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Bring on 2011

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Unless I’m mistaken, 2010 has been relatively calm for the Pack, compared to years past.  *loud sharp knock on wood*

Personally, I hope 2011 is just as quiet.  I remember when I first began this Family thinking how great it would be if my girls were recognized, maybe even somewhat feared, regardless of where they went in SL.  That’s no longer the case.  Perhaps part of recent events in my real life has caused me to think we’re better off tip-toeing on the fringe of obscurity.

Sure, there’s an upside of notoriety, but I’d just as soon our Family and closest friends, and you know who you are, remain tight knit, fostering our time in Second Life together, growing and playing, pretty much the way we have been toward the close of this past year.

Having said that, I’m not going to make that my New Year’s wish.  Que sera, sera.  I have to say that, all things considered, my 2010, as well as my life in general, has been pretty damn good.  My wish is for the incoming fortunes of 2011 to pass me by and land upon someone more needy, and more deserving, then myself.  Ideally, each and every one of this forum’s readers.

As most of my friends know, I love SL photography and am always on the lookout for good places to take pictures.  Recently I came across a very photogenic sim, which also contains an open public studio, with several pose features.  If you use this spot, please do tip its owner.

On that topic, just a few recent shots of myself, as Yar says I don’t use myself as a subject nearly enough.

Happy New Year!

Here I am waiting beneath the moon for Valerie to join me for a dance.

I really don’t wear purple enough.

One simply cannot have a cemetery setting without wearing Avid clothing.

And last but not least, a splash of red, to let Felina know I’m still hunting her.

Happy New Year and good luck and prosperity to all my girls, their girls, and our friends.  On behalf of the Brat Pack, we love you all.


Time to catch up…as well as ramble

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I know, I know, its been almost two months without a blog.  There are soooo many things to catch up on, and yet, so much remains the same.

I know many of you hate to dwell on RL while in-world, but several of you know the story behind some of my recent RL drama, so I’ll bring it up to date here.  Yes, I am still getting divorced.  No, its not final.  I live in Texas.  We execute death row prisoners faster than we finalize divorces.

Despite my RL distractions and being unable to devote as much time as I normally due to SL, my Family continues to thrive.  I am so proud of each and every one of them, there is simply not enough room on this blog to say how much they each mean to me.

Since they don’t get enough press, I will talk about the current slaves.  Several seem to have gone missing.  I am unsure if it is my lack of time in SL, or they have RL themselves.  So, Tuppy, Raven, Nicola and Slave, if you read this, I hope you are doing well and get back when you can.  If possible, post here so we know you’re still doing well.  Mariska, Alexx and JG continue to bring enormous pleasure, not just to me, but to the rest of the Family as well.

If you’re one that also follows the picks portion of my profile, you’ll notice that I am no longer owned by Claire.  There were some other issues that I won’t go into but needless to say, it seems we’re better off as friends.  I am convinced that when it comes to exploring my own submission in SL, I am simply not one to be owned.  That’s not to say there isn’t another Domme currently making a very strong case, but time will tell.

Our sim, while the numbers aren’t high enough to put us on the map, does still attract a friendly crowd and lots of generous support.  again, while there is not enough room to print everyone that supports us and shows us love, there are two I want to mention real quick.

Amalia Illios.  A frequent visitor, a Family friend, a dear friend of mine and just an overall sweet person to know.  If you’re friends with Lia, then you know what I’m talking about.  I can’t thank you enough Lia.  Your continued support of us melts my heart in ways I can’t fully state.  *kiss*

Miika Forager.  I never posted it officially, but somewhere over the past few months Miika crossed over from Family friend to Family.  She even honors me from time to time by wearing the title, Yasmin’s  Sentinel.  Miika supports all of us with her presence and counsel on an almost daily basis.  Thank you Miika, for being you.  *kiss*

Time to interject with some art…

Just hanging around...

I captured this lovely girl today while exploring some newer RLV capture sims.  After some tormenting and using her body for my own perverse pleasures, I hung her on the rack from the roof of our castle.  Funny thing, at the start of our session, I hid the timers in her shackles.  When I hung her at the end of our session, I left her keys, but never_set_any_timers.  I wonder how long she’ll hang there before she realizes she is free to go?  So far its been an hour.  She goes another hour I win $100L.  Hang in there girl!

