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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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Those of you that know me know I could write for 40 days and 40 nights about my partner, Tey.

I’m not going to ramble on and get emotional about what Tey has done for me and what she means to my SL experience, but merely wanted to make a short post commemorating a milestone.

One year ago today, I asked Tey to be my submissive.  Obviously, she accepted.  For those that have had such unions whether it be with a sub, Domme or partner, you know just how long a year in SL can be.  Its like 14 dog years, give or take.

Thank you Tey, not just today, but each and every day, for the love, trust and devotion you give me.  You humble me Love.

I love you, and I would gladly do it all over again.  Here’s to another year.


Contest Announcement and a Few “Oversights”

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First, I am accepting essay entries from all residents for the first contest to be posted on this board.  The “My Mistress/Domme is the best because…” contest.  Send me a notecard detailing why you think your Mistress or Domme is the best in Second Life and you could win $1000L.  Additionally, I have a gift for the Mistress or Domme the winner writes about.

Rules?  All entries are subjective as I am a panel of one.  The notecards need to be 350 words or less.  I am exempt from the contest, obviously.  Last, but not least, all entrants agree that their entries are my property and can be posted in this forum.

Deadline?  11:59 pm SL time Sunday March 1, 2009.

Now, a few people have commented that when I authored the blog on former Brats, I “overlooked” a few.  Specifically, Virgo, Tyra and DiaperedPet have been mentioned.  I didn’t “overlook” them per se as I am in the drafting stage of an entry for them, I am just not yet satisfied with the content of the message.  I apologize if any of these ladies feel slighted.  Certainly their part in my Second Life experience warrants discussion.  I’d just prefer the message be appropriate.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…

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This entry actually began as a summary of an encounter I had today with a lady that, while we have not had many encounters, I consider to be a very charming, sweet, generous, and passionate woman, as well as a friend.  But rather than bore you with that summary, and my thoughts regarding our encounter, I need to make apologies for borrowing from the most reprinted newspaper editorial ever, with satirical revisions of my own.

“Dear Goddess, I have only been in Second Life eight months now.  Some of my slutty friends say there is no Marine Kelley.  Mistress says “If you see it on Yasmin’s blog, it’s so.”  Please tell me the truth, is there a Marine Kelley?  Signed – Virginia, of Hell’s Castle

Virginia, your slutty friends are wrong.  They have been affected by the lagginess of a Release Candidate downloaded before its time.  They do not believe except what they see.

Yes Virginia, there is a Marine Kelley.  She exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your Second Life its highest beauty and joy.  Alas!  How dreary would Second Life be if there were no Marine Kelley.  It would be as dreary as if there were no Lindens.  There would be no update orbs then, no ringgags, no leather straps to make tolerable this Second Life existence.  We should have no forced mouselook, and have to use our camera angle.  That eternal light we call RLV would as such be extinguished.

Not believe in Marine Kelley!  You might as well not believe in nekos!  You might get your Mistress to hire voice escorts to watch in all corners of Pak to catch Marine Kelley, but even if they did not see Marine Kelley updating her vendor, what would that prove?  Nobody sees Marine Kelley, but that is no sign that there is no Marine Kelley.  The most real things in Second Life are those that neither sluts nor Mistresses can see.  Did you ever see Lindens dancing in a voting cage?  Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there.  Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in Second Life.

You may tear apart the prims of a police handcuff and see what makes the clicking noise, but there is a blindfold covering the unseen world which not the strongest panther, nor even the united strength of all the Dommes that ever logged on, could tear apart.  Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that slave crate and view and picture the beauty beyond.  Is it all real?  Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.

No Marine Kelley!  Thank God!  She logs on, and she logs on forever.  A thousand locked hours from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand locked hours from now, she will continue to make glad the heart of sluthood.”

Marine does exist people.  She is as ordinary a girl as the next slut wandering through the various capture roleplay sims.  Sure, she’s been one of the driving forces behind the better mousetrap Second Life has come to be for most of us in the bdsm community over the past couple of years, but at the end of the day, she’s really no different than you or I.

