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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on February 7, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Yasmin’s Schoonheid.  Of all places to meet someone that would eventually come to serve you, I met Claire in CARP.  Claire is typically quite the Domme.  In fact, she is the owner of her wife, Sandi.  She is also a Mistress at Pandora’s Box Prison.  By the way, someone remind me later to blog about a riot at Pandora’s that I *may* have had something to do with.

Anyway, there I was.  In CARP.  Running the path.  Now, I’m not in CARP to run down prey and quickly torment a few people.  Least, not on the day I met Claire.  I was actually there to simply run the paths and blow off some steam.

So I’m running between the hedges, turn the corner and BAM!  Run right into Claire.  Coincidentally, Claire was in CARP to blow off some steam as well and had just, by chance, decided to wear prey tags.  I am wearing predator tags.  Prey.  Predator.  Its like when paper meets scissors.  You get the idea.

Claire, playing the part of helpless prey, apologizes profusely.  Being the forgiving soul that I am, I release her.  Minus a few articles of clothing of course.

Jump forward another ten minutes or so, turn a corner, BAM!  Are you kidding me?  Twice?  This can’t be coincidence.  Obviously Claire has not learned her lesson.  Few more pieces of clothing, and off you go love.  On your merry way.  Oh, and if it happens again, I’m taking you with me.

Jump ahead another ten minutes.  Yep.  You guessed it.  Another “chance” meeting.  Now I’ve got Claire stripped, so I remove her from the hedges of CARP, given the potential risk to a nude woman there, and take her someplace safe.  My house.

While at my house, Claire and I engage in some playful banter over the virtues of being a switch versus straight Domme, etc. when it comes to light that, like me, Claire is a fan of games of chance.  At that time, I make a proposal to Claire, involving dice.  Her length of time locked up in my house depends on a few rolls of the dice and besides, what could go wrong?  A few hours?  No worries.  Claire agrees.

We stop playing about the time she owes me 38 days. 

Now, granted, I made some concessions for Claire during her lengthy stay with me, but one of the things that impressed me the most, and still does, is that Claire stayed true to her debt.  In my time in SL, I’ve come to know several people from Holland and must say, this seems to be a Dutch attribute.  Claire is one of those people that if she tells you she will do something, you can simply trust it to be done.

In addition to her strict sense of honor, Claire has all the grace and charm one could hope for in their Brat.  Of course, Claire can be quite cheeky.  A must trait for any Brat.  But with Claire, you have to be on guard.  She is quite adept at disguising her cheekiness as sweetness.

But regardless, I love and adore her.  She is as I said before, my last Brat.  I am so glad I happened to go to CARP that fateful day to blow off some steam.  At the risk of a sloppy translation; “het snoepje van het verblijf mijn schoonheid”