One last ramble before I end this post and get back in-world.  Some people recently have commented that, despite my RL issues, I seem more light hearted in SL, as if I am having more fun.  To be honest, I am.  My partner, Valerie, and I, recently had a groundbreaking conversation, groundbreaking in the sense that it covered topics we’ve never discussed even in the eight years we’ve known each other, and we both now have a better and I’ll say more meaningful understanding of one another and as such, an even closer relationship.

This understanding, needless to say, has removed a lot of tension I felt while in SL of late.  In fact, its made me much more at ease in RL as well.  Thank you Valerie my Love.  I’d be lost without you.

Okay, that’s it, that’s all, at least for now.  If I missed anything that you, the specific reader reading these words, RIGHT now, feels I should have touched on, I am sorry.  Drop me a note in-world and I will also hang you from our ramparts and post your picture in my next blog.  Course….no guarantee you won’t have a timer….Just sayin’!

Teyonas with a short sigh

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I recently received a reply to one of my posts from Tey.

For whatever reason, rather than pend or proceed with publishing it, WordPress saw fit to place it in a spam folder, so I am just now noticing it.

While I do hate censorship, I elected not to publish it for two simple reasons.  One, I see no reason to subject any readers of this blog to ongoing drama.  Two, its my backyard, ergo, my rules.

If you want to get your point across and have your version of the facts published dear, WordPress is free.  Create an account and blog away.

I will say this…

It takes two to tango.  There’s also two sides to a divorce.  I was not without fault.  I also was not the only one with fault.  Its over.  Let it go.

Claire Sykes with a long sigh

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*Big sigh*

The prior post titled “Changes”, with the exception of information about Teyonas, was intended to cover *positive* changes.  Perhaps I was not specific enough when I authored that post.

Fact is, I had a rather sentimental draft pertaining to Claire and the very unique way in which we met, became friends, and developed a bond, a bond that resulted in Claire submitting to me.

For her own personal reasons that I won’t dwell upon, Claire recently asked me to release her.  I did so.  Not happily by any means.  Claire was and is quite special to me.

I didn’t include this in the prior post because quite frankly, I tried to keep that post on track with positive changes.  Teyonas is only mentioned as it is required for my readers to understand my partnership with Valerie.

While I support and love Claire immensely, I simply don’t feel releasing her was a positive change.  I certainly felt rather negative about it.  I still do.

Nonetheless, it has been brought to my attention that Claire felt slighted by her lack of inclusion.  So slighted, that she saw fit to unfriend me.

Well, I’m sorry Claire.  Godspeed.

To Everyone

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Happy Easter!  *kiss*

You can never go home again

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This next post has taken me several attempts to write, and is being published as several people have asked me for an explanation of some recent events.  I attempted to cool off prior to writing this post, but I apologize if I failed and my anger/hurt/sense of betrayal still shines through.  No, wait a minute.  Fuck that.  I apologize for nothing.

On February 1 of this year, I wrote about my home in Second Life, Stonehaven.  As in RL, there comes a time to cut ties and move on.

I recently sent a notice to my Family advising them that they were banned from the three sims making up the area known as Stonehaven until further notice.  Those that know me know this is a first in my Family.  As far as Dommes go, I am very lenient with my girls on where they can play, who they can play with and what nature of games they can play.  The only stipulation is that when I summon, they come.

So, for me to pass down this edict, the underlying issues must be pretty severe.

There exists in Stonehaven two individuals I used to consider very close friends of mine.  People I would have bent over backwards to assist, should it have been asked.

One of the individuals used to own a sub.  For the sake of the innocent and to protect all parties involved, lets call this sub “Nic”.  Nic left this person’s family, and was subsequently collared by one of my Brats.  The individual that used to own this mystery girl we’ll refer to as “Nic” responded by unfriending every person within my Family and I believe my inner circle of friends, as well as banned us from any sim he was an owner of.  This was all done without discussion of any form.  Dominant?  Petulant bitch?  You be the judge.

