What is that on my neck?

If you’re in my Family group then you saw my post earlier this morning.  After several months of a trial run, so to speak, I have decided to accept Valerie’s collar.

We’ve been playing around and experimenting with these roles for ourselves and it scares me how well it fits.

Valerie has been and is everything to me.  She’s been my girl, she is my partner and wife, she is my soulmate, and now she is my Goddess.

By all of the congratulatory IMs and notecards I’ve received since the first announcement, I see I’m also blessed to have so many supportive friends and acquaintances.  Additionally, my own girls seem also very excited and thrilled.  Why wouldn’t they be, history has shown that I am more Domme when I myself am collared.  I’m sure my Goddess will find a way to keep the perfect balance.


One Response to “What is that on my neck?”

  1. diomitamaurer Says:

    I wish you an Valerie all the happiness and contentedness that Jenny and I have found. Not to forget go on having fun and excitement!
    Love and Kisses from Dio

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