A Decade

Its hard to imagine that ten years have passed already.

Ten years ago I had just returned from a lovely honeymoon in Scotland.  I was sitting at my desk, trying to recall the password to log me back into my computer, when a co-worker ran past and mentioned that an airplane had struck one of the two towers.

Having numerous business relationships with many agencies and law firms located at WTC, I followed to the break room to watch the news coverage.

I arrived just in time to see the second airplane strike.  My heart sank at the thought of many people I knew professionally, and some personally, having their lives so suddenly snuffed out.

Numb, I vaguely recall hearing about the Pentagon attack, and the fourth plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

I’ve not posted in some time as there have been numerous changes within my Family, as well as my relationship with Valerie and it seems that every time I go to comment on one, something else happens.

Today, for some reason, my thoughts dwell on Valerie as we too have been in each other’s lives for a decade.  If you’re reading this Val, I love you, and wouldn’t trade so much as a day.

Yet, I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty the nature or cause of our latest argument.  I can however tell you with startling clarity the clothes I was wearing ten years ago today.  What I had for each meal.  My route home from the office.  I can even give you commentary about Helen’s hair, the lady who shared my workstation, as well as the color of Matt’s shirt, the co-worker who ran past and told me about the first attack.

I suppose my love for Val erases anything negative and helps me stay focused on our positives.  As for the insidious attack by religious radicals against this beloved country of mine that forever changed the way we live…..  I.  Will.  Never.  Forget.

To this day, I still use the same password for my computer.

God Bless America.

One Response to “A Decade”

  1. diomitamaurer Says:

    Time flies. Some tragedies coin our life and we’ll never forget any detail in our lifetime. Your text touched me, Yasmin. Hugs, Dio.

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