Wherefore Art Thou?

Perhaps the hardest aspect of Second Life is when people vanish.  Real life is of course expected at some point to intervene in our Second Life experience eventually.

For some of our loved ones, its been very harsh.  The landscape is littered with memorials to those that have fallen in Real Life.  As you saw in an earlier post, the American Cancer Society has a sim dedicated to some of these souls that have been confirmed and reported as lost to cancer.

But no doubt the worse is when someone we love and cherish simply vanishes without an explanation.  At times like those, we pray and hope that the worse has not occurred, that real life simply became “too noisy”.  That one’s work commitments or family obligations became so present in one’s life that they simply no longer had the time for Second Life.

Those that know me in Second Life know of my former Mistress, Idoru Ryba.  Idoru logged off a few days before Thanksgiving, and has not been heard from since.

Regardless of what the avatar of Idoru Ryba represents to me in Second Life, the person behind the keyboard in Real Life is a friend.  I pray and hope that where ever that person is, or whatever that person is doing, health and happiness are in abundance.

If you are reading this Idoru, you are loved, and sorely missed.  By me, your friends, and your family.

Gra, Dilseacht, Cairdeas.


4 Responses to “Wherefore Art Thou?”

  1. jesse folland Says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself Sis. Idoru, Mistress, is very sorely missed, and thought of daily, or more, by some of us…

  2. Thank you for your kind words Miss Yasmin, you put into view, what a lot of hearts are feeling and thinking, Not a day goes by without me missing Her, aching and hoping she returns. It’s an ache that doesn’t go away, but i imagine worse for my sisters Jesse, Faye & Tot, and Yourself, we can only hope and pray she is OK, and that she knows She touched us all. And most of all, completely selfish, but hope She returns to visit us, there would surely be at least 12 girls who would stop what they were doing, and TP to her location 🙂

  3. Shibari Hobble Says:

    Yasmin, once long ago you said to me that “no one ever really leaves Ru”. So very true. I see her reflected in nearly all of my SL and indeed thoughts that she provoked in me color my RL as well.
    Her way was “friends first, Mistress second”. It’s not a way that can be managed by just any Domme. Somehow Ru pulled it off though.
    I miss her. More though, I know how hard it’s been on our sisters. RL can be so cruel to those if us that live a SL.

  4. Ash Yheng Says:

    Well said, Yasmin and everyone posting before me. Idoru has always been wonderful to me, helping me through a difficult time as a friend with a splash of Domme. I would dearly like to know that she, the person behind the keyboard, is okay. Admittedly I may want to rant at her a little if she returns without a damned good explanation, but I will do so with open arms.


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