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On October 24, 2008, I had the privilege of leading a wedding ceremony in Second Life that brought together one of my Brats, Diomita, and her own submissive, LayLady, or Jenny as she is known, together in marriage.

Today, one year and four days later, it was my honor to lead in a ceremony in which they re-affirmed their vows.  We originally tried to hold the ceremony on the one year anniversary, but as most of you taking part in the adventure known as Second Life know, Real Life can and does occur.

So, today’s ceremony was impromptu.  It occurred to Dio that a strong majority of the people she wanted present for the ceremony were online, so she called it together.

As I watched how quickly everyone came together to give themselves for a few precious moments in the witnessing of this union, the word impromptu stuck with me.  So, I incorporated it into my opening comments of the ceremony.

We come here to Second Life for fun.  Adventure.  To live out or pursue a fantasy.  Some of us are blessed.  Along the way, we make very close friends.  Some of us are luckier still.  We fall in love.  This love is not planned.  It is not scheduled.  Most times, it is not even expected or sought.  Simply put, love occurs.  It is *impromptu*.

As I smile down at Dio and Jen during their ceremony, and think how they met, lived, loved, and married, I find myself strongly in favor of things impromptu.

By the way, I was asked after the ceremony if I prepared my opening remarks.  I assured that person, as I do my readers, it was very *impromptu*.

Here’s hoping you find what you desire in Second Life.  Good night.


How SL Mirrors RL

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With so many of us coming to SL to escape RL and live out various fantasies, I’m often surprised at the number of developments that mirror technology or concepts in RL.

One I didn’t think I would see would be the concept of the assembly line.  Certainly this isn’t needed for the design and manufacture of the items and devices we adore and love.  That’s as simple as rezzing a prim, molding its shape, adding a script, you get the idea.

However, one creative lady has found a delicious way to meld bdsm and, you guessed it, assembly lines.  I’m talking about Noona Tomsen and the Torture & Sex Factory. 

A wicked factory where people feeling a submissive desire begin by sitting on a “tour” poseball.  If they use rlv and have an active relay, they are then promptly stripped and attached to a conveyor belt.  From there they begin their journey along a conveyor system, stopping at each station, some in which visitors to the factory can, for lack of a better term, do a little quality assurance testing.  The end of a tour culminates in a shop, where you can view and/or purchase the devices from the various stations.

All in all, the trip thru the factory takes about 45 minutes.  Do be forewarned, the factory can be a bit violent for the normal SSC player.  Limits will be tested, if not crossed.  The good news, no one station lasts more than four minutes.

At the very least, this is one bdsm themed creation that I feel warrants a look-see.

Oh, and as always, Yasmin tested, Yasmin approved.  ; P  Enjoy!

Tuppence Continental

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Tuppy.  My sweet little bondage bitch.  I once purchased a cage slave from Mikey Seoung for $300L.  A cute girl named Sub Short.  For whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to be, and Sub disappeared.

Mikey felt so bad about it, she let me have one of her slaves at the time.  Tuppy.  I think it was a match made in heaven.  Tuppy likes to spend long periods of time locked up.  I like to lock up girls that like to spend long periods of time locked up.

If I were to allow it and RL permitted Tuppy to be online for long stretches at a time, I have no doubt Tuppy could even give Jesse Folland a run for her money.  Those of you that know me and how I feel about Jesse can appreciate this compliment.

Currently, Tuppy has taken up residence in the cage in our slave lounge in Yasminia.  When online, she is the hostess/greeter of the lounge and by proximity, our deck.  If you happen to be lucky enough to see her here, please say hello.  Also, catch her up on events going on within SL.  See, she doesn’t really get out that much……  : )

I love you Tuppy!  Someday I must think of a way to repay Mikey for leading the most exciting cage slut in all of SL into my life.

Sluts v. Subs

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Has it really been over a month since my last post?  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  That’s not always true.  Truth is, my RL has gotten more real of late than even I care to admit, and the time I do have to partake in Second Life, I am trying to make the most of it and enjoy it, not necessarily blog about it.

Nonetheless, my increased time spent having fun has had at least one tremendous benefit.  My Family has grown, both in terms of members as well as what I call “Friends of the Family”.  The people that walk thru the doorway of our lighthouse and into the hearts of the Brat Pack constantly amaze me.  Such love, compassion and warmth, is it no wonder some wish they could permanently relocate to SL?

Sadly this is, of course, impossible and RL must be faced, dealt with, overcome.  I don’t offer this as an apology for my delay in entries, rather it is an explanation.

On to the reason for this entry’s title.  Sluts v. Subs.  Sounds like an interesting match up, does it not?

I recently engaged in a scene in SL, one in which I contemplated taking a submissive position.  I’ll pause while everyone exhales from their initial shock. ………….  Done?  Good.

During the course of this scene, something was said that, while it didn’t ruin the scene per se, it was a distraction in that it caused me to dwell too much on the nature of the statement, rather than rolling along with the spirit of the scene.

“You must be submissive because you seem to be a slut.”

Hmmmm….  Okay, first of all, Yasmin Heartsdale NEVER seems to be a slut.  She is one.  Lets get that straight right here and now.  I didn’t join Second Life to practice molding a prim into a fucking flower.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you.  There are some really interesting flower makers in SL, I’m just not one of them.  For the record, most of these flower makers are also sluts.

It is completely acceptable to be a slut and be quite Dominant, if not *almost* completely Dominant.  And before you send me an instant message disagreeing with me Miss *********, stop.  You know damn good and well this applies to you as well.  Slut.

I suppose the nature of this post is something I’ve known all along, just the statement made, even if in the spirit of roleplay, made me dwell on the topic.  And as such, I felt the need to blog about it.  There simply is no correlation between sluttiness and submissiveness.  Some of SL’s biggest sluts aren’t even into bdsm.

You can be Dominant, and be a slut.  You can be submissive, and be a slut.  You can build flowers, and be a slut.  You can be a Linden, and be a ….  Well, perhaps not EVERYone can be a slut.  We do have our standards.

On a non-related note, the island of Yasminia, my home in Mozingo Straits, has a new neighbor.  One of my dearest friends in SL, Tania Owatatsumi, is relocating her island to be next to mine.  Look for it the next time you visit, but understand that since Tania and I are friends, I will be unable to send any rescue parties into her sim after you.  Professional courtesy and what not.

Enjoy, live life, even if its your Second Life, and stop by and say hello.  I promise to try and have another entry before the end of the year.  : )