Opening Pandora’s Box

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As some of you know from a recent group notice I sent out, there’s a lot of chatter of late concerning the use of RedZone to detect alts and copybotters.  Aside from its deficiencies and inability to truly track anyone with even a drop of true copybotting intent, it would seem this device is designed and used for outing alts and mining residents’ private real information information, i.e., IP address, host servers and/or domains, real life geographical locations, to name a few.

The implications of this usage are horrendous and as I write this, I am shocked that Linden Labs allows such a blatant violation of the TOS to continue.

Nonetheless, I would strongly urge any follower of my blog to take a look at the JIRA connected to this issue.  Reviewe each and every comment, as some of the posts seem to be from people of a dubious nature alleging to be *gasp* Lindens.

Its enough to make you wonder who’s truly running the asylum.

As you read the comments, you’ll find a few interesting links taking you to other forums where this issue is discussed further.  I think none are as helpful as Boy Lane’s site, in which instructions are laid out for the blocking of RedZone.  I would like to point out that I recently made several of you aware of a RedZone detector, Green Zone.  Boy has cast doubt on the safety of this tool, as it would seem to have been manufactured by a known copybotter.

Boy’s blog is here;

Stay informed!

A Touch of Sadness

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Its no secret that I continue to keep tabs on several aspects of my history in Second Life, even those that I no longer associate myself with or locations I no longer frequent.

Someone recently directed my attention to a recent post on the Stonehaven forum that Stonehaven was closing and moving to the OSGrid.  I think the person that directed my attention to this post expected me to let out a congratulatory whoop.  Quite the opposite indeed.  I am very saddened by this development.

Rather than dwell on the basis of my sadness though, I am going to spend the next few days going through my inventory and sorting reminders of the time my Family and I spent there.  I think I’ll lump it all into one handy folder titled “Memories”.

See, despite the falling out I had with certain members of Stonehaven and my disagreement over the *sanitization* of Stonehaven, one thing I cannot deny is the strong presence in my life of friendships forged and strengthened within that sim’s borders.  Even today, some of my closest friends are people I met and played with at Stonehaven, both new and old.

Personally, I wish the sim luck on the OSGrid.  The land prices there are astronomically low, and for a good reason.  It takes a lot of bravery to try and pioneer a remaking of what was once a great and glorious place.  It will also take a lot of work.  I for one am not a fan of the OSGrid, yet, but my Family and I have begun *exploring* alternatives to Second Life should one become necessary.  No, I’ll not say anything further on this topic as it is still very much in the exploratory stage.  Suffice to say, a lot of the logic Dirk spells out in his explanation for Stonehaven’s closure is very sound.  Not complete, but I’ll concede it is sound.

One souvenir I do not have is a photograph of the gazebo that used to sit above the deck at the newer Stonehaven castle.  If anyone has a picture of this within their inventory, I would greatly appreciate you forwarding it to me.  I have my personal reasons for wanting this.  Bonus points if myself, Yar Telling, or Diomita Maurer are in the photograph.  I’ll really be full of joy and good tidings if anyone has a photo of Felina Kitty leashed to the leashing wall at old Stonehaven, the one that sat in Littlefield.

Fare thee well Stonehaven.

Bring on 2011

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Unless I’m mistaken, 2010 has been relatively calm for the Pack, compared to years past.  *loud sharp knock on wood*

Personally, I hope 2011 is just as quiet.  I remember when I first began this Family thinking how great it would be if my girls were recognized, maybe even somewhat feared, regardless of where they went in SL.  That’s no longer the case.  Perhaps part of recent events in my real life has caused me to think we’re better off tip-toeing on the fringe of obscurity.

Sure, there’s an upside of notoriety, but I’d just as soon our Family and closest friends, and you know who you are, remain tight knit, fostering our time in Second Life together, growing and playing, pretty much the way we have been toward the close of this past year.

Having said that, I’m not going to make that my New Year’s wish.  Que sera, sera.  I have to say that, all things considered, my 2010, as well as my life in general, has been pretty damn good.  My wish is for the incoming fortunes of 2011 to pass me by and land upon someone more needy, and more deserving, then myself.  Ideally, each and every one of this forum’s readers.

As most of my friends know, I love SL photography and am always on the lookout for good places to take pictures.  Recently I came across a very photogenic sim, which also contains an open public studio, with several pose features.  If you use this spot, please do tip its owner.

On that topic, just a few recent shots of myself, as Yar says I don’t use myself as a subject nearly enough.

Happy New Year!

Here I am waiting beneath the moon for Valerie to join me for a dance.

I really don’t wear purple enough.

One simply cannot have a cemetery setting without wearing Avid clothing.

And last but not least, a splash of red, to let Felina know I’m still hunting her.

Happy New Year and good luck and prosperity to all my girls, their girls, and our friends.  On behalf of the Brat Pack, we love you all.

Furniture and more

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I suppose when its been too long since I’ve posted, a surefire way to entice me to write and bring some things up to date is to provide me with anything that may generate a laugh.  This may not cause most of you to even grin, but it sure as hell got me to giggle.  Many thanks to Jenny Maurer.

