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Teyonas with a short sigh

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I recently received a reply to one of my posts from Tey.

For whatever reason, rather than pend or proceed with publishing it, WordPress saw fit to place it in a spam folder, so I am just now noticing it.

While I do hate censorship, I elected not to publish it for two simple reasons.  One, I see no reason to subject any readers of this blog to ongoing drama.  Two, its my backyard, ergo, my rules.

If you want to get your point across and have your version of the facts published dear, WordPress is free.  Create an account and blog away.

I will say this…

It takes two to tango.  There’s also two sides to a divorce.  I was not without fault.  I also was not the only one with fault.  Its over.  Let it go.


Claire Sykes with a long sigh

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*Big sigh*

The prior post titled “Changes”, with the exception of information about Teyonas, was intended to cover *positive* changes.  Perhaps I was not specific enough when I authored that post.

Fact is, I had a rather sentimental draft pertaining to Claire and the very unique way in which we met, became friends, and developed a bond, a bond that resulted in Claire submitting to me.

For her own personal reasons that I won’t dwell upon, Claire recently asked me to release her.  I did so.  Not happily by any means.  Claire was and is quite special to me.

I didn’t include this in the prior post because quite frankly, I tried to keep that post on track with positive changes.  Teyonas is only mentioned as it is required for my readers to understand my partnership with Valerie.

While I support and love Claire immensely, I simply don’t feel releasing her was a positive change.  I certainly felt rather negative about it.  I still do.

Nonetheless, it has been brought to my attention that Claire felt slighted by her lack of inclusion.  So slighted, that she saw fit to unfriend me.

Well, I’m sorry Claire.  Godspeed.


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You know how it goes if you’ve ever tried to maintain a blog.

One change comes along, and you mean to make a note of it.  Then another change or update, so you figure, I’ll combine them.  Then a third event occurs, and next thing you know…its best just to make one entry and title it “Changes”.

First things first.  Teyonas.  Teyonas and I have split up, for good.  In truth, it feels as if we did months ago, but I’m not going to use this forum to discuss our relationship, or its end.  Just know that we are no longer a couple.

Valerie.  My new partner and soon to be wife.  In truth, it feels as if she has been for several months.  More to come on this topic in the near future, but since this is merely to update recent “changes”, know that I am in heaven.

Jaycie.  My former slave overseer, now a full Brat.  Congratulations Jay, and welcome to the Family.  I love you!  This sweet girl and I met approximately a year and a half ago and have always felt a special friendship.  I cannot say how happy I am to have her as a Brat.

Joni.  On trial to be a Brat.  Another of my slaves that has been with me for a long time.  Joni’s devotion to me has never wavered.  I am quite confident her trial to be a Brat is a mere formality.

Seems like I am forgetting something….

Oh yes!  I have also given myself to a Mistress.  I intend to dedicate a post solely to her in the near future as well.  Suffice to say she has spent the last year slowly getting under my skin and inside my head and I love and adore her with all my heart.

That’s it.  Everyone feel up to date now?  Good.  Ciao!

Thank you

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Just a heartfelt thank you to those that posted comments to my prior post or dropped me an email.  I truly am blessed, not just by my Family, but by our Friends as well.

I am taking a short road trip tomorrow and will be gone for several days.  I’ll have email and blog access, but the laptop I’ll have doesn’t have access to Second Life, that’s by design for my sake so nobody send me the link to emerald or else I’ll spend the next three to four days with an internal struggle.

It occurred to me today that when I come back, I’ll most likely begin working my way back into some sort of SL routine.  So, tonight sometime I am going to log on and hide my online status from pretty much everyone so that upon my return I am not buried alive with messages.  I suspect I already have several messages to reply to.

Please don’t be offended if you “see” me online but I show offline.

Again, thank you all for your kind words.  I love each and every one of you.


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You first step into the edges of the quicksand, it pulls at your feet, gives you a slight stumble, perhaps a loss in step.

Then slowly, you lose more and more of your footing, the ever shifting wet substance sliding over the tops of your feet.

Its not long after that that you begin to flail in an effort to maintain your balance as the quicksand engulfs your calves.  You feel the warm snugness as it covers your thighs.

Panic sets in at this point, you begin to yell for help.  Perhaps wave your arms to get someone’s attention.  Ironically, this only assists the sand, now your enemy, as it speeds up its encroachment up your body, tugging about your waist.

Your friends hear you, they rush to help.  Well, most rush.  Some stare in disbelief, watching in fascination as this innocuous looking sand now threatens to take you from them.  The samaritans of the group throw lifelines, shouting guidance and instructions for you.

By now the quicksand is under your armpits, and it is all you can do to clench at and cling to the lines that get within easy reach.  Without realizing, your friends tug in separate directions, tugging you back and forth, exhausting themselves while being no closer to releasing you from your predicament.

Slowly.  Steadily.  You sink.

Due to personal reasons surrounding my Real Life, and stemming from recent events in-world, I am taking a hiatus from Second Life.  I love you all.