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Time to catch up…as well as ramble

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I know, I know, its been almost two months without a blog.  There are soooo many things to catch up on, and yet, so much remains the same.

I know many of you hate to dwell on RL while in-world, but several of you know the story behind some of my recent RL drama, so I’ll bring it up to date here.  Yes, I am still getting divorced.  No, its not final.  I live in Texas.  We execute death row prisoners faster than we finalize divorces.

Despite my RL distractions and being unable to devote as much time as I normally due to SL, my Family continues to thrive.  I am so proud of each and every one of them, there is simply not enough room on this blog to say how much they each mean to me.

Since they don’t get enough press, I will talk about the current slaves.  Several seem to have gone missing.  I am unsure if it is my lack of time in SL, or they have RL themselves.  So, Tuppy, Raven, Nicola and Slave, if you read this, I hope you are doing well and get back when you can.  If possible, post here so we know you’re still doing well.  Mariska, Alexx and JG continue to bring enormous pleasure, not just to me, but to the rest of the Family as well.

If you’re one that also follows the picks portion of my profile, you’ll notice that I am no longer owned by Claire.  There were some other issues that I won’t go into but needless to say, it seems we’re better off as friends.  I am convinced that when it comes to exploring my own submission in SL, I am simply not one to be owned.  That’s not to say there isn’t another Domme currently making a very strong case, but time will tell.

Our sim, while the numbers aren’t high enough to put us on the map, does still attract a friendly crowd and lots of generous support.  again, while there is not enough room to print everyone that supports us and shows us love, there are two I want to mention real quick.

Amalia Illios.  A frequent visitor, a Family friend, a dear friend of mine and just an overall sweet person to know.  If you’re friends with Lia, then you know what I’m talking about.  I can’t thank you enough Lia.  Your continued support of us melts my heart in ways I can’t fully state.  *kiss*

Miika Forager.  I never posted it officially, but somewhere over the past few months Miika crossed over from Family friend to Family.  She even honors me from time to time by wearing the title, Yasmin’s  Sentinel.  Miika supports all of us with her presence and counsel on an almost daily basis.  Thank you Miika, for being you.  *kiss*

Time to interject with some art…

Just hanging around...

I captured this lovely girl today while exploring some newer RLV capture sims.  After some tormenting and using her body for my own perverse pleasures, I hung her on the rack from the roof of our castle.  Funny thing, at the start of our session, I hid the timers in her shackles.  When I hung her at the end of our session, I left her keys, but never_set_any_timers.  I wonder how long she’ll hang there before she realizes she is free to go?  So far its been an hour.  She goes another hour I win $100L.  Hang in there girl!

One last ramble before I end this post and get back in-world.  Some people recently have commented that, despite my RL issues, I seem more light hearted in SL, as if I am having more fun.  To be honest, I am.  My partner, Valerie, and I, recently had a groundbreaking conversation, groundbreaking in the sense that it covered topics we’ve never discussed even in the eight years we’ve known each other, and we both now have a better and I’ll say more meaningful understanding of one another and as such, an even closer relationship.

This understanding, needless to say, has removed a lot of tension I felt while in SL of late.  In fact, its made me much more at ease in RL as well.  Thank you Valerie my Love.  I’d be lost without you.

Okay, that’s it, that’s all, at least for now.  If I missed anything that you, the specific reader reading these words, RIGHT now, feels I should have touched on, I am sorry.  Drop me a note in-world and I will also hang you from our ramparts and post your picture in my next blog.  Course….no guarantee you won’t have a timer….Just sayin’!


A word from Valerie

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As my blog is open to all of my Family to express their opinion, Valerie has asked for me to publish the following.  I think, to summarize, what Valerie is saying is for those people that come to Yasminia solely for the chance to play with me and find me already engaged with another person, please remember that any of my Brats are open to play and can usually hold their own in a Domme role.

I once swore I’d never write a blog of any sorts, and here I am, doing it anyway.  Not by request of Goddess or others, but because there is something that occured to me lately and I’d like to take a moment to sit and dwell on it.

Today I want to talk about the behavior of certain people over the last few months without calling any names.  To whom it may concern, you know who you are.

As most of you are aware, during the last few weeks Goddess has been absent a lot from the sim or SL in general due to personal issues.  Now she is back better than ever and spends a lot of time on Yasminia again, which has lead me to a somewhat worrying observation.  While our sim lay waste and barren for the last few months, all of a sudden people who haven’t shown up in some time come by again.  And you may have guessed it: the timeframe they did not come to our sim or came and left instantly again is almost coherent with Goddess’ absence.  Coincidence?  Maybe, though I doubt it.

It rather is part of a disturbing behavior I have witnessed around Goddess ever since I joined her in SL.  People come on to see if she is available, and when she is not, leave again, some even just log off again.  This may seem flattering on the first glance, but it is anything but that.  True, it speaks for Goddess’ qualities to captivate people, but those people either do not realize what a strain it can put on her, or anyone confronted with that type of behavior, or they do it deliberately on purpose.  It seems to imply “Either I get time with you or I won’t log on at all.”  Now, those of you who know Goddess know that the fun of others is one of her main concern.  And I find it not only highly anti-social of those individuals to behave like that but it downright borders on blackmail.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s perfectly normal to want to spend time with her more than with others.  But some people seem to forget she has a family and other obligations as well.  They seem to think Goddess’ SL has to center around them as much as their’s centers around her.  And they try to enforce this by following her around and trying to make her feel bad by the aforementioned behavior when she can’t devote time to them.  Such a fixation is unhealthy for both sides, I’ve been there myself.  Why not instead try to get to know those around her better?  Like, maybe, her family?  The Brat Pack? Doesn’t ring a bell to some of you?  It’s that bunch of sexy girls on the sim that wear a “Yasmin’s” tag above their heads.  Sure, we might not be Goddess herself, but we sure are fun to hang with anyway and most of us can hold our own in a conversation or play.  It saddens me that some people simply ignore the rest of the family, like we are not considered worthy of interaction without Goddess around.  Or worse, even when she is around.  Frankly, I don’t hold much regard for those people.  When Goddess is in the sim they lurk around, waiting for a chance to steal some of her time, but when she is not, they don’t even drop by to say hello to her family.  Rude, impolite and anti-social.

