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Update from Slave

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When I was first asked to write a new piece for the blog, I was a little worried, because it’s really hard to describe where I am now and what I do.  Especially compared to other things.  Some of you may or may not know that I have more experience in SL and SL BDSM than my age suggests.  Things happened in the past that have made me a little more… at ease with the more extreme things.

However a comparison is worthless without a baseline, and spilling my sad little sob story here will not make my present state easier to understand.

Perhaps it’s easier to just describe what I do and where I am most of the time.

What I do is perhaps the easiest to tell, but the hardest to do.  My job is making Goddess happy.  Which is far easier said then done.  As most of you will know too.

Where I am is how I make her happy for the most part.  My position is actually in two places, one is SubSpace, where my mind is most of the time.  Seriously, I drool as soon as I log on.

The other is my place in SL, and it is, as some will know, kinda secure.  In the way that Alcatraz was a minimum security prison.

Making it two parts:  Body and Prison we have the following.

Prison is a padded cage, standing in a isolated part of Goddess’ skybox, away from everyone and everything.  Inside this is either an iron maiden or a packing tube.  Both have no view, inside or out.

Body is a little harder still.  Starting with RR cuffs in type 6 and both block and mouselook.  I’m stuck inside a maiden with no view at the moment.  I’m wearing an MD harness with no hearing, speaking or sight.  I’m blindfolded.  As well as a second RR blindfold over that.  Two blindfolds.  Additionally is an Amethyst collar that blocks emote’s and floating text.

Effectively, I’m mute, can’t even send … or see my own emotes or emotes of others.  Everything that can be blocked is blocked.  Sight, hearing, speech, IM, inventory, etc… this is nice, but what makes it hard is that everything has been gone since November.

I’ve been allowed to see every few weeks for about 5 minutes, the rest of the time it’s utter blackness.  I get to IM with Goddess every other day for about 5 minutes too.  When she wants it, that’s it.  No other communication of any sort.

As to why I do this?  Well honestly, why not?  Goddess loves being in complete control and I like her control very very much.  It’s hard, but also very rewarding, you start to appreciate the little things a lot more.  Such as a bit of sunlight or being able to say “I love you.”

You might wonder why I keep doing this for so long, the answer really is simple.  Because I don’t have to explain things to Goddess, besides she doesn’t listen anyway.  She does whatever she wants anyway.  It’s the greatest feeling that whatever you want, doesn’t really matter anymore.  It’s really hard at times, but Goddess and I both understand that.  And at times we talk about it for hours.  It helps.  But we both know that this won’t end.  We both have to accept it.  It took me a long time to accept that I don’t have a opinion anymore.

Yet, there is one thing that keeps me going more then anything.  Last week, I had a little bit of a low spot, it kinda came crashing down that I wasn’t going anywhere.  And as we were talking, we both realized that there wasn’t something we were missing, or doing wrong, it was rather, that we both realized that this is an ongoing process.  Over time, Goddess will just add more layers.  Additional cages, more locks and restraints.  Over time, it will take longer and longer for her to get to me.  And it will make me so locked up, so far away, that even if I wanted out, it would take so long to open all the locks, that by the time she has able to touch my cheek, I would be so happy that she was close again, every worry would have been washed away.

It really is a great honor to be her Muse, and I will endure for that reason alone.  Through whatever she does to me, wherever she locks me up, however helpless I’ll become, I will endure.  Because I love her, with all my heart.



All in due time…

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I am toying with the thought of occasional guest bloggers on certain topics as a lot of you within my circle of friends have unique ideas and thoughts on a variety of topics.

With that said, meet Slave.  Slave has a perspective on timers that she would like to share.  Please feel free to comment on her thoughts….


Before I look at what timers mean to me, I’d like to look at what a timer really is.

From Wikipedia I got the following quote:

timer is a specialized type of clock. A timer can be used to control the sequence of an event or process. Whereas a stopwatch counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time, a timer counts down from a specified time interval, like an hourglass.

Like the quote says, it can be used to control a sequence of events. Two important things we can see from this already are key words in the quote. Namely: “Control” and “Sequence”

Control as the name implies is the ability to “master” or be “proficient” at something. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Sequence is a series of events, it contains element and terms. And this number of terms defines the length of a sequence, normally, and especially in our case this is time, in the terms of hours.

Having identified the two keywords about a timer and the meaning of which, lets see what that then means in contrast. As the quote and the keywords imply, a timer is used to “master” a “sequence of events”.

Lets look at timers in SL, mainly in cuffs and restraints, but also in cages. In SL a timer is a acceptable way of making sure a “victim” gets out of a cage after a certain amount of time. In a way, it’s a Domme’s way of controlling how long someone stays in a cage while not physically present. I use the term “victim” loosely, because we all know that some people just LOVE to be in that place.