Nonetheless, I avoided this individual in an effort to let the matter pass hoping that time would cure any ill feelings and we could at a later date calmly and rationally discuss the matter.  It should also be noted that this individual, like myself, was a Warden at Stonehaven at the time of this incident.

Jump forward a few weeks, and I log on one day to discover that I, as well as any of my Family members that were Wardens in Stonehaven, had been “un-Wardened”, for lack of a better term.  This decision was made by the owner of Stonehaven, the second individual referenced to by myself previously.  It has been implied on the blog for Stonehaven that this decision was made as “several of those removed never visited Stonehaven anymore.”

Most of you that know me know I made a concerted effort, almost daily, to walk various members of my Family thru Stonehaven.  Next to my own island, Stonehaven was the most visited sim by myself, as well as several others.

Was our removal from the Warden ranks connected to the first mentioned issue stemming from the sub being collared by one of my Brats?  We’re still referring to her as “Nic” by the way.  To be honest, I don’t know.  What’s more important, I don’t care.  What is important is that I was once told that I would not be removed from the Warden ranks “ever” unless I asked to be.  So, I’m not upset over the possibility that this was the result of collusion between two prior friends.  I’m merely hurt by the betrayal and a broken promise, again without prior notice or discussion.

So, there you go.  My explanation for my actions and the notice sent to my Family.  Do most of you care?  I certainly hope not.  The only people with a real interest in this matter are those that are in my Family.  Am I right for my banning of Stonehaven?  Damn right I am.  Last time I checked, it was ***Yasmin’s*** Brat Pack.  Do people think I have over reacted and blown this matter out of proportion?  No offense, but you have apparently mistaken me for someone that gives a shit.

There’s several good sims within Second Life that will provide us with the break and entertainment away from our own island when we need it.  In time, we’ll find it.  Until then, we’re exploring and finding a lot of potentially promising and playful sims we were unaware of before this matter came to pass.  To be honest, its kind of taken me back to the exploring I did prior to finding Stonehaven.

Sluts v. Subs

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Has it really been over a month since my last post?  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  That’s not always true.  Truth is, my RL has gotten more real of late than even I care to admit, and the time I do have to partake in Second Life, I am trying to make the most of it and enjoy it, not necessarily blog about it.

Nonetheless, my increased time spent having fun has had at least one tremendous benefit.  My Family has grown, both in terms of members as well as what I call “Friends of the Family”.  The people that walk thru the doorway of our lighthouse and into the hearts of the Brat Pack constantly amaze me.  Such love, compassion and warmth, is it no wonder some wish they could permanently relocate to SL?

Sadly this is, of course, impossible and RL must be faced, dealt with, overcome.  I don’t offer this as an apology for my delay in entries, rather it is an explanation.

On to the reason for this entry’s title.  Sluts v. Subs.  Sounds like an interesting match up, does it not?

I recently engaged in a scene in SL, one in which I contemplated taking a submissive position.  I’ll pause while everyone exhales from their initial shock. ………….  Done?  Good.

During the course of this scene, something was said that, while it didn’t ruin the scene per se, it was a distraction in that it caused me to dwell too much on the nature of the statement, rather than rolling along with the spirit of the scene.

“You must be submissive because you seem to be a slut.”

Hmmmm….  Okay, first of all, Yasmin Heartsdale NEVER seems to be a slut.  She is one.  Lets get that straight right here and now.  I didn’t join Second Life to practice molding a prim into a fucking flower.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you.  There are some really interesting flower makers in SL, I’m just not one of them.  For the record, most of these flower makers are also sluts.

It is completely acceptable to be a slut and be quite Dominant, if not *almost* completely Dominant.  And before you send me an instant message disagreeing with me Miss *********, stop.  You know damn good and well this applies to you as well.  Slut.

I suppose the nature of this post is something I’ve known all along, just the statement made, even if in the spirit of roleplay, made me dwell on the topic.  And as such, I felt the need to blog about it.  There simply is no correlation between sluttiness and submissiveness.  Some of SL’s biggest sluts aren’t even into bdsm.

You can be Dominant, and be a slut.  You can be submissive, and be a slut.  You can build flowers, and be a slut.  You can be a Linden, and be a ….  Well, perhaps not EVERYone can be a slut.  We do have our standards.

