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You know how it goes if you’ve ever tried to maintain a blog.

One change comes along, and you mean to make a note of it.  Then another change or update, so you figure, I’ll combine them.  Then a third event occurs, and next thing you know…its best just to make one entry and title it “Changes”.

First things first.  Teyonas.  Teyonas and I have split up, for good.  In truth, it feels as if we did months ago, but I’m not going to use this forum to discuss our relationship, or its end.  Just know that we are no longer a couple.

Valerie.  My new partner and soon to be wife.  In truth, it feels as if she has been for several months.  More to come on this topic in the near future, but since this is merely to update recent “changes”, know that I am in heaven.

Jaycie.  My former slave overseer, now a full Brat.  Congratulations Jay, and welcome to the Family.  I love you!  This sweet girl and I met approximately a year and a half ago and have always felt a special friendship.  I cannot say how happy I am to have her as a Brat.

Joni.  On trial to be a Brat.  Another of my slaves that has been with me for a long time.  Joni’s devotion to me has never wavered.  I am quite confident her trial to be a Brat is a mere formality.

Seems like I am forgetting something….

Oh yes!  I have also given myself to a Mistress.  I intend to dedicate a post solely to her in the near future as well.  Suffice to say she has spent the last year slowly getting under my skin and inside my head and I love and adore her with all my heart.

That’s it.  Everyone feel up to date now?  Good.  Ciao!


Joni Shippe

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You’ll recall that the point of these next blogs was to discuss the rest of my slaves.  Someone take a paddle to Yar’s backside for not keeping me on point.

I first met Joni at Hell’s Castle, she was a cute little shy girl walking around so innocently with her keys jingling everywhere.

A sweet lady named Laure introduced me to Joni under the premise that Joni was in need of an owner to care for her.  At first, Joni and I didn’t seem to click, so we talked briefly, and went on our ways.

Then a few weeks after that first meeting, I ran into Joni in another sim, and we played briefly, but that was cut short with an interruption to RL.  However, Joni’s politeness and demeanor, not during the scene, but thru the sudden need to pack it up, stuck with me.

I found myself afterward hoping I’d run into Joni again.  Well, as chance would have it, we did bump into each other again soon after.  Only this time we began taking steps to me owning Joni.

To Laure, I cannot thank you enough for the initial introduction that brought this sweet girl into my world.  Joni is charming, passionate, giving, and yet fiery, stubborn and sometimes just ornery.  The perfect combination for a firebrand of a slave.  Its no wonder I keep her secured and caged all the time.

I love you Joni.  You enrich me, and you enrich the Pack.  Thank you.