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Here Comes the Brides……Again….

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

As those following my blog know, today is mine and Tey’s anniversary of our partnership.

We spent some quality time this morning breaking in the motorcycle she got me, until my internet crashed and I was forced to take a six plus hour hiatus.  I was saddened by this as I knew Tey had taken the day off of work to be online most of, if not all of the day.

When I finally did get back online, unbeknownst to me, Tey had yet another surprise for me.

When we were partnered a year ago, we had a very lovely ceremony in a sim called The Forum.  The Forum is a place where people can meet and chat about BDSM.  Above the usual meeting place there are several floating plots of land that are used for various activities, dancing, role play, what have you.

When Tey and I selected one for our initial wedding, we picked one that sort of reminded one of Stonehenge.  It contained standing blocks of stone laid out in a circular, perhaps oval, pattern, etc.

Well, when I finally managed to log back on, Tey teleported me to the site of our wedding ceremony a year ago.  Imagine my shock to see the plot of land on which we were married had not changed, while almost every plot around it had.  That weighed heavily on my mind in the way of symbolism, like an SL deity trying to tell me something.

Now, at this point I’m feeling pretty good, despite being forced offline for six hours.  Then Tey rezzes.  And she’s in her wedding gown from our ceremony a year ago.  Rarely do I get choked up so in any medium that I cry, but so help me, a tear welled up.  Okay, maybe more than one tear.


Now, enough blogging.  Its dance night.  : )  Good night everyone!

Oh, P.S.  Those interested in visiting The Forum can use this SLURL, .


Life is a Highway…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on July 14, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

As always, my usual apologies for such a delay in posts.  Normally RL intervenes and causes me several distractions, but lately it seems my distractions to posting have been SL related.

Today is July 14.  The one year anniversary of Tey and I’s wedding.  Let me address that first.  Happy Anniversary Love!!!!  The past year has been INCREDIBLE!  I would so do it again, and as you know, not change a damn thing.  You are everything.  My sub, my wife, my partner, my friend, my legacy.  I love you!

As some of you know, I enjoy Second Life as it allows me, as it should all of us, the opportunity to do things I cannot do in RL.  Those of you that know me real well know I love to dance.  Those that know me even moreso, know my favorite dance is the salsa.  I could salsa all night long if my partner is willing.  Why?  Its simple.  In RL I have four, sometimes five or six left feet when it comes to dancing.  At least when it comes to dancing a salsa.  I know, the image is shattered.  Goddess trips over herself on a dance floor.  *Sigh*  Its just one of those things I never conquered.

Another thing I could do, but sadly do not get to for various reasons, is bike EVERYwhere.  If I could, I would ride a motorcycle all over God’s green earth.  I’d ride it to where ever I might work.  I’d ride it to the school to get the kids.  I’d ride it to the grocery store.  I’d ride all across this great land.  Life is a highway after all.

As an anniversary gift, Tey got me the loveliest motorcycle.

Speeding Across the Mojave

Speeding Across the Mojave

I had already found the nicest sim for bike riding.  In fact, bikes are the only thing allowed.  Car riding is not only frowned upon, its an insta-ban if caught.  Even people walking are made fun of.  Just go to search and search for “Route 66”.  The SLURL is .  This will take you to one of a six sim string designed for bike riding.

This morning, while awaiting my Love, I accomplished another RL goal in SL, as you can see from the above photo.  I crossed the Mojave.  Granted, a bit simpler in SL, but no less thrilling for me.  Thank you Love.

Life with you is as the title to this blog states, a highway.  Of course, with Tey, the highway needs to be one with no posted speed limit.  Those of you blessed enough to know and see Tey as I do know exactly what I mean.

But back to Route 66.  Of course, no trip through the Mojave is complete without stopping to admire the views of Death Valley.  In this case, Route 66’s Death Valley has a slow climb up a mountain to an observation deck.  As Death Valley is the lowest place in North America, I’m not sure how realistic the climb up a mountainside is, as well as the driving under a waterfall to get there, but this is SL.  And I assure you, the view is very beautiful.  I suggest playing with the sunset and sunrise environment settings if you take this trip.

A dead end in Death Valley.  How appropriate.

A dead end in Death Valley. How appropriate.

Well, that’s my post.  An update on Tey and I, as well as a sim referral.  I promise to try and be less distracted, but most of you know how Second Life can be.

A constant highway.  Safe riding!

Speed Limit 75???  Wimps....

Speed Limit 75??? Wimps....