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Something for the spanking enthusiasts

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on April 23, 2009 by Yasmin Heartsdale

During one of my recent journeys, I came across the House of Swish, .  This “House” seems geared toward male Doms and female subbies, but I see no reason a few Dommes couldn’e enjoy it if the submissive crowd is willing. 

Either way, you’ll find a beautifully textured two story house with plenty of force sitters and a plethora of spanking devices.  Spread throughout both levels is plenty of tasteful spank themed artwork.  You’ll also note an abundance of canes spread throughout.

To date, I’ve only met the house designer and one other person there, so this new play area is in sore need of some “word of mouth”.  If you visit it, and find it interesting, please spread the word.  The more interest we whip up, the better for all of us, right?  Oh yeah, I said “whip”.

Enjoy, and Happy Spanksgiving!


This may be the VIM your mother warned you about…

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As most of you know, I am constantly keeping an eye on the RLV scene within SL and exploring new sims.  While most tend to follow the simple capture/kidnap theme, every once in a while along comes a sim owner that makes their place a little more. 

Always criticizing myself for getting lazy in my roleplaying ability, I especially like it when a creative soul interfaces a roleplay rich setting with RLV and various other relay enabled delights.

Recently I came across a new sim with a ton of potential and am blogging about it so that my readers can explore and judge for themselves.  I will warn you, this sim is literally days old and still undergoing the finishing touches of construction, so go gentle on any critique of this area.

The sim in question is called “The Evil Lair of Dr. Quantum Flux” and resides in Delilah.  To be precise, the entry point is .  I’m still not entirely certain who this Quantum Flux character is, but an individual overseeing the construction process certainly seemed wickedly evil enough to qualify as an evil doctor.  E-vil!  Cue the Mermaid Man clip.

Evil Lair Indeed!

In either event, its a sim geared toward a little sci-fi, some hypnotism, a dash of capture, and a bit of forced….ummmm….*interaction*, for lack of a better term.  If you’re a lady alone, exploring, with relay on auto, be forewarned, the evil doctor is not receptive to discussions of limits once you’re captured. Errrrr… I’ve heard.

Now go, explore, enjoy.  Just remember to report back.  Good luck!


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First and foremost, my apologies for not blogging in such a while and many kisses to those of you that continue to check this medium daily and keep my blog numbers high.

I can happily report to my daily readers that I am at the pinnacle of my happiness with the Second Life experience.  I say that, because I truly cannot imagine being any happier. 

I am surrounded by good close friends.  At any given time, there are perhaps 50-75 people on my friends list online.  Granted, the IMs get a bit hectic at times, but who ever died wishing they’d had the opportunity to talk to or have *less* friends?

I now have a home where my Family and loved ones can gather, visit, laugh, play, love, and most importantly, live.  My Family continues to grow, not so much by my hand these days, but by the prosperity and development of my Brats and those that have submitted to them.  If you have not yet visited our new home and wish to do so, merely search places for Yasminia.


From your entry at the base of our light house, you’ll first come to the Slave Lounge.  This lounge is hosted by Valerie, one of my slaves.  Feel free to use her or any other of my slaves working or present in the lounge, or, if you are a Domme and exploring with your own slave, feel free to leave her here to relax while you visit.  Do remember to stop back by as you leave, Valerie is quite adept at cleaning the beach sand from a visitor’s boots.

As you exit the lounge, you’ll find yourself on East Beach.  If you’re an RLV/relay user, do be aware that there are a few traps on this beach, some subtle, some obvious, some hidden.  Additionally, some of these traps have timers as low as thirty seconds, some require that you struggle out on your own, and some require that you obtain the assistance of a bystander.  Good luck on that last one.  The strip button does so closely resemble the release button these days.

As you leave East Beach, I encourage you to walk up the south side of the island.  As you crest the hill toward the drop off of our stream, you should look down and follow the waterfall.  You’ll observe a small beach surounded by two waterfalls.  This romantic hideaway is called Tey’s Beach, after my loving bride, Teyonas.  But do not let that discourage you from finding a teleporter and entering the beach for yourself.  Do remember to take a loved one, for optimum effect.  I mention a teleporter as a reminder that our sim is a no-fly zone, without the proper permit of course.

If you complete your walk up the hill, you’ll come to the front of our home, or as some refer to it, our mansion.  This humble abode was at one time only two stories, but as we were moving onto the island, Yar and our groundskeeper, Tania Owatatsumi, asked me to rez several copies of this home.  They then picked apart enough material to add a third floor.  As such, we now have the lovely home we do and every Brat in my Family has their own room.  This alone brings tears to my eyes when I think of it.  How many Dommes, with a Family as large as mine, can boast that they all live under one roof?

From the front of our home, one can then explore around the front of the house as well as the hillside and beach on the north side to discover a few more toys.  If you are into pure relaxation or some yoga, I would suggest you wander out onto the northeast ridge and look for a small yoga mat.  There is also a meditation ball on the mountainside in the southwest corner of the island.

Yoga at Moonset

Now, I want to back up a bit and discuss Tania Owatatsumi.  While a very generous member of my Family presented me with Yasminia as a gift, as noted in a prior blog, Tania took time out of her SL experience for a little over a week to edit, terraform, renovate, and build Yasminia as it stands today.  In return, she asked me to grant her 100 dates.  I cannot express how touching and humbling it is to me for someone to give me so much and all they ask for in return is my time and attention.  If you’re reading this Tania, I love you.  You are more precious to me than words can describe.

It is said that home is where the heart is.  If there is anyone in Second Life that feels the need to locate my heart, it is here, in Yasminia.  But be forewarned, it is surrounded by some very serious women.  You’ll recognize them, for they’ll be Brats, GrandBrats, Slaves, and friends.

Do come visit.  The welcome mat is officially out.