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Story Time – Part Two

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As promised, the continuing saga as began earlier by Cheryl Nishi.  Do message her in-world if you like this story.

Probing fingers, vibrating plastic, and the sweet scent of my own juices permeated my being.  Whatever was going on, I don’t think I could figure it out even if I wasn’t blindfolded.  My pussy is making squelching noises as I shift my hips against the bench bearing and impaling dildo.   It twists and turns inside me, slowly and intermittently, fanning flames that have been burning since I’ve come here but without the satisfaction of letting me cum.  My ass currently holds an rather imposing feeling buttplug that seems to be able to shift and stretch, making me moan uncontrollably into my gag.  I pant and grunt again as the dildo in my pussy cranks up in speed again and I try to encourage it with my hips… but have trouble gaining purchase as my legs are chained on either side of some kind of bench taking away leverage that I might use to raise myself over it.  Hot firey pleasure jabs through my nipples as two very experienced mouths smash my efforts to gather coherent thought… two mouths..

How had this happened?  What seems like a lifetime ago, but probably just a few hours, I was the dominatrix coming to meet my slave for a little request she had of me.  A request that somehow has left me bound in a single glove, gagged soundly and blindfolded to boot.  And in addition, what I thought was my little slave has somehow multiplied into two, both as knowledgeable about my body as the slave I knew.

My thoughts snap back to the now as the feeling surges within me and I approach orgasm again.  I try to stay quiet so that the mouths on my breasts won’t notice but they begin to slow.

“That won’t work Katie, you can’t fool us.   Your stomach always tightens when you get close to cumming”  One of the Tiffany voices laughs as the other on my nipple slows down and grunts in agreement.  The vibrator in my pussy slows again and I cry out in desparation yet again.  I would try to rub myself against that dildo if I could, but I had tried that already before and found out the amount of motion I could manage would just leave me that much closer but still not close enough.

“Do you think it’s time we let her beg a bit?  She loves it so much.”  One of the voices says.  “Great idea!” the same voice answers as I feel hands on the harness around my head.  I lower my head as the clinking of buckles falls softly on my ears, waiting for the relief.  The harness falls away and I feel fingers at my blindfold.  Finally! I could finally see what was going on… although I think I could guess, as impossible as it seemed to be.  As the blindfold falls away, my eyes are blinded by the light in the room.  Meanwhile the fingers continue on my gag, which pops out of my mouth with a messy sound.  The figure behind me returns to my field of view as my eyes clear up.

“Like what you see?”  the figure on the left chuckles.   I gawked.  As I guessed but could never expect, there were two Tiffany’s in front of me.  One is dressed in the catsuit I remember from the beginning of the night.  The other is in some kind of abbreviated schoolgirl outfit.  My god… she looked just like last valentines day although that day ended up with her being tied and teased soundly.  Unlike now.

“Wha… y you have a tw”  “Twin, yes”.  The one on the right finishes for me.

I look to Tiffany on the left.  “You had a twin and never told me?”

Tiffany on the left scratches her head nervously in a gesture that I recognized.  “Well it never came up”

I looked to the other “Tiffany”, blushing at my blatant nudity and bound state even though she had a firm hand in what just happened.  “And you are…?”

She smirks at me in a grin that is also frighteningly familiar.  “Valerie”

I shake my head.  “And how is it that you know me so well?”  I blush even harder as I realize what I just said out loud.

Tiffany laughs.  “Well, you see, we did switch a bit once in a while…  this time it’s her turn to blush.  “Val was curious and it was only going to be a one time thing… except you worked her so hard she kept coming back”  Tiffany elbows her sister.

I blink, trying hard to remember when a switch might have happened and a night rose unbidden to me.   One night where I had come home and finding Tiffany all tied up on her own dressed in some lacy lingerie.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, even though I knew Tiffany wasn’t big on lacy lingerie.  And she was so sensitive that night… I had her screaming and begging to cum for… the whole weekend.  I blink again.

“Wait, don’t tell me I molested your sister for a whole weekend and you never told me?”  I was shocked and a bit shaken in my thinking that I knew Tiffany.  This was a revelation that was unexpected.  “And you guys did this more than once?”

Tiffany and Valerie both look guiltily at me and move forwards together, hugging my bound form.  Their bodies rub against me interestingly.  “Well, this was our revealing gift.  Surprise!”

I laugh helplessly as they kiss me on the cheek from each side.  I guess I’d always been the more deviant one of the relationship, so it’s fair that they get to be deviant in their own way too.  “So are you guys going to let me out and make me cum?”  I ask, wiggling myself on the bench.  It felt so good but I would need more.

