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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on February 9, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Yasmin’s Huntress.  Jill is one of the few people in my SL experience that I have known from almost day one.  It was actually day seven or eight.  Jill was the first Domme I met that made me want to play the part of a submissive in SL.  I also credit Jill with helping me identify, very quickly, some of my limits.

Like myself, Jill is a Domme/switch, meaning that while she tends to play the Dominant more often than not, she can also switch to a submissive from time to time. 

Its this submissive side of Jill that eventually led her to want to serve me.  And serve me she does, very faithfully.  I can always count on a quick greeting from Jill as well as an inquiry as to anything I might need within minutes of logging into SL.

When she is not towering at my feet or hunting someone down for me, Jill can be found training ponygirls at Broceliande.  There is no doubt in my mind that Jill is the best ponygirl trainer in all of SL.  Ponygirls have never been my thing, but even I get a slight tingle when I ride in a sleigh pulled by a team of ponies trained by Jill.

I’m not sure if its her training with ponygirls, or just her own nature, but I can think of few people in SL that come to SL with such a playful side as Jill.  In a time when it seems so many come here to spread or bemoan RL drama, Jill comes here simply to have fun.

Its her faithfulness as well as her playfulness that make her the perfect Huntress.

I love you Jill.  Now go take someone’s keys, and for pete’s sake, watch your own!  : )