Marine logs onto SL to escape the dreariness of RL, to make new friends, and love existing ones, to wander and explore the wonders of SL, to bitch about a laggy asset server or two, to delve into the prosperity of her SL business and most importantly, to avoid drama and have fun.  If my readers pause briefly, I am confident they will find striking similarities between Marine’s “to-do” list, and their own.

Like the majority of us, Marine loves good role play, has hard limits, has soft limits, tingles slightly at the unknown twist in a good capture scene, and puts her panties on one rebake at a time.  Okay, that last part is a joke.  I have it on good authority she doesn’t wear panties.

But nonetheless, the point of today’s entry is this; If you are out and about in the various sims, looking for a good scene, and you happen to run into Marine, don’t act as if its Christmas.  Simply treat her as you would any other slut, press alt, control and T, and click.  You just may find the joy, warmth, passion and sheer pleasure of spending time with a good friend.  I know I did.

Love you Marine!  Now when can I expect those shackles that you promised me that I can permanently weld onto my girls……?

Leaving no stone unturned…

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I hesitated alot about this next issue.  For the regular readers, you’ve seen me address my current Brats.  Now, I think maybe it is time to touch upon some of the former ones.

Let me be clear about one thing.  With the exception of two former Brats, I can honestly say I care deeply and fondly for each of my former Brats and/or Angels.  By the way, Angels are what I owned before they became Brats.  Without going thru a chronological order of every girl I’ve owned, I want to discuss briefly some of those that touched me the most, and in a way, still do.

Faye Aluveaux.  Or, as I fondly refer to her with a select few people, submissivus una.  Faye was actually the second girl I owned in SL, but she is clearly the one that got me started domming.  As our relationship grew, it became clear that Faye was destined more to be owned by Idoru, then myself.  I’m happy to say that to this day, Faye is still one of the cornerstones of Idoru’s Family.  Another of Idoru’s girls, Tot, once wrote that regarding Faye, “still waters run deep”.  This is about the best description of Faye I have seen.  Faye is a charming, sweet, playful young girl, one that I feel you simply must meet, before you can even begin to say your SL experience is complete.  I loved Faye then, and I love her now.  Regardless of how we have addressed each other over the past fifteen months, I am most honored to call her “friend”.

Cannis Carter.  Cannis may have been the driving force behind why I left Idoru.  Ultimately, I am responsible for my actions regarding my running from my submission to Idoru, but Cannis certainly contributed to the short list of reasons why.  To the best of my knowledge, some issues have arisen in Cannis’ RL that prevent her from spending much time in SL anymore.  I only pray she is well.  As a tip, if you are in need of nice hair, do ask Cannis.  If there is nice hair in SL, chances are, she already owns it.

Av Graves.  I collared Av once I was living with Cannis.  Ironically, there was some jealousy from Cannis as to Av’s presence, but eventually they became good friends and even partnered.  Av is a delight as a sub or a Domme.  Very creative.  Very playful.  Always energetic.  My hope is that Av finds in SL that which she seeks most.  Given her current relationship, I think she is very close.  I pray RL is kind to her and her’s.

Fawn Lovenkraft.  Fawn was my last Angel and while she did not create the term “Brat” for my newer girls, she certainly embodied brathood.  At one time, there was a mini-competition in old Stonehaven.  I was Idoru’s Huntress, and Fawn was Lydia’s Huntress.  Things came to a head one day when we caged one another.  Soon after that, Lydia released Fawn, and I left Idoru.  In the process of playing with Fawn’s keys one day, she proposed a week trial of me keeping her keys.  It stuck for almost a year.  Then, the last few months, Fawn’s RL seems to have intervened as she has dropped from SL.  I have to say, I miss Fawn terribly.  Always playful, and perhaps the least dramatic person I have ever met.  Always an Angel.