Tiffany laughs and shakes her head.  “Nope.  Time for more fun!”  She glances at Valerie, who turns to me and unlocks my legs from the bench.  Together they help me get off the impaling bench.  The dildo slips out of me with a very wet slurp and I breath a quick moan as its length pulls out.   They stand me up and begin strapping an odd looking device to my crotch.  I suspected it was some kind of chastity belt as it clicked shut with an audible sound.  It rested firmly against my crotch and pressed tightly against the buttplug in my rear.
“ahhhgg”  I gasped as the plug shifted.   The full feeling in my rear was getting me going again.

Valerie smiles and shows a key in front of me.  “This is the key to your belt.  I think you’ll want to get it.”  With that, the belt hums to life with some kind of vibrator positioned right over my clit.   At the same time, the plug in my rear begins to move again, stretching this way and that.

“gggnnaaah”  I cry out, bending over at the waist as the sensations begin to quickly send me to an orgasm.  Yet as suddenly as they started, they went silent again.

Tiffany helps me straighten up.  “They’re on random timers.  It should keep you going as we start the next event.”   My stomach lurches in excitement at Tiffany’s smile.

Valerie reaches up and leashes me, attaching me to the head of the bench.  “Now enjoy the show.”  With that she turns to Tiffany and they begin kissing each other.  I pant in frustration as I watch them stroke each others breasts and finger each other’s clits, all the while waving that key in front of me.  The vibrators and plugs shaking randomly didn’t help either.  I pulled at my wrists fruitlessly even as the lovely sisters performed an intimate makeout session before my eyes.

Finally, at some unknown signal, Tiffany shows me the key for one last time, showing that it is in her hands.  With that, she turns around and places her wrists behind her back.  Valerie eyes me saucily and begins to bind Tiffany’s wrists together with a leather strap.  I swallow dryly as i watch the two beautiful japanese twins gyrate before me.  Another strap goes around Tiffany’s elbows and then over it all, a single glove, locked on with a small padlock.  Valerie meets my incredulous look as I realize that the key to my chastity belt was still in Tiffany’s beneath all that leather.  She licks her lips at me and nods before turning back to her sister.

More leather goes on.  Valerie fastens a huge red ballgag behind her sister’s teeth.  She goes on to kiss the gag, as I shake and shudder, watching the erotic show as my vibrators torment me again.  I pull at the leash in frustration but it is a useless gesture.  Valerie hears the rattling chains and looks up at me, winking before continuing.  Tiffany is put upon a tall stool, almost a barstool with a conspicuous hole cutout in the middle.  Her feet don’t touch the ground but it doesn’t stop Valerie from securing her ankles to the legs with what appears to be bondage tape.  Finally, she crowns her achievement by stretching a large vibrator through the bench cutout to sit against Tiffany’s crotch.  Securing the vibe and flicking a switch, it roars to life strongly and Tiffany immediately begins moaning and thrusting her hips.

With that finished Valerie turns back to me.  All this time, I’d been watching this sister bind my lover and slave.  The infernal vibraions on my clit and ass had been driving me to distraction and had made concentrating on the show in fornt of me almost impossible.  The frustration building from the random vibing has me gnashing my teeth in lust and desparation.  Valerie approaches me slowly with a dangerous smile on her face.

Tapping my chastity belt, she leans in close to me.  My lips tremble at her nearness, the pleasure and promise that she could provide.  “Now, your only way to be free of this is in Tiffany’s conveniently bound hands.  Hands that won’t be surrendering the key unless she’s unlocked first. ”  She follows my gaze to the padlock on Tiffany’s armbinder as it bounces on strap across her chest from her writhing.

“And where is that key?”  I ask, my lips dry.

“Over there”  Valerie nods at a safe in the far end of the room.  It’s usually used for “thief and guard” like games in this room I think, but it does function from what I know.  Valerie smiles at me as the vibrators start up yet again, almost sending me to my knees.  I might have fallen and choked on my collar if she hadn’t caught me.  “And those vibes stay in until we take that key out from there.”

“You know the combination to the safe, right?”  I ask.

Valerie nods.  “But I’m not going to open it.”

Another wave of vibrations hits, unexpectly close to the set just passed.  I barely manage to stay standing this time.  “So what’s the catch?  What do you want me to do?”  I cry, a bit desparately.  Tiffany looks on at our drama with glazed eyes.  I don’t know if she’s cum yet, but if she hasn’t it must be close.