Before this turns into one of my usual rants though, I’d rather like to ask those people to reconsider their approach and behavior.  If anything SL gives us is most fun of all, it’s meeting new people, getting to know them and realizing what wonderful persons they are.  So, maybe next time you come to the sim and see Goddess is not around, don’t just leave, approach others who are there, say hello, introduce yourself, see if you find other nice company there.  If you really want to be considered her friend, you better take your time to get to know her family as well.  You would not only make it easier on Goddess to spend time with you without it feeling forced, you may also find that she chose her girls wisely and her family is as much fun to be around as she is even when she is not there.

In Search of Immortality

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As most of you know, I took a “break” from my normal everyday life as Goddess of the Brat Pack and submitted myself to Slave Auction Group, i.e., SAG, for the purposes of an auction.  I have written several blogs about this past week and scrapped them all, for my own reasons, so this entry is going to go off on a bit of a tangent.  Please bear with me.

First and foremost, one comment that does need to be made is a hearty thank you to all of the SAG staff involved in my auction.  Far and away the most enjoyable and relaxing experience I have ever had in an auction, while in Second Life.

Several people have asked me what led to my auction, and its kind of hard to explain without revealing all of my fetishes and kinks, many of which I keep hidden, even from my closest friends.  Suffice to say, one of my major kinks centers around the “unknown”, as in not knowing or having insight into one’s fate.  Before you judge, let me remind you, this is my closet, you are merely the visitor.  Be warned, there be skeletons aplenty here.

To make a long story short, the eventual winner of my auction was one of my own slaves, Valerie.  What most of you don’t know is that Valerie and I have an online relationship going back six years.  As such, my week of “ownership” by Valerie promised to involve several instances of her peeling away layers of my boundaries as well as assuring I had a good time, not only as we explored bdsm, but with non-bdsm activities as well.

Suffice to say, Valerie did not disappoint.  Thank you Valerie, for a lovely week.  I had a *blast*!

Additionally, my Second Life partner, Teyonas, was led into a new area of kink by a dear friend, Ilandere Boa.  From my discussions with many of my friends, Family as well as non-Family, it is evident that Tey grew a bit over the past week, and I look forward to the new avenues that have opened up for her and I.  To Illy, I cannot thank you enough, but that won’t stop me from trying.

Many have sent me messages in-world asking about some of the things Valerie and I engaged in this past week.  As for the adventures we had in bdsm, that is between Valerie and myself as well as the people that were able to participate with us.  To those people able to make time, Valerie and I both thank you and from myself, payback is a bitch.  *wink*  With regard to the activities Valerie and I engaged in not related to bdsm, I am sorry to disappoint, but I am keeping those memories for myself.

I will say that this past week taught Valerie and I both something about ourselves, and what we are to one another.

One of the first submissives I ever undertook to be a Dominant to compared me to the mystical martial arts expert, Youn Wha.  At the time, I dismissed this comparison.  Despite what some may think of me, I am far too humble to accept such a comparison.  Nonetheless, this past week, and the way in which I interacted with Valerie, made me start to wonder if my former submissive’s comparison was not more on the mark than I was willing to acknowledge.

Again, I don’t want to share too much of the agenda Valerie had in store for me this past week, but if you’d like to gain some insight, do some research on Youn Wha.  At the least, her legend is an interesting read and sure to make at least one of my readers tingle.

One of the cornerstones of any martial arts study is the relationship between teacher and student.  Together, they walk a path, overcoming obstacles.  While it is thought that the obstacles are designed to further the education of the student, it is also the teacher that gains knowledge.  They share this path until such time as the path divides, and each must part.  Hmmmmm…..  Kind of describes the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive, does it not?

If the path is traveled properly, the student never forgets the lessons of the teacher.  Hence, the teacher becomes “immortal”.  Not immortal in the physical sense, meaning the teacher physically lives forever.  There is no magical fountain of youth that is discovered.  I mean “immortality”.  The lessons of the teacher are never forgotten by the student, and they are in turn handed down from the student to other people the student meets, and so on.  A never ending cycle.  Even once the teacher passes from this plane, they are never forgotten.

I cannot say when the path Valerie and I are on will part.  I’m pragmatic enough to know that it will.  This past week has shown me that if I manage to connect with every member of my Family, as I have Valerie, then my chances at gaining immortality only increases.  What Dominant doesn’t desire to “live forever” in this sense?

I suppose I knew this, at some level, but recent events have caused me to garner an air of complacency, and this philosophy has drifted considerably from my attitude.  Thank you Valerie for re-awakening my purpose.

As I scan back through this blog, I am even tempted to scrap it for sounding far too deep for my playful nature.  I suppose this past week has just been too intense to fully describe in my normal manner.

Nonetheless, if you’ve the time to commit to a week of good clean fun where you have little worries and are prepared to let someone be the driver of your destiny for a short time, head over to SAG and let them take care of you.  Even if that doesn’t interest you, pop in and check out an auction as a potential buyer.

Who knows, maybe someone will make you immortal.

Either way, check them out for yourself.