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Malvakian Bracken

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 23, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

I once implied that a human should perhaps think twice, reconsider, flip a coin, then think some more before taking the collar of a Neko.  So, of course, I go against my own advice and, you guessed it, I collared a Neko.

Malvakian Bracken.  I’ve met few kittens in Second Life like you, and consider myself blessed to own you.  With the exception of a little hottie kitten, I can’t think of a kitten I’d rather own. 

Although, to be fair, I’m still not really sure one can own a Neko.  With my slaves, they pretty much make themselves available to my Family upon request.  In other words, if I am not available, any Brat can play with any slave at any time, with a few exceptions.  Kitten obeys me with all her heart, but as to the rest of the Family, in a very cat like manner, its play when and where she sees fit.  You can almost picture her curled in front of the fire, grooming herself, looking at Dio and the cuffs with that look of “yeah, whatever chick,” and then going back to her grooming.  Makes you wonder some days who owns who.

Kitten, when we go for walks, and stop to chat or visit and you tower at my feet and softly let your tail wrap around my leg and knead my calf and thigh,  oh yes, who wouldn’t tingle?  Believe me when I say your essence does the same thing to my heart.

Its amazing to me that you have given yourself to me considering our past, the fights, the power struggle.  It will surprise my readers to know that I once even went so far as to ban you from Stonehaven.

While writing this blog, I paused with regret to consider the Nekos that have come into my life filled with adoration and love, only to leave with us fighting, full of resentment and scorn, or in some cases, pure hate.  I find it ironic that you came into my life in the opposite manner, and now show my love and adoration on your face every time I see you.  I guess perhaps the best way for a human to own a Neko is to do everything backwards.

I love you kitten, thank you.  Thank you, for simply being you.