Valerie smiles.  “Convince me that you want it.”  She lowers her hand to that micro plaid skirt of hers, pulling it up and showing that she has no panties on.  Her shaved lips glisten as she rubs a finger between her lower lips.  “I’m sure you could figure it out…” she says mysteriously.

I nod eagerly to which Valerie circles behind me and begins to undo by single glove.  “You’d better make it worth my while, or else I’m not telling” she warns.  A muffled shriek from the corner signals Tiffany cumming.  I glance over at her frantic struggles as she rides the wave of an orgasm that I would do anything to have.  Our eyes lock, but she is unseeing, tremblind in the grip of her pleasure.  As Valerie finishes releasing my arms, Tiffany’s moans turn desparate as she realizes that the vibrator is not turning off.  She struggles wildy as it continues to stimulate her sensitive pussy without mercy.

The single glove falls away and Valerie undoes the strap beneath holding my elbows together.  I moan in relief as my abused arms are finally freed.  I weakly bring them in front of me as Valerie unleashes me.  As I rub my arms, she  heads on in front of me and kneels on a mattress set in the middle of the room.  She faces her rear to me, hiking her already short skirt to her waist and places her face against the mattress as she reaches back and splays herself open, showing just how wet she is.  “Come on, make it worth my while…” she coos.

I look at her cute bottom upturned at me, her pussy glistening invitingly.  I glance up and see Tiffany watching with interest through half closed eyes as her vibrator continues to fill the room with a low buzz.   Small sounds come from her sweet gagged lips as she is driven to another impending orgasm.  I get down on my hands and knees, placing my lips against the offered pussy, eliciting a moan of excitement from Valerie.  As I begin to lap, another round of vibrating surges across my clit and in my ass.  I pull back slightly from Valerie’s pussy as I gasp from the distrating sensation.  I grit my teeth again as my orgasm builds only to be delayed yet again as the random timer stops the vibes.  I rub my finger agains the outside of the chastity belt and confirm that there is no way i can touch my pussy or ass enough to help me cum without being released.  My eyes alight on the strap that Valerie had so recently freed my elbows from.  She had laid it close by, discarded on the mattress along with the armbinder.  Looking back at the pussy still spread in front of me by Valerie’s dainty fingers, I can’t help but notice how easily she reaches back… how her arms are flexed… how easy it would be to just snatch up the strap…

I lower my head again, alternating between lapping at the dripping slit and thrusting my tongue deep inside.  “Oh, I’ll make it worth your while, dear Valerie…” I mumble into her pussy.   Tiffany cries out again in the background with increasing volume and desparation, only highlighting my own need.  She’s watching us, that naughty voyeur.  Watching her one wearing her own body being pleasured by her mistress turned slave.  My hand sneaks out slowly, fingers coming to rest on the strap as Tiffany’s moans reach a crescendo.  Oh yes, i would make it worth Valerie’s while…and Tiffany’s too.  Valerie’s hands hold her dripping pussy even wider, her outstretched arms so tantalizingly close…

To be continued.


Story Time

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I know I promised more stories, but I’ve kinda slacked off in gathering some interesting ones.  This one came to me earlier today via a group post from Cheryl Nishi, and she has kindly consented to share.

My name is Katelyn and tonight is a big night. Five years ago, Tiffany, my girlfriend, submitted to me and became my slave. We had met in a Japanese class in college as freshmen. Me taking a random language that sounded good and her, an American born japanese who was trying to relearn her language after forgetting everything she was taught as a child. Long story made very short, we had become study partners, friends, and then girlfriends. Somehow one thing led to another and next thing you know, she’s tied up on my bed and I’m making her scream like she was in a porno. We continued our relationship through college and graduated together, moving out from the college campus and finding work as our relationship continued to grow. Or should I say, our toy collection continued to grow. When we moved in together, that same day day, she had taken my collar around her slim neck and delivered herself to me fully as I had given her my dominance in turn. However, before she became mine, she had one request:

“On our fifth anniversary, I want to have one request granted” she said, her eyes glimmering in the low light. The sound of squeaking latex punctuated the silence as she shifted her shiny clad body on her knees as I considered her answer.

“Will you tell me what the request is?” I asked, an eyebrow going up. We had come to a crux in our relationship, both in the D/s sense and in the more general girlfriend sense. I was willing to do anything for her, and she anything for me so I was willing to agree regardless. Yet it was phrased so peculiarly that I had to ask.

