Its been three years and a week since I began this blog.  During that time, I’ve generated 90 posts, not counting this one.  You people have come back to check on me, and read my entries a total of 25,446 times.  For those wondering, my own views are NOT counted.  I’m blown away by that number.  That means each post has averaged 283 views.

Sadly however, I have decided that this is the final blog entry.

I was recently informed by a VERY special person in my life that they will no longer be able to finance the ownership and running of our home sim, Yasminia.  I think it only fitting that this blog die with our home.

Given recent issues within my own RL, namely the slowly failing health of my mother, and the issues still in place between Valerie and I in SL, perhaps the sim’s closure is a blessing in disguise.

SL has been rather stale for me of late, as it seems to be for a lot of people.  Maybe this will force me to get back to basics.  To be a roaming wanderer, as I once was.  Maybe its my failing memory, but it seems to me everyone was a lot happier then.

Don’t get me wrong.  I will miss having a home.  A familiar shore to call our’s.  But I am stimulated by the prospects of finding new areas.  I’ve already begun searching for keywords I’ve not used in several years and am amazed at some of the exquisite sims that have cropped up.  There are some very creative people within SL.  Its a shame that most of these places are always empty.  Well, given my desire for solitude of late, perhaps it is not a shame.

To the girl that has carried our home for the last several years, I say do not be sad, do not cry over this.  Instead, rejoice, smile, and laugh at the wonderful memories we have of our home.

In closing, some pictures of the home we have made, for those that have visited.  If you never visited Yasminia, your loss.  Thanks for the memories.  Love, Yas.


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  1. In tears

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