brats, GrandBrats, Slaves, and friends.

Do come visit.  The welcome mat is officially out.