“My request is…” She smiled impishly at me “a secret!” She laughed at me as I threw up my hands in mock dismay. “I still want to be your slave, even if you don’t agree to grant me this, but this is important to me…”

“Alright, you have a deal. But you’re going to have to remember to ask me, because I won’t make it a special note to remember myself, ok?” She nods fervently.

“Thank you Katie” she whispers, looking up at me with those big brown eyes. I felt my breathing go quicker as I pictured those same eyes rolled back in her head as she would cum over and over under my fingers. “Or should I say… Mistress”. I smiled and found that name to my liking. I nodded to her and kissed the collar she held in her hand and fastened it around her own neck as i watched. Securing the collar, she looked up to me again. “Mistress…” she breathed, smiling at me in that shy yet lusty way of hers.

I could wait no more. With rope in one hand and a gag in the other, i approached her with a smile of my own and the rest… let’s say I got to see her eyes roll back in her head as I had imagined it.

Five years had passed by so quickly. We learned so much about each other. My love for her tongue on my rosebud. Her fascination with elbow bondage. I had truely forgotten about my promise until today. So it was with some surprise that I came home from work that I found her not home yet and a letter on the table placed on the dinner table. I was about to save it for later until i caught the bold writing on the front: “My request”. I hastily opened the envelope and read the words on the page, written in Tiffany’s usual cute script.

“Dear Mistress,

Today marks the 5th anniversay of my submission to you. If you recall on the day I became your slave, you agreed to grant me one request. Please go to our usual room at The Cellar to find my request.


Slave Tiffany”

My heart beat a bit quicker. “The Cellar” was a sm club that we frequented. It was a well stocked place with a wide variety of rooms catering to all sorts of fetishes. “Our room” was one that was fitted with various interesting furnitures such as a cross, a padded horse and all manners of toys. Nodding to myself, I went to our room to change into something… a bit more comfortable.

Sitting on the bed, I rolled up a black latex stocking up my legs, ending at mid thigh. I smiled as I caugh a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The yoga classes we took seemed to be working well as i looked at my toned legs and trip belly. And extra flexibility never hurt. Catching myself drifting i tied on a latex thong and struggled into a sleeveless latex top. I loved this top because the cutouts for my breasts allowed Tiffany to pleasure me without the bother of removing the top. I covered myself for a bit more modesty with a tie on latex bikini top. Now the skirt. It was a long hobble skirt, with a firm zipper running from top to bottom. I wriggled into the tight fitting garment and eventually managed to zip it up. Looking again into the mirror, a latex clad vixen gazed back at me. Nodding in approval, I threw on a trench coat on the way out, zipping into a pair of calf length boots before exiting. It was a platform plus 4 inches and i always felt sexier looking down from the new vantage.

I arrive at The Cellar rather quickly. The front of house doesn’t bother looking up as I nod to her on the way in to the dark foyer – she knows me well enough. I leave my coat with her and head over to our room, hearing faint cries of pleasure and pain from closed doors as i move. Finally, I arrive at our room and enter.

Suprisingly, the room is dark except for a desklamp placed on the floor illuminating a large envelop. I bend over and open the envelop and pull out a sheet of paper. Strangely, it’s blank. As I straighten out, the lamp goes out, plunging the room into darkness. I stumble to my feet unsteadily, the hobble skirt doing what it does best and suddenly there is a presence holding me. The scent of jasmine wafts across my nose as I feel a very familiar chest press into my back.

“Now, Mistress” she whispers. Suddenly she has my arms behind me and the ringing of handcuffs match the coldness. I stumble again but she steadies me. I try to cry out but somthing finds its way into my mouth. A ball gag by the taste of it. I shake my head but she is quick and the straps are fastened tightly before I can make any meaningful resistance. the rubber fits deeply into my mouth and my tongue runs against the intruder, pushing at it and finding it firm. I try to turn, still seeing little in the darkness but my eyes seem to be starting to adjust. Tiffany circles me quickly and shoves me in some direction and I fall into a couch. I grunt and pull at my wrists but the handcuffs are tight and I don’t make any headway. I hear Tiffany walk away and the lights suddenly flick on. I see her in a rush, and heat suddenly springs to life between my legs.

Tiffanly stands before me clad completely in a tight latex catsuit. One I hadn’t seen before. Her smile was radiant and funloving as ever. She strides to me on impossibly high boots and sits next to me on the couch. “I’m so glad you came, Mistress.” she laughs. I grunt and roll my eyes at her.