Its fucking fine y'all!

Can you just see the commercial?  Dio in a cheap suit with a nude girl leashed and kneeling beside her.  “Y’all get on down here to Dio’s.  Our furniture is fucking fine!”

Anyway, on to some other topics that are long overdue.  The island is once again open to the public.  I think this may be the final renovation for a long time as it seems to be generating the most compliments.  I am slowly introducing various devices and traps and promise to try and rotate in several favorites.  As usual, if anyone has a request for a particular piece, feel free to provide that to me in-world.

I want to say thank you again to Jill Ormstein for donating the entire line of DoD devices to be used at the island.  Several are currently out for display and more will be added as I rotate items in and out.  Its a simple formula, if I see an item being used on a regular basis, it stays.  If not, it goes.

Of course, in real life its the holiday season and of course, its beginning to cost a lot like Christmas.  I mean this monetarily, as well as time commitments.  Whatever holiday you celebrate or faith you worship this time of year, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and peace on earth.

We continue to get updates on Rabea, who’s kept away from Second Life for health reasons.  Our thoughts are with her and we wish her the best.

Its also been a while since we’ve seen Anna, but understand from her bratty comments its not health related.  Love you Anna!

Valerie has also been on a short sabbatical recently as the result of technical issues on her end with regards to her equipment and power supplies.  Miss you Love!!!!  I hope to see you soon.

One more item I want to address and that is to say thank you to each and every person that has taken the time to click on this blog and read about my SL experience, my life in SL, my Family and those I love.  According to my stats checker, we are approaching 20,000 views of this page.  We’re currently at 19, 502.  I am simply blown away that so many of you have kept up with the Brat Pack in this way.  In hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t be, as so many of you continue to visit Yasminia and support us there.

“Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.”


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I just realized that there is a very good chance I will be offline, as in not in Second Life, for most of, if not all, of the next 72 hours.  *sigh*

I’m already missing it.  I can’t stop worrying about silly stuff.  Who’ll keep the castle clean?  How will I stop from getting kicked from that stupid game on our deck that kicks people?  Who’ll rescue Yar when Nicki runs amuck and takes over?

I do hope I can get on for a bit before Wednesday morning, but if not, I found a song to help me get by.  If any of you are going through similiar withdrawals, hopefully this song will also inspire you.

Defining Limits

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Okay, there was a tiff in Yasminia yesterday while I was not online and I’m a little at odds as to how to best address it so I thought I’d run the scenario by you readers and invite any feedback.

Keep in mind this is my understanding of the tiff as relayed to me by two of the people involved, as well as a witness that showed up part way through and got details from all three parties involved.

I recently branded one of my Brats, Alexx.  After being branded, Alexx had requested I lock her up for a decent amount of time so she could relish the branding.  For those familiar with Yasminia, there is an island in the SE corner that holds a giant anchor with a leash point and a campfire.  I leashed Alexx there.

As hoped for and expected, Alexx entertained many visitors during her time there, as she is a fairly popular member of my Family.  One of the visitors has some *history* with Alexx stemming from light hearted banter and teasing.  This visitor is a male and for the sake of this story, we’ll call him Joe.

Joe happened upon Alexx in her restrained and helpless state and given their *history*, began to torment her.  Nothing out of line as I understand it and nothing unwelcomed by Alexx.

While this torment was already in progress, a female friend of Alexx happened upon the scene.  Again to protect the combatants, we’ll call this female visitor Missy.  Seeing Alexx trying to escape Joe’s torment, Missy apparently emoted picking up a log from the campfire and sticking it into Joe’s genitals, or striking him in the balls, I’m a bit fuzzy on this issue, but it seems apparent that contact was initiated by Missy with respect to Joe’s dick.

For sake of comprehension, Missy’s profile contains the following limits;

No AgePlay, or Bodily Wastes, No RL introduction into RP, no Gor, prefer no death. Prefer Woman, shemales, herms. no Men.

Personally I’ve always felt listing “No Men” was a bit too vague. No men doing what? Fucking you? Talking to you? Buying you shoes? Building the sims you play in? But anyhoo, those are Missy’s limits.

For further clarification, Joe’s profile lists the following limits;

Intolerance, racism, stupidity, drama, griefing, harrassment. Good luck avoiding any of those items in Second Life.

Now what apparently sparked the tiff was after Missy interjected herself into the roleplay and stuck a burning log onto Joe’s dick, he apparently replied by using a remote to grab Missy’s relay. At that time Missy safeworded out and began an OOC discussion, the details of which are still lost to me at this point. Mind you, Joe grabbed her relay, nothing more. At no time was Missy stripped, restrained or placed into a sexual scenario.

I guess my opinion is that if one has a limit against men, then one shouldn’t initiate interaction with men, especially while wearing a live relay. Both combatants have sworn not to enter my sim again, Missy out of fear that we harbor men that don’t respect limits and Joe out of fear that we will harbor women that interfere with ongoing roleplay. Okay, we all agree that Joe is a smartass. What man minds when a woman jumps into an ongoing scene? Well, so long as burning logs aren’t placed against their genitalia.

