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If you could see me now…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 24, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

Those of you close to me know that I hold a great disdain for cancer.  It is my mortal enemy.  It takes those closest to me, and never comes to my door to fight me face to face.  I should consider this a blessing.  Cancer has not stepped foot directly in my house, yet it picks off those around me.

Today, I lost an aunt.  Actually, to call her an aunt is almost an insult.  She is more of a second mother.  It was a long and hard fought battle.  If there is any justice, it is knowing that she is in a better place, and at peace.

Our prayers have all been answered
I’ve finally arrived
The healing that had been delayed
Has now been realized
No one is in a hurry
There are no schedules to keep
We’re all enjoying Jesus
Just sitting at his feet

If you could see me now
I’m walking streets of gold
If you could see me now
I’m standing tall and whole
You’d know I’ve seen his face
If you could only see me now
You wouldn’t want me to ever
Leave this place

My light and temporary trials
Have worked out for my good
To know it brought Him glory
When i misunderstood
Though we’ve had our sorrows
They can never compare
What Jesus has in store for us
No language can ever share

If you could see me now
I’m walking streets of gold
If you could see me now
You wouldn’t ever want me to 
Leave this Place

I love you and you will be missed.

Thanks to all my friends and Family in SL that have been by my side throughout my aunt’s illness.

If you too have lost someone to cancer and want to share it with a grief counselor, or just someone in general, or want a quiet moment within SL to reflect, or are interested in finding out how you can help contribute to the fight against this damned disease, and that’s what it is…damned, then feel free to drop in at

Hug someone you love in RL today.  Hell, hug them every day you can.