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In Search of Immortality

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As most of you know, I took a “break” from my normal everyday life as Goddess of the Brat Pack and submitted myself to Slave Auction Group, i.e., SAG, for the purposes of an auction.  I have written several blogs about this past week and scrapped them all, for my own reasons, so this entry is going to go off on a bit of a tangent.  Please bear with me.

First and foremost, one comment that does need to be made is a hearty thank you to all of the SAG staff involved in my auction.  Far and away the most enjoyable and relaxing experience I have ever had in an auction, while in Second Life.

Several people have asked me what led to my auction, and its kind of hard to explain without revealing all of my fetishes and kinks, many of which I keep hidden, even from my closest friends.  Suffice to say, one of my major kinks centers around the “unknown”, as in not knowing or having insight into one’s fate.  Before you judge, let me remind you, this is my closet, you are merely the visitor.  Be warned, there be skeletons aplenty here.

To make a long story short, the eventual winner of my auction was one of my own slaves, Valerie.  What most of you don’t know is that Valerie and I have an online relationship going back six years.  As such, my week of “ownership” by Valerie promised to involve several instances of her peeling away layers of my boundaries as well as assuring I had a good time, not only as we explored bdsm, but with non-bdsm activities as well.

Suffice to say, Valerie did not disappoint.  Thank you Valerie, for a lovely week.  I had a *blast*!

Additionally, my Second Life partner, Teyonas, was led into a new area of kink by a dear friend, Ilandere Boa.  From my discussions with many of my friends, Family as well as non-Family, it is evident that Tey grew a bit over the past week, and I look forward to the new avenues that have opened up for her and I.  To Illy, I cannot thank you enough, but that won’t stop me from trying.

Many have sent me messages in-world asking about some of the things Valerie and I engaged in this past week.  As for the adventures we had in bdsm, that is between Valerie and myself as well as the people that were able to participate with us.  To those people able to make time, Valerie and I both thank you and from myself, payback is a bitch.  *wink*  With regard to the activities Valerie and I engaged in not related to bdsm, I am sorry to disappoint, but I am keeping those memories for myself.

I will say that this past week taught Valerie and I both something about ourselves, and what we are to one another.

One of the first submissives I ever undertook to be a Dominant to compared me to the mystical martial arts expert, Youn Wha.  At the time, I dismissed this comparison.  Despite what some may think of me, I am far too humble to accept such a comparison.  Nonetheless, this past week, and the way in which I interacted with Valerie, made me start to wonder if my former submissive’s comparison was not more on the mark than I was willing to acknowledge.

Again, I don’t want to share too much of the agenda Valerie had in store for me this past week, but if you’d like to gain some insight, do some research on Youn Wha.  At the least, her legend is an interesting read and sure to make at least one of my readers tingle.

One of the cornerstones of any martial arts study is the relationship between teacher and student.  Together, they walk a path, overcoming obstacles.  While it is thought that the obstacles are designed to further the education of the student, it is also the teacher that gains knowledge.  They share this path until such time as the path divides, and each must part.  Hmmmmm…..  Kind of describes the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive, does it not?

If the path is traveled properly, the student never forgets the lessons of the teacher.  Hence, the teacher becomes “immortal”.  Not immortal in the physical sense, meaning the teacher physically lives forever.  There is no magical fountain of youth that is discovered.  I mean “immortality”.  The lessons of the teacher are never forgotten by the student, and they are in turn handed down from the student to other people the student meets, and so on.  A never ending cycle.  Even once the teacher passes from this plane, they are never forgotten.

I cannot say when the path Valerie and I are on will part.  I’m pragmatic enough to know that it will.  This past week has shown me that if I manage to connect with every member of my Family, as I have Valerie, then my chances at gaining immortality only increases.  What Dominant doesn’t desire to “live forever” in this sense?

I suppose I knew this, at some level, but recent events have caused me to garner an air of complacency, and this philosophy has drifted considerably from my attitude.  Thank you Valerie for re-awakening my purpose.

As I scan back through this blog, I am even tempted to scrap it for sounding far too deep for my playful nature.  I suppose this past week has just been too intense to fully describe in my normal manner.

Nonetheless, if you’ve the time to commit to a week of good clean fun where you have little worries and are prepared to let someone be the driver of your destiny for a short time, head over to SAG and let them take care of you.  Even if that doesn’t interest you, pop in and check out an auction as a potential buyer.

Who knows, maybe someone will make you immortal.

Either way, check them out for yourself.


Joni Shippe

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You’ll recall that the point of these next blogs was to discuss the rest of my slaves.  Someone take a paddle to Yar’s backside for not keeping me on point.

I first met Joni at Hell’s Castle, she was a cute little shy girl walking around so innocently with her keys jingling everywhere.

A sweet lady named Laure introduced me to Joni under the premise that Joni was in need of an owner to care for her.  At first, Joni and I didn’t seem to click, so we talked briefly, and went on our ways.

Then a few weeks after that first meeting, I ran into Joni in another sim, and we played briefly, but that was cut short with an interruption to RL.  However, Joni’s politeness and demeanor, not during the scene, but thru the sudden need to pack it up, stuck with me.

I found myself afterward hoping I’d run into Joni again.  Well, as chance would have it, we did bump into each other again soon after.  Only this time we began taking steps to me owning Joni.

To Laure, I cannot thank you enough for the initial introduction that brought this sweet girl into my world.  Joni is charming, passionate, giving, and yet fiery, stubborn and sometimes just ornery.  The perfect combination for a firebrand of a slave.  Its no wonder I keep her secured and caged all the time.

I love you Joni.  You enrich me, and you enrich the Pack.  Thank you.