Shuggi and Illy.  First and foremost, I learned that I am not suited to own nekos.  Honestly, I’m not sure nekos are meant to be owned.  Now, there has been some “tension” with regard to Illy and Shuggi’s own blogs, but I am not going to address that here, and in fact, encourage them to put to pen their versions of our relationship.  Yes Shuggi, all two and a half hours of it.  I will touch upon one thing.  It has been alluded to, in conversation with others, that one of these two kittens has criticized my own level of honesty.  To this, I say “shamey shamey”.  How dare you even begin to play the honesty card.  And that’s all I’ll say on that topic.  Aside from that, the one positive thing I can take from knowing Illy and Shuggi is that they met, fell in love, and partnered during their time with me.  Despite any criticisms, surely they’ll acknowledge that their union resulted from meeting me.  If not, then piffle.  We do indeed disagree on everything.

Now, to discuss something rather unpleasant.  I will not address these two individuals by name, as I simply do not acknowledge that they have names anymore.  They are persona non gratae.

M.  I’ll only address this person by his first initial, for the temptation to be derogatory is still great and believe it or not, I am trying to maintain the high road.  At one time, I made the option available for members of my Family to see a picture of me, from RL.  I even made the photo so it could not be transferred, copied or modified.  Additionally, members of my Family assured me they would do nothing out of line with my photo.  To my chagrin, M elected not only to prove it could be copied, but did so, as well as defaced it.  I overlooked this indiscretion at first, given his tendencies for juvenile behavior, but later, M made me a very nice gift, one that plucked at my heart, deeply.  Instead, the gift turned out to be a trap designed to humiliate me.  Recently, I gave M an opportunity to increase his business exposure to SL, not as he seemed to think, monopolize it.  M not only rejected this opportunity, but was rather nasty in the process.  One strike.  Two strikes.  Three strikes.  John Wayne has a great quote that makes me think of M.  “Life’s tough.  Its even tougher when you’re stupid.”

The last person to be discussed.  She knows who she is.  You stole my girl’s ideas.  You had the sim rolled back so you could steal her club.  You stole her name portion of the logo.  God only knows what else you’ve taken.  Then you cried foul when you saw us trying to make our own mark in SL, using our own ideas.  Life moves on.  We’ve begun anew with a clean slate, so these things are of little import to us.  What does matter is that you were in the wrong then, and you still are.  You want to know why you were released?  Fine.  I’ll tell.  You are nothing more than a lying, manipulative, deceitful, bitch.  You go to hell.  To quote Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid”.


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Yasmin’s Love.  Yasmin’s Legacy.  My darling bride.

The first time I met, rather interacted, with Tey, it was in old Stonehaven.  She was almost done with a lengthy timer set by someone else.  I dropped in out of nowhere, saw that her keys were available, added three hours to every timer, flew off.  Never said a word to her, she never said a word to me.

While not talking to my victim was very unusual for me, it was not so for Tey, as I would discover.  Tey had a habit of standing by the entrance to the cage room and being afk.  Many a time I would lock her, block her from environment, set timers and leave her keys.  Many a time she would come back from afk just as I finished.  One day I finally sent her an IM and asked if it was okay to lock her like I did.  After what seemed like an eternity, Tey replied that it was fine with her.  I later found out that she even argued with someone that once tried to unlock her after I had locked her up.

As time went on, I eventually collared Tey.  In fact, our one year anniversary is just a few days away.  By the time I collared her, we had evolved to the point that I could, if lucky, sometimes get two, maybe three sentences out of Tey in a fifteen minute period.  A lot of times, during a scene, Tey would freeze up, or simply log off.  Many would develop quite a complex with this type of behavior, but something told me there was something else at work.

Finally, one day, during a nice arousing scene, Tey froze on me.  Just stopped talking, for about fifteen minutes.  Finally, she apologized and began talking again.  I had had enough at this point, so I bluntly asked her what was wrong.  It was then that Tey explained the reason behind her quiet and shy nature.  In RL, she suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome.

I was stunned.  Not by her admission, but by the fact that she was in a cyber environment at all.  How hard must it have been for her to even go thru being collared by me, much less scene and play with myself as well as her sisters.

By this time, I also owned a lovely girl named DiaperedPet Jewell.  Pet offered to begin meeting with Tey and going thru some roleplay scenarios, to help make her more comfortable during scenes.  I know when Pet left my Family shortly after that, she was still a tad frustrated with Tey, but the work she began went on, and today Tey is quite comfortable in just about any setting within SL.  In fact, Tey tells me she has even fired her therapist in RL as the relationships she has developed in SL give her more therapy.  Pet was very helpful, and I can never thank her enough.