On a non-related note, the island of Yasminia, my home in Mozingo Straits, has a new neighbor.  One of my dearest friends in SL, Tania Owatatsumi, is relocating her island to be next to mine.  Look for it the next time you visit, but understand that since Tania and I are friends, I will be unable to send any rescue parties into her sim after you.  Professional courtesy and what not.

Enjoy, live life, even if its your Second Life, and stop by and say hello.  I promise to try and have another entry before the end of the year.  : )

My slaves, kitten, piggy and sissy

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Someone recently brought it to my attention that there are several other key members of our Family that I have not given sufficient time towards.  I intend to write about each of these lovely ladies in the coming days.  Stay tuned.

Rabea Landar

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I once vowed that I would not take on any new Brats.  Most readers will recall that I promised Claire was my final one.  the trouble with painting yourself into a corner is that sooner or later, you have to come out.

I knew as I made that vow that somewhere there was a person special enough for me to consider as a Brat.  I finally met her.  Rabea Landar.

Rabea is the latest addition to our Family.  I won’t make the same mistake twice and say she’s the last Brat.  *smile*

Rabea entered our Family like a whirlwind, she suddenly appeared, blew in, shook everything up, rearranged it and twirled about with a lot of noise.  However, whirlwinds usually die down, or blow away.  Thankfully, Rabea has done neither.

She has lingered, gotten to know everyone, and shown what a kind and caring person she can be under her gruff exterior.  Somewhere along the way, she has shown that if she is nothing else, she is a Brat.

Rabea comes to our Family at a time when I was afraid we were leveling off in our passion, or perhaps had hit a flat point.  Since her appearance, everyone seems recharged, more energetic.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but a lot of the activities we engage in as fans of bdsm require that we have a certain “burning”.  Rabea has helped turn up the heat for a lot of us, for lack of a better analogy.

As such, I have given her the title of Yasmin’s Fire.  Be careful when you play with her, lest you get burned.

I love you Rab, we love you.  Welcome to the Family.


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First and foremost, I’ll attempt to catch this blog up to date from my beginning in Second Life, here after referred to as SL.  I’ll discuss my fetish and weakness for Nekos, particularly my best friend Merl and my first partner, Edi, my beginnings into bdsm as Idoru’s Huntress, the schism that led to my forming of the Brat Pack, my all too brief union with Shibari and the journey that brought me to the love of my life, Teyonas.

I’ll apologize for nothing except the occassional typo.  My SL experience is as I have lived it.  As in RL, there are no resets.  For those that feel I have stepped on their toes, consider that I feel you should not have had your feet in the aisle.

I would like to give thanks to my Family, mainly those girls making up my Brats.  Teyonas, Yar, Diomita, Fae, Jill and Claire.  In addition to these lovely ladies, I also have the love and support of many GrandBrats, some of whom I have developed a closer relationship with than others.  I will discuss this in further detail as time allows.  Last but not least, there is my cadre of slaves.  They provide a good source of inspiration, relief and amusement to myself and my girls.  As I write this first post, I have the luxury of sitting in my chair at Warden’s Hall while the heel of my boot toys with….  Well, I’ll let you imagine the rest.

I will go on the record as stating that Claire is my latest Brat.  Claire is also my last Brat.  As of this day, I have decided that while I will amuse myself with slaves from time to time and take on new ones as others leave SL or move on in their journey through SL, I will not be taking on any new Brats.  It has taken me quite some time to weed out those most qualified to serve as Brats.  It is my humble opinion that these six are it.  Later posts will clarify why I feel this way about each and every one of them.

I do want to say a word to anyone reading these posts that may know me in SL.  I have made a lot of friends in SL.  I consider myself extremely blessed.  And, as is my nature, I love them all dearly.  There is not enough time in the day to cover each and every one of you in this medium.  Please take no offense if you feel you have been slighted by my lack of inclusion.  Or, better yet, be patient, you may find yourself in these ramblings yet.

In closing, I must say a thank you to a rather unusual source of inspiration for the creation of this blog, Ilandere.  My insatiable curiosity combined with a late night google search, it is nice to know I am still on her mind.