Twice the Pleasure

The lock on the capsule beeped as it unlocked and the darkened glass door slid open.  The bound and gagged girl inside looked up, blinking at the sudden brightness, seeing a shadowy figure standing over her.

The girl is motioned out, so she slowly and steadily crawls on her knees out of the confining capsule.  Her restraints are systematically unlocked and she is helped to her feet.  The gag is then carefully removed from her mouth.  As she stretches her jaws and tries to speak, a thin collar is placed around her neck, and locked.  On the collar is engraved, “Yasmin’s Concubine”.

Thus, Yar was inducted into the Brat Pack.

Now, those of you close to us know this is no longer Yar’s title.  Those of you even closer know Yar’s collaring was anything BUT this simple.

The road to collaring Yar was bumpy indeed, perhaps to give me warning as to how bumpy our relationship would be, particularly that first year.  However, it is my experience that anything worth having is worth working for.

Since that time, Yar has grown extremely close to me.  She is my right hand.  An ironic term for those of you from my owned submissive past.  Truth is, Yasminia, Caer Heartsdale, my Second Life, all of these things exist in large part due to Yar’s persistence and dare I say it, loving stubbornness.

Simply put, my Family is a cherished artwork of mosiac pieced together firmly and nicely.  Yar is the grout that holds the artwork together.

I’ve often said, if anyone desires to know and understand submission, they need only follow Yar for a week.  That still holds true.

Yar, I am humbled to be your owner, honored to be your Goddess, and most of all, happy to be your friend.  I hope we have another two years together.

I love you.  Happy Two Year Anniversary!


4 Responses to “Twice the Pleasure”

  1. BEAMS.. GHaaa you allways make me wana cry happly ..Love you Goddess happy 2 years.

  2. Congratulations to both of you 🙂 Needless to say how special you both are.
    Kisses from Dio

  3. laylady Lay Says:

    Congratulations Yar you are a lovely person and deserve all the praise you get. It is the foundations of a building that make it strong, the same goes for families and Yasminia is built on a rock.

    Enjoy xxxxxxx
    love jen

  4. i remember that capsule, the house was in the sky over that place we use to frequent.. and i remember Yar, who eventually became my sister.. WOW, i have a lot of sisters !! Yar is definetly special, and Yasmin is special for collaring a true gem, and maintaining and contributing to a wonderful relationship, relationships are a two way street, Congratulations on your anniversary.

    love, pet

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