Soon after Pet left the Family, I split with my partner at the time, Shibari Hobble.  Soon after that split, Tey approached me and let me know that if I ever took another partner, she would like it to be her.  I was touched.  In just seven months, Tey had progressed from one that could barely speak to me, to now proposing to me.  In fairness to myself and Shi, as well as Tey, I told Tey it was much too soon.  She accepted this, quite gracefully.

Over the following weeks, I made it a point to get even closer to Tey, and began to see her for the loving supportive sweet soul she is.  Soon, I let her know that the answer to her proposal was yes.  On July 14, we were married.  In my prior partnerships, I had never gone thru the actual marriage ritual in SL.  I recommend it to anyone considering partnering.  For some reason, it just seems to solidify the union.

Today, my partnership with Tey is certainly the strongest relationship I have in SL.  In fact, it ranks very high with my RL relationships as well.  Even I cannot say how long my time in this medium will last, but I am sure my friendship with Tey will far surpass it.  Tey is one of those people that you want to keep in touch with.  Find out who they married, what did they name their babies, what other tribulations do they have, etc.

I gave Teyonas the title of Yasmin’s Legacy because if my time were to end now, and my days in SL were to draw to a close, I would want people to remember me by looking at Tey.  She is my legacy to SL.  I do not take credit for changing her life for the better.  I do not pretend to think I have cured her AS.  I do however think I have assisted her in finding a path to an easier way of communicating with those she loves, here and in RL.  Tey tells me she has even begun speaking up at her place of employment, and been rewarded by being assigned to train new employees.

How incredibly difficult that must be for her at times, and how incredibly brave she must be for persevering.

You are my Legacy Love.  You complete me.  I love you.

But you are still an imp.  ; P


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Yasmin’s Joy.  And what a joy this sweet girl has turned out to be.

I could write fifty entries regarding Yar and how she came to be a Brat, and still I fear the tale would be incomplete.  Yar and I have had a long and convoluted relationship.

Of all my Brats, Yar spent the longest time in her trial phase.  There is a story in and of itself in that regard, but lets just say Yar attempted to thwart my trial process by utilizing an alt, and got caught.  Mercy is a powerful tool, and I forgave Yar for her “escape”, and have not regretted it one bit.  Yar is the energy that keeps our Family going.  If you ever want to truly see what submission entails, follow Yar for a week.

Yar has made some bad choices in her SL experience, but she has paid the price and owned up to her mistakes, as well as acknowledged not only who she is in SL, but is open about the person in RL that drives her to be here.

But lets not turn this post into a summary of Yar’s oversights.  She has used her time here, as well as our relationship, to accomplish some positive things.  First and foremost, Yar used SL, and my ownership of her, to kick an RL smoking habit.  For anyone that has ever suffered an addiction (would SL itself qualify) you can appreciate how hard it must have been for Yar, sitting in RL at a computer desk, alone, perhaps bored, staring at that pack of cigarettes, and not picking one up.

Yar has also used SL to gain some deep loving friendships, that will hopefully last a lifetime.  For those of you keeping up with Yar and/or Rayn’s blogs, you know that Yar fell for and married one of the Family’s GrandBrats, Rayn Halfpint.  If you’ve read this forum in its proper order, you also know that Rayn, for personal reasons, left SL.  Despite that, Yar and Rayn continue to stay in touch via their own blogs, as well as email and MSN.

Rayn has said, and I agree, that SL in and of itself can be addictive.  Luckily, the love and friendship that is developed in SL is even more overpowering.

I’ve had several people tell me that I am the best thing to ever happen to Yar.  I disagree.  Rayn is the best thing to ever happen to Yar “and I”.  I firmly believe that it was her marriage to Rayn that helped Yar to calm down, thereby allowing me to convince Yar that living in SL via alts was not the healthiest choice to make.

Someone very close to me recently pointed out that in RL we live several roles, not always truthful roles, pretend to be people we are not or worse, pretend to be people that others need us to be while in SL, despite what or who we are in RL, we play the roles that we are meant to play.  The roles we truly are.

