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With Friends Like These….

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on January 23, 2010 by Yasmin Heartsdale

You’ll excuse me if I take a time out from our originally scheduled programming to touch on a recent issue.

I recently was contacted by a girl to chat about some of my interests as we shared several groups, a few of them groups I actually owned and maintained.  During the course of our discussion, she requested adding me to her list of friends.  Being the friendly outgoing soul that I am, I agreed.

Keep in mind I was paying little to no heed to her rez date, or reading her profile, etc.  At this point we were merely chatting and I saw little reason to dive into the aspects of her existence in SL, etc.

For those that preach you should always read the profiles of anyone you meet or play with or buy from, yada yada yada, put a sock in it.  I try to live my SL as I do my RL and judge people for how they represent themselves in interaction with me.  I agree the profile is useful, and should be read, at the appropriate time.  That doesn’t include every short ten minute chat I have with every person I meet.

Now, and this may come as a shock to my loyal readers, it turned out I had a prior commitment or was already about to engage in some play, so friendship was exchanged and a verbal promise was made to get together later at a more convenient time.

This was roughly five, maybe seven days ago.

Yesterday, I log on, and am catching up on notecards, IMs, what have you….and because I use the emerald viewer, I get a pop up, so and so has “dissolved their friendship with you” or whatever the exact language for that annoying box is.

Here’s the funny part, because you know I made an inquiry.  Yasmin is no wallflower when it comes to posing the question, “WTF?”  The reply?  “It was apparent to me that we were not going to progress with a friendly relationship in the matter of which I would have liked.”  Five to seven days later?  That was apparent?  Oh, and this is the time I decided to review her profile.  She’s fifteen days old.  *insert another WTF?*

To add to this story, I admit I had not yet gotten my schedule in order enough to try and contact her to continue our discussion, but neither had I received any contact from her.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I predict a SHARP learning curve in this girl’s future.

So, I muted her.  And yes, took the extreme pleasure in booting her silly ass from the groups I did maintain since she had not taken the time to see to that little step.  No sense being in my group if its apparent that we were not going to progress with a friendly relationship in the matter of which she would have liked.

Perhaps I’m over reacting, but for some reason this just didn’t sit right with me.  I will admit, my resolution made me feel much more cheerful.  Therefore, I think this will become my standard response to those that drop me from their friends list in this manner.  An argument or fight or break up/falling out is one thing, but this just seems so trivial that it makes me wonder why she bothered.

My friends list currently hovers around five or six hundred people.  Yes, I’m outgoing.  Yes, I’m more or less a friendly person.  Yes, I adore every friend I make, and I do try to talk to people when I can.  Other people fascinate me.  Yes, I also have trouble sometimes saying no, or being rude, so I try to reply to every IM SL allows me to see, i.e., the system doesn’t eat.

But, unless you live under a rock in SL, you may have noticed I am predominantly Domme.  So I can, and pretty do, stay rather busy.  If that offends or bothers you, I truly am sorry.  Feel free to take your chances on dissolving our friendship.

To be honest, I don’t need a friends list to tell me who my true friends are.