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The new island(s) are done.  Once again, many many many many thanks go to Tania Owatatsumi and Dei Quan.  Tania did an excellent job on the terrain and shape of our islands and Dei made a lovely welcoming lighthouse and bridge.  Truly good friends to have.

As requested by Anna on the prior post, here are some pictures of our new home.

We are still in the process of placing some toys and devices.  I’m making a better effort to focus on quality this time around, not quantity.  I’ve also incorporated a few more cuddle spots around the main fortress.

Speaking of the fortress, I have decided to name it Caer Heartsdale, or “Home of Heartsdale”.

For those of you that visited for the purposes of relaxing and chatting on our deck, we have moved this area to the top terrace of the castle, east side.  A couple of people have observed that this is close to the chat range of the private bedrooms, part of the main floor and part of the dungeon.  However, feedback from the majority tells me this was the right move to make.  Seems people do like a castle and patio close together.  Who knew?

Anyhoo, this is the new Yasminia.  We are officially re-opened.  Stop by.  Relax.  Enjoy.


Yasmin and her Brats