Valerie Webwyre

I have been trying to write this post for several days now.  Its simply hard for me to know where to begin with Valerie. 

Those of you that frequest the slave lounge in Yasminia know Valerie as hostess of the lounge and my overseer of slaves.  Charming, sensitive, open, always ready to listen and give advice, Valerie is a godsend to me as well as my Family.

What most of you readers may not know is that Valerie and I have an online relationship/friendship that covers the last five years, give or take, and obviously pre-dates Second Life.

During those five years, Valerie and I have seen the worse, and perhaps the best, of one another.  Like any other friendship that spans a few years, we’ve had our valleys, as well as our peaks.

Upon finally taking the Second Life plunge, Valerie sought me out.  I gave her some advice on Second Life, and arranged for a few people to chaperone her to some areas in the bdsm community that I felt were important for Valerie to fully grasp what we do in Second Life.  Rarely have I seen such a quick learner.

Contrary to public opinion, I do not sink my talons into every new person and rustle them into the pack.  Life, whether here or there, i.e., SL or RL, is based on choices.  I encouraged Valerie to look around, find her spot, hell, I practically pushed her out the door.

Fortunately for me, Valerie is like a bad penny, you just can’t get rid of her.  She is once again, as prior to Second Life, entrenched in my life, my Family, and my heart.  I love you Valerie.  Thank YOU, for always finding me.

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