For those of you in my Family group, Yasmin’s Brat Pack, you recently saw a group notice advising that Yasminia would be relocating and leaving Mozingo Straits.  Several people have asked why the move and rather than try and summarize in a notecard in-world, or thru several group notices or even by way of word of mouth, I felt it best just to answer the inquiries here, and direct any future inquiries this way.

First, let me confirm that Yasminia is indeed relocating.  Even as I type this I look out at a completely emptied Mozingo Straits.  By this time tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a new sim.  It won’t be hard for our friends to find as the actual sim name shall be…Yasminia.  To the gracious individual that footed the expense to make the name change happen, I say thank you many many times over and cover your beautiful face in soft kisses.  *muah*

Now, as to why this change has taken place as several have asked that as well and yes, you do deserve an answer.

Recently, a confrontation occurred between a very dear friend of mine and my partner, Valerie.  This confrontation led to an exchange of some rather nasty words and the ultimate ending of the friendship between my friend and my partner.

I’ve long made every effort I can to steer clear of drama in-world and remain as neutral as I can when two people I love and adore come to a disagreement.  Nonetheless, other parties got involved and the situation escalated.  You will notice that with the exception of my partner I am trying to avoid naming names.

When one of the other parties contacted me to discuss the underlying incident I stated that I was trying to remain neutral in this matter and any issues were between the parties involved and my partner as I was friends with everyone involved.  It seems now that this was either not the correct stance for me to take, or my wish to remain neutral was misunderstood.

Of course anyone in Second Life is free to govern themselves as they see fit and carry out the response or holding of any grudge as they see fit.  Of course its fine with me if they do so.  Of course I will not get involved if I can avoid it.  Of course I *bend to their will* in this matter.  I.  Simply.  Am.  Avoiding.  Drama.  Under no circumstances does my lack of resistance mean there shall be a lack of response.

I am quite adept at responding.  My response in this case is to avoid drama, and protect my partner as well as the other parties involved, whom I still love dearly.  How do I do this?  Well, as Yasminia was, there was a very high chance that all of the parties involved would or could be within viewer distance or draw distance or even, chat range of one another.  I could not live with that knowledge.

So I chose to protect the other parties involved by taking steps to ensure that they will not be exposed to my partner who, if the rumor mill is correct, is a *freak with a death wish*.  In short, the relocation of Yasminia is for the safety of those I love and of course, the overall goodwill of my partner.  Whom I also love.

I’m just full of love.  : )

For those of you that are reading this and going, “Yeah yeah yeah….when does the sim re-open so I can use that device that pushes the long dildo in… get the picture…..”  Give me two, maybe three weeks and I should have the new place terraformed and built up to snuff.  Now is the time to drop me an IM if you have a wish or suggestion for a device or general sim theme.

If anyone was really in love with the old Yasminia, Mozingo Straits should be for sale in the near future, if its not already.  Be forewarned…I noticed Linden Labs already re-classified the sim with a PG rating.  I doubt this will appeal to many of you as you all know, a PG sim has several rules that apply to the landowner and occupants….as well as any neighbors.

*Blows soft kissy kisses and num nums!*


5 Responses to “Relocating”

  1. Just so everyone knows. and Can keep guessing NO! it was not me this time.

  2. Dear Yasmin, you avoid drama so well! lol.

    • Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

      I think so too. Since the move there’s been absolutely no drama in my life. Everyone that I care about is happy and carefree. I mean, there’s a whispering here and there but its like a mosquito on a balmy summer evening. You swat it, and its gone.

  3. Anna McMuffin Says:

    OH GREAT. Yeah, just leave Anna locked up and stripped naked on the flagpole in what is now a PG sim. >:Y Nothing but good things can come from this.

    • Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

      Well, shoot. I knew we were forgetting something. No sweat Anna McMuffin, if that IS your real name, just log in out of rlv and pop out of the sim. PG island sims are rarely populated anyway and chances are it’ll still be for sale when you return.

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