Tuppence Continental

Tuppy.  My sweet little bondage bitch.  I once purchased a cage slave from Mikey Seoung for $300L.  A cute girl named Sub Short.  For whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to be, and Sub disappeared.

Mikey felt so bad about it, she let me have one of her slaves at the time.  Tuppy.  I think it was a match made in heaven.  Tuppy likes to spend long periods of time locked up.  I like to lock up girls that like to spend long periods of time locked up.

If I were to allow it and RL permitted Tuppy to be online for long stretches at a time, I have no doubt Tuppy could even give Jesse Folland a run for her money.  Those of you that know me and how I feel about Jesse can appreciate this compliment.

Currently, Tuppy has taken up residence in the cage in our slave lounge in Yasminia.  When online, she is the hostess/greeter of the lounge and by proximity, our deck.  If you happen to be lucky enough to see her here, please say hello.  Also, catch her up on events going on within SL.  See, she doesn’t really get out that much……  : )

I love you Tuppy!  Someday I must think of a way to repay Mikey for leading the most exciting cage slut in all of SL into my life.


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