Just a random thought

Came across this profile language in my exploring earlier…

“Been trimming my friends list of people whom I have no reason to talk to anymore or who longer make any effort to contact me, instead always making me come to them.”  This was on their front page.

and under their pick page about getting to know them…

“Sometimes my time is very strict on where I am in world, If I cannot show up to you, please don’t be offended.”

I just found this amusing.  Don’t be offended if they can’t come to you….but if you’re not available for them, its the axe.


One Response to “Just a random thought”

  1. I’m not sure what is amusing about it. It sounds like they were trimming their friends list of people who don’t IM them anymore, probably with a simple hello. I do the same thing. When I meet new people who want to friend me, I give them a few weeks. If they don’t make an effort to IM me, instead always making me IM them first, then I trim them off my list.

    Their pick profile just means face to face conversation, of course I’m not sure who you’re talking about and going only off what you posted here.

    In the end it sounds to me like they just got tired of people who don’t take the time to message their friends and in their picks were just informing their friends whom they talk to that they can’t always show up face to face at the drop of the hat.

    EDIT: I noticed a few of my friends have the same exact pick (its longer) but has those words. Seems to be a copy/pasta so they’re not the only one with that frame of mind.

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