I’m just a bit at a loss as Missy in this case went ahead and unfriended me prior to me coming back online to even find out about this incident, much less talk to her about it. To me, it seems common sense. If men are your limit, don’t do anything that resembles play with men.

Is there some change in the air where this type of interaction with an expectation of no response from the man is commonplace? Just curious as to others’ thoughts. Comment if you have an opinion.

Just a random thought

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Came across this profile language in my exploring earlier…

“Been trimming my friends list of people whom I have no reason to talk to anymore or who longer make any effort to contact me, instead always making me come to them.”  This was on their front page.

and under their pick page about getting to know them…

“Sometimes my time is very strict on where I am in world, If I cannot show up to you, please don’t be offended.”

I just found this amusing.  Don’t be offended if they can’t come to you….but if you’re not available for them, its the axe.

Time to catch up…as well as ramble

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I know, I know, its been almost two months without a blog.  There are soooo many things to catch up on, and yet, so much remains the same.

I know many of you hate to dwell on RL while in-world, but several of you know the story behind some of my recent RL drama, so I’ll bring it up to date here.  Yes, I am still getting divorced.  No, its not final.  I live in Texas.  We execute death row prisoners faster than we finalize divorces.

Despite my RL distractions and being unable to devote as much time as I normally due to SL, my Family continues to thrive.  I am so proud of each and every one of them, there is simply not enough room on this blog to say how much they each mean to me.

Since they don’t get enough press, I will talk about the current slaves.  Several seem to have gone missing.  I am unsure if it is my lack of time in SL, or they have RL themselves.  So, Tuppy, Raven, Nicola and Slave, if you read this, I hope you are doing well and get back when you can.  If possible, post here so we know you’re still doing well.  Mariska, Alexx and JG continue to bring enormous pleasure, not just to me, but to the rest of the Family as well.

If you’re one that also follows the picks portion of my profile, you’ll notice that I am no longer owned by Claire.  There were some other issues that I won’t go into but needless to say, it seems we’re better off as friends.  I am convinced that when it comes to exploring my own submission in SL, I am simply not one to be owned.  That’s not to say there isn’t another Domme currently making a very strong case, but time will tell.

Our sim, while the numbers aren’t high enough to put us on the map, does still attract a friendly crowd and lots of generous support.  again, while there is not enough room to print everyone that supports us and shows us love, there are two I want to mention real quick.

Amalia Illios.  A frequent visitor, a Family friend, a dear friend of mine and just an overall sweet person to know.  If you’re friends with Lia, then you know what I’m talking about.  I can’t thank you enough Lia.  Your continued support of us melts my heart in ways I can’t fully state.  *kiss*

Miika Forager.  I never posted it officially, but somewhere over the past few months Miika crossed over from Family friend to Family.  She even honors me from time to time by wearing the title, Yasmin’s  Sentinel.  Miika supports all of us with her presence and counsel on an almost daily basis.  Thank you Miika, for being you.  *kiss*

Time to interject with some art…

Just hanging around...

I captured this lovely girl today while exploring some newer RLV capture sims.  After some tormenting and using her body for my own perverse pleasures, I hung her on the rack from the roof of our castle.  Funny thing, at the start of our session, I hid the timers in her shackles.  When I hung her at the end of our session, I left her keys, but never_set_any_timers.  I wonder how long she’ll hang there before she realizes she is free to go?  So far its been an hour.  She goes another hour I win $100L.  Hang in there girl!

One last ramble before I end this post and get back in-world.  Some people recently have commented that, despite my RL issues, I seem more light hearted in SL, as if I am having more fun.  To be honest, I am.  My partner, Valerie, and I, recently had a groundbreaking conversation, groundbreaking in the sense that it covered topics we’ve never discussed even in the eight years we’ve known each other, and we both now have a better and I’ll say more meaningful understanding of one another and as such, an even closer relationship.

This understanding, needless to say, has removed a lot of tension I felt while in SL of late.  In fact, its made me much more at ease in RL as well.  Thank you Valerie my Love.  I’d be lost without you.

Okay, that’s it, that’s all, at least for now.  If I missed anything that you, the specific reader reading these words, RIGHT now, feels I should have touched on, I am sorry.  Drop me a note in-world and I will also hang you from our ramparts and post your picture in my next blog.  Course….no guarantee you won’t have a timer….Just sayin’!

Life Comes at you Fast

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Be prepared.

Teyonas with a short sigh

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I recently received a reply to one of my posts from Tey.

For whatever reason, rather than pend or proceed with publishing it, WordPress saw fit to place it in a spam folder, so I am just now noticing it.

While I do hate censorship, I elected not to publish it for two simple reasons.  One, I see no reason to subject any readers of this blog to ongoing drama.  Two, its my backyard, ergo, my rules.

If you want to get your point across and have your version of the facts published dear, WordPress is free.  Create an account and blog away.

I will say this…

It takes two to tango.  There’s also two sides to a divorce.  I was not without fault.  I also was not the only one with fault.  Its over.  Let it go.