The real reason I wanted to write about timers is the, in my eyes, complete misuse of the timer in SL. After all, we have just established that a timer is a way to master a sequence of events, in this case, how long something or someone stays locked. So looking at it from that perspective, what does that mean for people wanting a timer to be max. 1 hour, or even shorter. For me that means that those “subs” want to be in control about the amount of time they spend locked up. Which for me means two things, either they don’t want to be locked up, because if you do, you really don’t want a timer at all. Or, you do want to be locked up, but you don’t want to spend a long time helpless, which for me kinda means, that you don’t want to spend a long time locked up.

Okay, not wanting to stay locked up can be for a number of reasons, not what you want, not what you like, you don’t trust your locker. All valid points. When you are alone, without a partner or Mistress, I can understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of time locked up while your “locker” simply never comes back, sadly, SL is FULL of them. But for the most part, I don’t see why you should have a limit like that. I mean, if you trust someone, then you should trust them to let you out again, eventually. If you don’t trust them, why do you play with them then?

Yes, in a way a Domme is still controlling the scene with a timer after she left. But why then the limit of only “1 hour or 30 min”. For me that means for me that you simply don’t trust you Domme’s. But…oh wait, you are still playing with them, even when you don’t trust them….that must mean that…of course, you don’t like it. Hhmmm, makes me wonder why you play then…

See the problem, you don’t want to be left alone for a long period of time. But really a timer is your Domme taking control of the amount of time you stay locked up. So when you don’t agree, same as when you don’t want to get whipped, tough luck. I mean, become a Domme then. I know, bad example, but still. It’s not always about what you want. If you want to get entertained, play WoW, if you want to play scene’s in SL, be proactive. Yeah, that means that you’ll probably spend a lot of time in cages, but honestly, isn’t that what you want?

Is you play for sex, you don’t need cuffs. Play because you like pain, still, no need for long timers. Play because you like to feeling of being controlled, owned, helpless? Then what are you complaining when it takes a little longer then you want? I mean, isn’t that what you wanted?

For me it’s just so weird. We have this system in place to make sure the Domme stays in control, even when she’s no longer physically present, ergo a timer. So, you trust your Domme, otherwise you wouldn’t play, you like bondage for the same reason, you like it. So why then the demand for a short timer. Essentially you wanna top from the bottom. You want something by your rules, your way. It kinda seems like you are not really a sub at all.

It’s not such a bad thing to end a scene with a unlocking session instead of timer session. If you want to stay locked up, then wait till she’s back, if you don’t trust her to come back…well, then don’t play really, but otherwise, trust in that your Domme will set a timer that’s Safe Sane and Consensual. So let her set the timer. Yeah, it can be long, it can be short. But that’s not your choice, now is it? You want to feel helpless, trust me, she’ll make you feel helpless, timer or not. She’ll be back, or not. You are helpless to stop her. And wasn’t that really what you wanted in the first place?

Tuppence Continental

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Tuppy.  My sweet little bondage bitch.  I once purchased a cage slave from Mikey Seoung for $300L.  A cute girl named Sub Short.  For whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to be, and Sub disappeared.

Mikey felt so bad about it, she let me have one of her slaves at the time.  Tuppy.  I think it was a match made in heaven.  Tuppy likes to spend long periods of time locked up.  I like to lock up girls that like to spend long periods of time locked up.

If I were to allow it and RL permitted Tuppy to be online for long stretches at a time, I have no doubt Tuppy could even give Jesse Folland a run for her money.  Those of you that know me and how I feel about Jesse can appreciate this compliment.

Currently, Tuppy has taken up residence in the cage in our slave lounge in Yasminia.  When online, she is the hostess/greeter of the lounge and by proximity, our deck.  If you happen to be lucky enough to see her here, please say hello.  Also, catch her up on events going on within SL.  See, she doesn’t really get out that much……  : )

I love you Tuppy!  Someday I must think of a way to repay Mikey for leading the most exciting cage slut in all of SL into my life.

Something for the spanking enthusiasts

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During one of my recent journeys, I came across the House of Swish, .  This “House” seems geared toward male Doms and female subbies, but I see no reason a few Dommes couldn’e enjoy it if the submissive crowd is willing. 

Either way, you’ll find a beautifully textured two story house with plenty of force sitters and a plethora of spanking devices.  Spread throughout both levels is plenty of tasteful spank themed artwork.  You’ll also note an abundance of canes spread throughout.

To date, I’ve only met the house designer and one other person there, so this new play area is in sore need of some “word of mouth”.  If you visit it, and find it interesting, please spread the word.  The more interest we whip up, the better for all of us, right?  Oh yeah, I said “whip”.

Enjoy, and Happy Spanksgiving!