Fore! – Continued

Hole #8 – Same green as holes 3 and 5.  Long drive thru a nicely designed canyon and onto the beach.  A nice drive and a very well placed fairway shot allowed me to chip on and one putt for birdie.  Four strokes.

Hole #9 – Back up to the tee box used on #4 only now facing toward the entry point.  By now I half a decent idea of how to use the clubs.  Glad to say I ended with a par.  Three strokes.

Par for this course is 34.  I finished with a 40.  I can live with that.  It is golf after all, so I really have little choice.  I do intend to golf again at some other courses in Second Life, so keep in mind my opinion of EO’s course is limited to it being the only course I’ve golfed.  Having said that, I give it a solid A.  As with the rest of the sim, it is scenic, beautiful, and well thought out.  Add the ease at which the dynamics of the clubs, course and game can be picked up, minus any lag, and its a good couple hours of fun.

I strongly recommend you try it out.  Now!  Go!  Move your ass….

I compliment Lady Alt on her work.


One Response to “Fore! – Continued”

  1. Lady Obscure Says:


    What a lovely review and mention of the Estate, thank you for the kind appraisal and mention in your blog. For years I’ve taken pleasure in its obscurity, only to be found by those who have either searched for something like it knowingly or otherwise, or simply found us after enjoying a long SL life already. It’s wonderful that the estate has managed to provide you and your family some enjoyment, escape, and pleasure in your SL life. Seems you had a great round, and hope you continue to enjoy the odd escape here. I’m proud of the community we have, it’s comprised of intelligent and thoughtful members who make the D/s social atmosphere engaging and enjoyable. While it’s no longer obscure and unknown, it continues to attract the right types of people.
    Warm regards,

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