Life’s a Show

First, my apologies to my adorable wife for stealing a lyrical line from one of her favorite shows to open up tonight’s entry.  *and we all play our parts*  Love you Tey!

Idoru.  Even typing the name can sometimes cause me to shiver.  *and when the music starts*  If its one thing SL has taught me, its that we do all play a part.  Sometimes, we get to play several parts.  I had no intention of being owned by someone when I entered SL.  I also had no intention of being so devoted to someone, I’d do anything for them.  Idoru yanked that rug out from underneath my feet quickly.  *we open up our hearts*

Odd, considering that the first time I met Idoru, she was locked in a cage by, all people, Cerdita.   I know.  I know.  You’re as shocked as I am.  Despite her “predicament”, Idoru seemed very much in control of the situation, and I was half tempted to rescue Cerdita.

Something drew me to Idoru during that first encounter.  Over the weeks to come, I submitted to her and became known as Idoru’s Huntress.  A Domme/sub relationship somewhat built on a Gorean model, but really one that Idoru and I melded to fit us.  And life was good.  *its all right, if some things come out wrong*

Now, there are several people that have asked me how I could possibly explain my relationship with Idoru, and my feelings toward her, in one blog.  During my recent bout with pneumonia, I gave this topic a lot of thought.  Funny the things that go through your head when you’re under the weather.  *we’ll sing a happy song, and you can sing along*

Part of my aura is Idoru, and I like to think, part of her aura is me.  I’ve never fully admitted it, but perhaps a large part of who I am in SL comes from Idoru.  I like to think that a large part of who she is comes from me.  Sometimes when the two of us are together with a crowd, one of us will make a comment that only the other understands, and its as if the rest of SL is the butt of our private joke.  So, why would I ruin that?  *or if they know enough to know*

Several people have been waiting on me to blog about Idoru.  Explain how she came to be my Mistress.  Understand why and how I walked away.  And make no mistake, I walked away.  I take full responsibility for that, despite Idoru’s pick page.  *that when you’ve bowed, you leave the crowd*

I have a lot of memories from my time at Idoru’s feet.  A few unpleasant, but for every unpleasant memory, I have a thousand joyous ones.  And I’ve decided, these memories are mine and her’s.  And I’m not talking.  Lets face it, shouldn’t some areas of SL retain their mystique?  *life’s not a song* 

Anything that needs or needed to be said about Idoru has already been said between the two of us.  So, I am closing this chapter, closing this book, and asking the court to seal the records.  *life isn’t bliss*  Since I currently have one of SL’s premiere prison system judges nude and kneeling at my feet, this should be done in short order.

I just want to close the post by officially going on record as stating that Idoru is, in my mind, one of the two best Dommes in SL.  Gra, Dilseacht, Cairdeas.

*life is just this*

4 Responses to “Life’s a Show”

  1. Sis, well done. perhaps the best blog entry you have put to keyboard (and yes, i’ve read the latest one with pet’s letter ;P)

    Love you, still!

  2. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    Awwwww, thank you Jesse. Love you too. : )

  3. see, you are as clever as i give you credit for sis……


  4. Yasmin Heartsdale Says:

    Well, its not rocket science sis. Clicking on your name in the comment above takes me here….

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