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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on February 12, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Yasmin’s Onna-Musha.  Onna-Musha translates to female warrior.  From the first time I met Fae, it was clear to me she was very much a warrior, at least in spirit.

I was first introduced to Fae by a good friend, Alex Chapman, at Yar and Rayn’s wedding.  During our initial conversation, Fae was quite blunt in that she was seeking a Mistress, a home, a “niche” in SL where she felt she could fit in.  Being a Domme, I have had several subs during my time in SL approach me to attempt to garner my attention so that I might consider collaring them and bringing them into the Family, but never has one been so forthright about their goals as Fae.  What an incredibly brave girl she is.

Fae was collared on mine and Tey’s wedding date.  Then, as now, I consider Fae a gift.  Our TZs do not always allow us to enjoy much of each other’s time, but even if Fae is one for five minutes, we are able to IM one another and invariably, Fae leaves me smiling.

Regardless of her own RL hurdles, Fae always manages to come to SL in a playful and energetic mood.  But don’t let her submissive tendencies fool you.  If needed, Fae can be as Domme as the next RR Prison Guard.  Of course, even when in a Domme role, Fae exhibits a sprite-like nature.

Some may say that Fae’s playfulness doesn’t qualify her as any type of warrior, but I disagree.  It is not Fae’s attitude while in SL that marks her as my warrior, it is the energy and devotion to which she is committed to having fun and avoiding drama while in SL that marks her as a warrior.  In fact, I would say that nobody works harder at using SL for its intended purpose than Fae.

I can never thank Alex enough for bringing Fae into my SL experience, and my Family is blessed by her presence.

I love you Fae!