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Knocked Up

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 22, 2010 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Well, here we are, three weeks into January and so far my resolution is going strong.  Making sure that I restrain myself in my wanderings has led to me re-discovering some of my girls and reminding me why I fell in love with them in the first place.

Tonight’s blog is about Yar Telling.  Tomorrow marks twenty-one months since I collared this sweet girl.  Twenty-one months.  That equals about ten years RL-wise.  Yar has become my rock.  My support.  My assistant in SL.  She runs everything for me.  Does any chore I ask, without question.  To be sure, any one of my girls would, but all of them will admit, nobody does it quite like Yar.  I don’t think anyone sacrifices quite as much as Yar does.

So, naturally, I have taken Yar for granted.  Not intentionally mind you, but it is easy to do given her demureness and willingness to always please me.  *softly strokes Yar’s cheek*  God, she is a sweet girl.

So, while I resolved to stay more visible on my own island and eliminate some of my wanderlust, I also promised myself that I would be more hands on with each girl this year.  With Yar, perhaps that resolution has a little extra *oomph*.

Now, flash forward to earlier tonight.  In the past, when I dommed and played with girls Yar, if present, was more in a support role, looking out for minor players in the scene, giving me feedback, ideas, etc.  Now, she’s bent over an SZE desk on our deck in Yasminia, locked to said desk, totally restricted, she doesn’t even have names, with a Tantra Total Woman HUD locked into place.  For those not in the know, the Tantra allows an avatar to experience the joys (joys?) of motherhood with SL.  I’ll pause while that sinks in.

Naturally there are several factors that have to line up in order for an avatar to become “with child”, but for Yar, it was the experience and the “risk” of wearing that HUD and being unprotected in the position she was in that led to her wearing this device.  Thus began her climb into orbit toward that destination we call subspace.

Yar.  Nude.  Bent over.  Locked.  Helpless.  Exposed.  All of her limits pushed to the edge, her mind hovering in subspace.  She smiled at me, and stated she couldn’t imagine being any more on edge.

Really Yar?

Then the men began teleporting in.  After all, we can’t have *risk* of pregnancy without adequate *donors*, can we?  And I was quite flexible in who was invited.  Hell, I pretty much opened it to all comers.  (Yes, that pun was intentional.)

That was four hours ago.  Twenty one months have passed since the day I collared Yar.  I admit, I’ve taken her for granted.  But tonight showed me, while a few others expressed doubts, that I can still read Yar like an open book.  Joyfully, it showed Yar that as well.

As I unlocked her to take a break and yes, we’re FAR from done with this particular subspace ride, Yar commented to me that this may have been one of her best nights ever in SL.  *Insert heart melt*  Guess what Yar my sweet?  You just assuredly made it one of mine.  I love you girl.