Yar Update

Good news!

Our mission to help Yar experience the joy (joy?) of SL pregnancy has been a success.  According to the early pregnancy test given out by the Tantra HUD, Yar is expecting.

You may visit her in Yasminia and congratulate her as she will not be out and about like she used to be.  She’s resting, you know, for the baby’s sake.

We are now accepting submissions for baby names.

The father’s name is Armand.  Last name and address withheld at his request.


7 Responses to “Yar Update”

  1. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    For the record, I am submitting Ghaaary if its a boy and Ermmma if its a girl.

  2. Yar Telling Says:

    Well if anyone cares i still say Yazzie sheesh

  3. anonamistquan Says:

    Ohmygoodness *belly rub*

    Um! Um! I vote for Kelly if it’s a boy, and Alex if it’s a girl.

  4. How about BRB?

  5. I like “Alex”, naturally (thanks Anona!)…but my thought, at least for a boy, is “Hammer”. Get it? Armand’s Hammer? And if you saw Armand in action, you would agree that “Hammer” is an apt description.

    Hey Yar – you able to sit down to enjoy dinner yet?

  6. Rayn Halfpint Says:

    I vote for Lucifer if it is a boy and Slut Jr. if it is a girl! 😛

  7. Yar Telling Says:

    ghaaaa noo nooo we are NOT naming anything after you Rayn 😛

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