Anyone that has visited Estate Obscure has most likely noticed right away that it is not your typical bdsm themed sim.  The most noticeable difference is the tantalizing nine hole golf course.  Okay, I’ll accept that if your caddy is cuffed and on a leash then the golf course is also bdsm themed, but you get the gist.

I promised a review of some sort of this sim some time ago and about the best I can tell you is “go see for yourself”.  EO contains a little bit of something for everyone, the terrain is beautiful, the play areas well designed with just the right amount of privacy, and the people Lady Alt has chosen to represent her sim, whether as a Domme or submissive, are just wonderful people.

That being said, I am taking this time to post my review and opinion of the golf course.

Hole #1 – I won’t waste time making excuses about this being the first time with the golf clubs and HUD I was using, yada yada yada, well okay, I suppose I just did.  My first shot was simply horrible.  It went short, hit a cliff and tumbled a LONG distance to the water below.  Needless to say, I took a re-try as permitted in Lady alt’s rules for this course.  The hole itself was beautiful and the view from the tee box quite refreshing.  Luckily, upon my re-try, I banked a much more equipped drive off of the main house and a cage that sets just to the right of the green.  Who says cages are just for storing subs?  Six strokes.

Hole #2 – I took a re-try on this hole as well, then my caddy pointed out that my first shot had actually disappeared under the land prim (not sure if this is the appropriate term) that sits just short of the green.  Luckily, both drives were just CRUSHING drives as I used just the proper amount of driver strength.  Add a sweet chip-in and I was feeling pretty good after this hole.  The light house view on the approach is also well designed.  Five strokes.

Hole #3 – A very interesting hole as you drive down a cliff over water and through a cave.  One almost expects to be at grandma’s house once they’re done with this one.  Fortunately, I had what can only be described as a perfect drive right into the middle of the cave.  Add a very nice second and third stroke and a one putt, and this hole is birdied.  Do note that your ball may go through the cave walls in some spots, so some cam-hawking may be needed.  Four strokes.

Hole #4 – Another beautiful hole looking from a high tee box down onto a lovely little island.  Started off with a crushing drive, that sadly sailed off of the sim.  Luckily, a good recovery was made.  Five strokes.

As a side note, two of EO’s regulars were scening at this hole.  They were kind enough to let us play through.  I was able to bank one of my chip attempts off of Rayn’s ass.  FORE!

Hole #5 – This hole concerned me, so I admit, a few “practice” strokes were taken.  There just doesn’t seem to be an approach available, at least with the clubs I purchased for this course, where the ball can clear the lip of the ground and get into a nice striking area to the green.  Luckily, my drive richoted and rolled onto a lovely stone bridge that approaches the green.  Add a beautiful chip up to the green and birdie.  Four strokes.

Hole #6 – Beautiful tee area that looks down onto the entry point for EO.  Wonderful drive that luckily bounced off of the flame holder on the edge of the cliff.  The grass surrounding the green is faster than it appears, so sadly, I three putted the hole.  Four strokes.

Hole #7 – Back to the beautiful tee box as before, this shot is a long downward drop into a canyon.  Be aware that the hole slants uphill as you approach the green.  Sadly, I missed this rise until too late.  Five strokes.

See next post for continuance…


3 Responses to “Fore!”

  1. Rayn Halfpint Says:

    *Rubs her ass* I still say you should have taken a two stroke penalty on that hole. 1 for water hazard plus 1 for hitting it off the sim. Luckily, I don’t make the rules and would never ever tell anyone you kicked the ball in the hole when you thought no one was looking.

  2. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    That’s called a “foot wedge”.

  3. anonamistquan Says:

    Ffffffff whaaaaat? I’m all stuck here in RL and everyone else is having fun at EO playing awesome golf?! D: Geeeeeez…

    Okay, so maybe I’d just get in the way and kick everyone’s ball in the water. And play Golf Kart Death Rally. But still, fffffff.

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