Joni Shippe

You’ll recall that the point of these next blogs was to discuss the rest of my slaves.  Someone take a paddle to Yar’s backside for not keeping me on point.

I first met Joni at Hell’s Castle, she was a cute little shy girl walking around so innocently with her keys jingling everywhere.

A sweet lady named Laure introduced me to Joni under the premise that Joni was in need of an owner to care for her.  At first, Joni and I didn’t seem to click, so we talked briefly, and went on our ways.

Then a few weeks after that first meeting, I ran into Joni in another sim, and we played briefly, but that was cut short with an interruption to RL.  However, Joni’s politeness and demeanor, not during the scene, but thru the sudden need to pack it up, stuck with me.

I found myself afterward hoping I’d run into Joni again.  Well, as chance would have it, we did bump into each other again soon after.  Only this time we began taking steps to me owning Joni.

To Laure, I cannot thank you enough for the initial introduction that brought this sweet girl into my world.  Joni is charming, passionate, giving, and yet fiery, stubborn and sometimes just ornery.  The perfect combination for a firebrand of a slave.  Its no wonder I keep her secured and caged all the time.

I love you Joni.  You enrich me, and you enrich the Pack.  Thank you.


2 Responses to “Joni Shippe”

  1. Nicola Micheline Says:

    Dearest Yasmin,
    Just saying that I miss you all terribly!! I’ve probably said it before but it’s been a little while and I’m using a library computer to say it. None-the-less I miss You and everyone else in the family!!! Stay well and be kind to each other!

  2. Yar Telling Says:

    ermmm you never said.. i ummm…Rayn made me do it.

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