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How SL Mirrors RL

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on October 17, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

With so many of us coming to SL to escape RL and live out various fantasies, I’m often surprised at the number of developments that mirror technology or concepts in RL.

One I didn’t think I would see would be the concept of the assembly line.  Certainly this isn’t needed for the design and manufacture of the items and devices we adore and love.  That’s as simple as rezzing a prim, molding its shape, adding a script, you get the idea.

However, one creative lady has found a delicious way to meld bdsm and, you guessed it, assembly lines.  I’m talking about Noona Tomsen and the Torture & Sex Factory. 

A wicked factory where people feeling a submissive desire begin by sitting on a “tour” poseball.  If they use rlv and have an active relay, they are then promptly stripped and attached to a conveyor belt.  From there they begin their journey along a conveyor system, stopping at each station, some in which visitors to the factory can, for lack of a better term, do a little quality assurance testing.  The end of a tour culminates in a shop, where you can view and/or purchase the devices from the various stations.

All in all, the trip thru the factory takes about 45 minutes.  Do be forewarned, the factory can be a bit violent for the normal SSC player.  Limits will be tested, if not crossed.  The good news, no one station lasts more than four minutes.

At the very least, this is one bdsm themed creation that I feel warrants a look-see.

Oh, and as always, Yasmin tested, Yasmin approved.  ; P  Enjoy!