Three Years

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I’m WAY overdue on posting.  I won’t even attempt to make the many excuses.

Now, onto the good news.

Today, three years ago, I opened up a capsule and ended the trial of one Yar Telling.  She’s worn my collar proudly ever since.

There simply are not enough words in the English language to describe what Yar means to me.

She’s my Joy.  My girl.  My submissive.  My lover.  My confidant.  Most importantly, my friend.

If I were granted but one wish Yar, I’d wish for three more years with you.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary.

Damn! Look at those legs...

One Response to “Three Years”

  1. Eeeeee congrats! I’ll give Yar her congratulatory spanking when I get back in a week.

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