She turns and brings a blindfold into view. My heart begins to thump. She expertly fastens it over my eyes even though I try my best to toss my head. Plunged into darkness, I shake my head wondering what on earth had happened. I try to shake my head in hopes of shaking the blindfold loose but my hopes are dashed as I feel my her grab my hair with one hand and fasten some sort of harness over my face, thoroughly securing my gag and blindfold. I feel myself pushed forwards onto my belly. I struggle not to fall off the couch as I hear more sqeaking and rustling behind me. I feel cool loop circle my upper arms and suddenly, my elbows are pressed together, thrusting my chest into the couch. Some kind of strap fastened around my elbows. I groan in protest and arch in attemts to relieve the strain. Thankfully I am flexible.

But my reprieve is short. With a ringing of keys, my handcuffs are gone, but with my elbows fastened, I am still helpless. I can hear Tiffany humming happily to herself as I feel another cool leather presenct sliding up my bare arms. Its a single glove! it slides up my tied arms without resistance and I feel her bucking the straps tightly. My arms now proudly bound, I could only wonder if this was some kind of betrayal. Yet I knew our love was true. We had trust. I would trust her.

Now I am rolled over onto my back. I feel the straps of the single glove being brought over my shoulders and fastened firmly. She then hauls me to my feet. I grunt and stand unsteadly in the hobble skirt. “Goodness Mistress, your vanity is always such a bother” she laughs. I grunt in indignation but privately agree. “Here, let me get this off of you”. Thankfully, I feel her she unzipping the skirt and freeing my legs to steady myself.

“Come on.” She says as I feel her pulling me forwards. I strumble in the darkness until my hip bumps against something. It must be the horse. “Get up” she says as she tries to move my leg up onto something. Definitely the horse. I struggle with her to mount it, clumsily obedient. After I have mounted, I know what will come next. After all, I’d had Tiffany in this position many times. I felt my ankles and knees being strapped in to the sides of the seat. I feel my arms being pulled upwards and i bend forwards until my breasts are almost touching the seat. I wriggle for a moment but know that it is futile. I can picture in my mind how I must look, with my own slave trussing me up. I dont have time to muse as something rises from the seat and presses against my clit. Of course, the vibrator. I start to drip from between my legs, as my body anticipates the sensation of the vibrator.

“Mmmffggg” i mumble into the gag. It was supposed to be “What the heck, Tiff” but it didn’t come out clearly. I hear her settle beside my ear and laugh again.

“Well Mistress, here is my request that you promised to honor…” I feel something placed at the opening of my exposed ass. Oh my god, not like this. I always came easily from stimulation there. Sometimes I can’t stop. But Its normally easy to stop when the person pleasuring you is roped, blindolded and licking your ass through a ring gag, Its another thing when you’re the one tied up. I begin to shake my head frantically. She wouldn’t, would she? use my greatest weakness when i’m this exposed?

Her breath brushes by my ear again. “my request is…” I begin to pant. The pressure at my ass is growing. She’s putting something in. Oh god. I pull at my arms and shift my legs. Nothing moves. I suddenly stop as i wait for her to finish. “my request is… struggle for me. And if you struggle enough, maybe we’ll let you go.”

And the vibe between my legs roars to life even as what must be a vibrating egg is pushed into my ass, shaking like mad. I scream into my gag as both my ass and clit as the pressure in my crotch begins to grow at a fantastic pace. Wait a second… ‘we?’ what does she mean ‘we’. My head is spinning as first orgasm nears.

Suddenly everythring turns off and I feel a line of fire on my butt accompanied by a firm twack. The plug is jerked out of my ass with an embarrsing pop. I jolt in my seat more in surprise than in pain, but my orgasm that was so close stops advancing.

“That’s right. And maybe if you beg nicely enough, We’re even let you serve us as our own little slave slut.” I start in confusion again. It’s Tiffany’s voice… but different. My confusion is belayed as I shudder at the feeling of a tongue running it’s way around my ass. I feel two hands on my thighs, steadying the invader and then another set of hands at my breasts, rubbing the erect nipples through my latex bikini top. Definitely Tiffany licking my ass oohhh theres nothing like it. I groan again as the emotion rushes forwards again as i try to figure out what is going on.

“We should definitely take her as our slut” Tiffany’s voice chuckles from in front of me. I struggle to contain the rising wave of pleasure again as my mind races again. That was most definitely Tiffany talking, and yet the tongue in my ass was most definitely touching me in the same delicious manner that Tiffany was so good at. Impossible! My thoughs divert again to the sensation in my ass as my orgasm nears again. Whatever was going on, i could surely think about it after i’d cum…

To be continued.