And the winner is….

First, let me apologize for not blogging in the last several days.  There are some serious issues involving the health of a few close relatives and I have been, when not in-world, *slightly* distracted.  I also have my Family’s Spring Break vacation to plan for, so my mind has been more or less focused elsewhere.

Let me take this time to thank everyone that took the time to submit an entry into my contest, “My Mistress/Domme is the best because…”  After much deliberation, the contest came down to four entries that rose above.

For “My Mistress/Domme is the best because…” the nominees are Kat5 Catteneo, JenniferGail Landar, DiaperedPet Jewell, and Ophelia Hax.

Let me just say that this decision was not easy.  I even consulted several close Family members as to their opinions.  All four of these finalists wrote honest, genuine, loving essays about why they felt their Mistresses were the best.  Since two of these entrants share a Mistress, I would have to say that three of SL’s top Dominants were represented and each of them should be very proud of their girls.  As I know all three, I am going to take the liberty of speaking for them and say they are VERY proud of these ladies.

Rather than spoil the contest by declaring the winner here and now, I submit for my readers’ pleasure, the winning entry.

My Mistress is the best because…

She’s a Legend!!  A Legend  built on love and compassion for others.  The ability & gift to give people what they truly want, without them ever consciously asking for it.  To look down deep into your very soul with passion and understanding, and when She finds what She’s looking for, to wield it, to shape and control you with her will.  She commands respect with just her presence alone, She has a genuine Aura that draws you to her and intoxicates your senses into submission and awe.  Obsession should always feel this good!!  She knows what you have done, both good and naughty before you even think of telling her, She’s just everywhere.

Some of the most inluential people in SL call her Mistress or Miss, but more importantly they call her friend.  She has the ability to get into your head and stay there, creative with discipline; cruel, harsh, evil and even light, administered with gracious love.  A task or a session is always ended with a “Thank You” from her, and that “Thank You” alone translates into a feeling of pure pleasure and bliss, and pride.  Knowing you made Her smile, it’s the best.  She is a legend, i often hear stories about her when i meet people, and it makes me very proud and reminds me who i represent.

When you love you should not say “Mistress is in my heart”, but rather “i am in the heart of Mistress” and think not you can direct the course of love, for this love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.

A Legend is also represented by her girls, both past & present, my Mistress has had the creme de le creme of girls submit to her, love and embrace her, always remembering the influence she had on them.  She does truly know the ebb of your tide, as well as the flood.

You seek her not with hours to kill, but hours to live.

My Mistress’ soul unfolds itself like a Lotus of countless petals, embracing you in her warmth, glow and Aura.

my Mistress is the best because she truly cares, she is a legend, and not just to me, but many, touching everyone she comes in contact with, a legend of love, my Mistress is, Mistress Idoru Ryba.


For those of you following my blog, you know “pet” is DiaperedPet Jewell, or DP.  Congratulations Pet, your essay is beautifully done, as is everything you do.

As a footnote, I once had the pleasure of owning Pet before Idoru *makes mental note to stop introducing her girls to Idoru* and there are few submissives quite like Pet.  She is genuine in the adoration she gives, not only to her Owner, but to her friends.  I am honored to have Pet on my friends list, and I know Idoru is blessed to own her.

6 Responses to “And the winner is….”

  1. raynhalfpint Says:

    I concur Miss Idoru is wonderful. Although I do not have any experience with beeing dommed by her, I have observed how she interacts with her family and I know that when she sees something she wants, she acts (i.e. Shae).

    On a side note, doesn’t she own at least 2 of your previous girls now?

  2. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    She does own two *picks salt out of her wound* and an ex-wife. Thanks for reminding me Rayn. I wouldn’t want to forget or anything.

  3. raynhalfpint Says:

    *Suddenly feels less than 1 inch tall* “I love you GrandMistress!”

  4. Angie Newall Says:

    Beautiful essay Yasmin. I miss talking to you. We’ll have to get together and chat sometime. Yes, Rayn… ie Shae. 😉 Also many congrats to Pet as that was beautifully written and thank you for sharing it. It was a pleasure to read and every word ’tis true. Much love, Ang.

  5. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    Love you too hon! : )

  6. First let me say thank you to Yasmin and her crew for putting this contest together. I would also like to thank Pet and her other sisters in the contest for their kind words. I feel their claims were embellished slightly, but I am honored that they have such opinions about me. I feel that any claim of mine to be a Mistress of any competence at all, comes completely from Pet and her sisters. Over the course of my time in SL I have had the great honor to be called Mistress by some of the finest people in this virtual universe of ours.
    Someone once told me that what makes a Domme great is her subs. It took me a while to understand exactly what was meant by that, but my experiences here have proven that time and time again. It is a wonderful honor to have been the recipient of this prize, and I am very proud to be able to claim that title. I realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful girls like Pet around that are willing to put up with me and call me Mistress. Thanks again to each and every one of you.

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