I used to think that SL was escapism, a place to live out a fantasy.  With Yar, SL has become a place where I am free to be who I truly am.  Even moreso, I feel Yar is truly who she is in SL.  It no longer feels like an escape, or mere fantasy.  Those of you that know her well can appreciate some humor in this realization.  Most likely you chuckle because deep down, you agree.  Yar has a way of turning around the lives of those she meets.

I cannot think of a more honest and open person in my SL experience than Yar.  As with all my Brats, there will be many more entries detailing a few pieces of a time about the past, but for now, as I write this entry, at 2:00 in the morning, I try to think of something that will help me have pleasant dreams, something joyful.  I think of Yar.  My Joy.

I love you Yar.


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Yasmin’s Enforcer.  I first met Dio about a year ago while taking a brief hiatus to explore SL’s prison system.  At the time, Dio was a guard at Pandora’s Box.

My goal when I entered Pandora’s was to cause as much trouble as I possibly could, perhaps even start a riot.  To my shock, this was frowned on heavily by Pandora’s administrators as they wanted a prison where the inmates were quiet and obedient.  I assume much like a prison one would find today, in nirvana.

During one of my tirades, I encountered the rudest, most obnoxious, foul mouthed prison bitch of a guard one could ever imagine, Dio.  *sigh*  It was love at first sight.  At least for me.  Dio barely gave me the time of day.

Flash forward a month, which in SL is like six years, and lo and behold, Dio has discovered Stonehaven.  Not only discovered it, but taken up residency there.  Not only taken up residency there, but living next door to me.

Luckily for me, Dio did not recall our first encounter, and seemed to have a much softer attitude, even after I relayed the nature of our first encounter.

In time, I was able to coax Dio to test her submissiveness by trusting me to be her guide.  Eventually, I collared Dio and brought her into my Family as the Family Enforcer.  Make no mistake, Dio may be owned by me, and submissive to me, but she is very much a feisty independent Domme in her own right. 

Of all the Brats, Dio probably has the best disposition to be her own Domme.  That is why I am doubly blessed to continue to garner her devotion.

Additionally, Dio is the head of the Family Euro Brat Division.  She has put together her own Family and has even modeled her Family after mine.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, Dio flatters me every day.  I am sure there will be more on Dio’s Family in later posts, as both her girls have, in their own way, touched me.

Being perhaps the closest to me in age of all my Brats, I am still surprised at times how much alike Dio and I think.  Dio has become more than my Enforcer, more than my Brat, she is my Friend.

I love you Dio!


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Yasmin’s Onna-Musha.  Onna-Musha translates to female warrior.  From the first time I met Fae, it was clear to me she was very much a warrior, at least in spirit.

I was first introduced to Fae by a good friend, Alex Chapman, at Yar and Rayn’s wedding.  During our initial conversation, Fae was quite blunt in that she was seeking a Mistress, a home, a “niche” in SL where she felt she could fit in.  Being a Domme, I have had several subs during my time in SL approach me to attempt to garner my attention so that I might consider collaring them and bringing them into the Family, but never has one been so forthright about their goals as Fae.  What an incredibly brave girl she is.

Fae was collared on mine and Tey’s wedding date.  Then, as now, I consider Fae a gift.  Our TZs do not always allow us to enjoy much of each other’s time, but even if Fae is one for five minutes, we are able to IM one another and invariably, Fae leaves me smiling.

Regardless of her own RL hurdles, Fae always manages to come to SL in a playful and energetic mood.  But don’t let her submissive tendencies fool you.  If needed, Fae can be as Domme as the next RR Prison Guard.  Of course, even when in a Domme role, Fae exhibits a sprite-like nature.

Some may say that Fae’s playfulness doesn’t qualify her as any type of warrior, but I disagree.  It is not Fae’s attitude while in SL that marks her as my warrior, it is the energy and devotion to which she is committed to having fun and avoiding drama while in SL that marks her as a warrior.  In fact, I would say that nobody works harder at using SL for its intended purpose than Fae.

