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Bringing Down Big Game

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on February 2, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Bear with me dear readers, as I deviate yet again from my promised storyline to bring you up to date with my SL experience, but today was one of those rare days when the fun in SL is just too great not to rant about.

Within the bdsm community of SL, there exists a sizeable niche of residents that are into the capture/kidnap scene.  As such, there are a lot of sims that cater to this fetish.  Several of these sims revolve around the maze theme where the players are confined to “running between the hedges” so to speak.

Today’s blog is dedicated to a rather creative resident that has taken this scene a few steps further.  Starbright Wingtips.  Starbright is Queen of the Atomic Pixies, a wild family based in The Pixie Isles where they also run The Dark Forest Slave Hunt Game.

Dark Forest is a clever setting for the slave hunting that transpires there.  The upper level is a forest, where the rather strategically placed thornbush will rip off the clothing of those not observant enough to avoid venturing too close, while down below is a catacomb area laced with the occassional web trap.

For those of my readers interested in joining in on one of the Pixies’ adventures, point your map to the sim AP Lands, 167/104/250.  The Pixies currently run their events on Sundays at 1 pm SL time and Thursdays at 11:30 SL time.  This is geared toward a European audience as most of the Pixies fall within those TZs.  However, Starbright has appointed this author as a manager of the Dark Forest and I am currently arranging impromptu events in order to generate interest in hunts scheduled later within the evenings.

Today was the first of these impromptu hunts.  I’d like to thank those that were able to join in, have fun, and prove to Starbright that there is an interest from the American audience to the types of events they run in AP Lands.

The rules of the game are fairly simple, prey get about a five minute head start and can hide anywhere within the forest area.  Hunters are not allowed to use radars or maps of any kind and hunt with the MB Stun Shotgun.  Once prey is shot, it is leashed and returned to the hunter’s cage.  Hunter with the most prey caught wins the event.  A typical hunt takes about 45 to 60 minutes.  One aspect that seems to be very popular is there is no pressure on either side for the prey to be “dommed or kept”.  Once the event is done, the prey are released, unless there is an agreement between hunter and prey.  After all, SL is about fun, is it not?  Of course, prey are sometimes….  “tormented” for a few minutes before release.  I blame script lag for this.

I’m especially proud of one of the participants of tonight’s event, Alex Chapman.  Alex was the only male brave enough to arrive for this event and as can be expected, he was quickly caught and caged.  So, for roughly forty minutes, Alex had to stand leashed in a very confining cage as slowly, one by one, half dressed women were brought to his cage and let in.  Through it all, Alex never uttered one word of complaint.  Its okay Alex, we all feel your pain.

While Starbright beat me in tonight’s event by sheer body count, she caught six and I caught three, I claim a moral victory in that I was able to catch the ever elusive Nano.

Tonight was just one of those nights in which SL seems to run the way it was intended, fun all around, good laughs with good friends, an absence of drama, and a promise for more of the same in the near future.

So, if you’ve got nothing to do on Thursdays or Sundays, feel free to pop on in and take part in the hunt.  Regardless of whether you’re prey or hunter, I’m sure you’ll agree its right on target.