I can never thank Alex enough for bringing Fae into my SL experience, and my Family is blessed by her presence.

I love you Fae!



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Yasmin’s Huntress.  Jill is one of the few people in my SL experience that I have known from almost day one.  It was actually day seven or eight.  Jill was the first Domme I met that made me want to play the part of a submissive in SL.  I also credit Jill with helping me identify, very quickly, some of my limits.

Like myself, Jill is a Domme/switch, meaning that while she tends to play the Dominant more often than not, she can also switch to a submissive from time to time. 

Its this submissive side of Jill that eventually led her to want to serve me.  And serve me she does, very faithfully.  I can always count on a quick greeting from Jill as well as an inquiry as to anything I might need within minutes of logging into SL.

When she is not towering at my feet or hunting someone down for me, Jill can be found training ponygirls at Broceliande.  There is no doubt in my mind that Jill is the best ponygirl trainer in all of SL.  Ponygirls have never been my thing, but even I get a slight tingle when I ride in a sleigh pulled by a team of ponies trained by Jill.

I’m not sure if its her training with ponygirls, or just her own nature, but I can think of few people in SL that come to SL with such a playful side as Jill.  In a time when it seems so many come here to spread or bemoan RL drama, Jill comes here simply to have fun.

Its her faithfulness as well as her playfulness that make her the perfect Huntress.

I love you Jill.  Now go take someone’s keys, and for pete’s sake, watch your own!  : )


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Yasmin’s Schoonheid.  Of all places to meet someone that would eventually come to serve you, I met Claire in CARP.  Claire is typically quite the Domme.  In fact, she is the owner of her wife, Sandi.  She is also a Mistress at Pandora’s Box Prison.  By the way, someone remind me later to blog about a riot at Pandora’s that I *may* have had something to do with.

Anyway, there I was.  In CARP.  Running the path.  Now, I’m not in CARP to run down prey and quickly torment a few people.  Least, not on the day I met Claire.  I was actually there to simply run the paths and blow off some steam.

So I’m running between the hedges, turn the corner and BAM!  Run right into Claire.  Coincidentally, Claire was in CARP to blow off some steam as well and had just, by chance, decided to wear prey tags.  I am wearing predator tags.  Prey.  Predator.  Its like when paper meets scissors.  You get the idea.

Claire, playing the part of helpless prey, apologizes profusely.  Being the forgiving soul that I am, I release her.  Minus a few articles of clothing of course.

Jump forward another ten minutes or so, turn a corner, BAM!  Are you kidding me?  Twice?  This can’t be coincidence.  Obviously Claire has not learned her lesson.  Few more pieces of clothing, and off you go love.  On your merry way.  Oh, and if it happens again, I’m taking you with me.

Jump ahead another ten minutes.  Yep.  You guessed it.  Another “chance” meeting.  Now I’ve got Claire stripped, so I remove her from the hedges of CARP, given the potential risk to a nude woman there, and take her someplace safe.  My house.

While at my house, Claire and I engage in some playful banter over the virtues of being a switch versus straight Domme, etc. when it comes to light that, like me, Claire is a fan of games of chance.  At that time, I make a proposal to Claire, involving dice.  Her length of time locked up in my house depends on a few rolls of the dice and besides, what could go wrong?  A few hours?  No worries.  Claire agrees.

We stop playing about the time she owes me 38 days. 

Now, granted, I made some concessions for Claire during her lengthy stay with me, but one of the things that impressed me the most, and still does, is that Claire stayed true to her debt.  In my time in SL, I’ve come to know several people from Holland and must say, this seems to be a Dutch attribute.  Claire is one of those people that if she tells you she will do something, you can simply trust it to be done.

In addition to her strict sense of honor, Claire has all the grace and charm one could hope for in their Brat.  Of course, Claire can be quite cheeky.  A must trait for any Brat.  But with Claire, you have to be on guard.  She is quite adept at disguising her cheekiness as sweetness.

But regardless, I love and adore her.  She is as I said before, my last Brat.  I am so glad I happened to go to CARP that fateful day to blow off some steam.  At the risk of a sloppy translation; “het snoepje van het verblijf mijn schoonheid”